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  1. esacjack

    Snail Death

    this is actually happening to all of my snails simultaneously... they extend their foot, roll over on their back, and poof...dead.... two triton tests, a full panel of tests from my kit, and others.. I started to think leaking/stray current, but have been running current tests regularly... Cant seem to find anything wrong... Oxygen saturation is a good point to check... I'll have to check my scrubber..
  2. esacjack

    Snail Death

    Im going through something eerily similar. My last three or four attempts to restock my cleanup crew, have resulted in mass casualties. I acclimate them, then set them in the tank. Generally within minutes they're dead. All of them. They extend out, and roll over on their back. I've done about 50 gallons in water changes, with zero change. I checked for stray current, etc, nothing. What mag supplement were you using? Was it by chance Tech-M?
  3. Your question leads to a much debated topic over how to properly identify paly's or zoa's as the type of polyp. Some argue sediment uptake in the mat (coenenchyme) is a way to distinguish palythoa from zoanthid. However, truly, you will find 'zoanthids' with sand grown into their mat. So this is not a proper way of identifying/distinguishing them. Truth be told, there are 1000's of types of zoantharia and many more sub species. That being said, the polyp shown above is similar to a fairy dust paly, but the amount of blue in the image makes it hard to tell.
  4. I have numerous nano tunze's. You dont need to use a spacer, the problem is most people assemble the float incorrectly. In their defense, tunze does a terrible job at conveying how it should be setup. When you snap in the housing to the magnet, set it in the water till it floats to the top. Look at the float from the side, if the top of the float is leaning backwards against the magnet, this is fine. However, if the float is tipping forward, this is when the issue arises. Simply remove the float guard and flip it upside down. Also, make it a point to clean the float shaft occasionally,
  5. measuring par with the kessil is a pain in the wrasse. The blue mix always registers extremely low. :/
  6. Have you been feeding it? The heads on the side will eventually grow out, but you can expedite this process by feeding mysid or lps pellets to the babies. Feed the mother polyp first, then as it retracts, feed the babies. Increase your feedings of the smaller polyps and they will grow out faster. You'll still run into the roadblock of skeletal structure. If you place the blasto on some rock, the polyps will begin to spread to the rock and will grow faster. Without this step though, they will be at the mercy of their skeletal development.
  7. esacjack

    goin up?

    So my emerald crab has developed this neat little trick/habit. He rides snails up and down the tank to harvest his food...
  8. this is how Argentina defaulted on their debt ya know...
  9. esacjack


    when are you going to start marketing your custom wave maker?
  10. esacjack

    Fishes FS

    Every time you post something, my wallet starts to hurt! I'll be seeing you soon on some zoas sir!
  11. and mike cruz at myfrags.com. He always knows the names...
  12. austinreefclub.com zoaid isnt bad, but generally speaking they have a lot of misnamed/aliased versions of palys/zoas (some dont know the difference between zoas and palys) To be honest, ebay, zoanthids.com, and google image search are my goto resources.
  13. ^-- hippy chicks as mentioned before
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