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  1. Great! glad that it worked out for you!!!
  2. Bump, $375 lowest I can go on this brand new never been used CaRx. This bad boy sells for $495 on geo’s reef website.
  3. Selling this system due to an impending move and having to rent for a bit. I am going to list this as the full setup for about a week and if no takers will start to part out with livestock first then hardware once livestock is sold. Please feel free to PM with questions. Asking $2800 or will consider reasonable offers. What you get: Tank sump and filtration Planet Aquariums 48x24wX30tall tank with internal overflow. Custom 40 gallon breeder sump and hard plumbing. Lifereef SVS-3-24 skimmer with laguna 1300 pump Sicce syncra return pump Hammerhead magnetic
  4. This is brand new never been used still in the shipping box geo ref car 18 calcium reactor. Only unpacked this to inspect it. Paid $475 a few years ago, willing to part with it for $425.
  5. Dual stage Matheson regulator. $300
  6. If for some reason you decide to split the pair lmk I may be interested in the female.
  7. ISO Millie frags, pink/red, sunset/yellow, blue/purple. Other colorful millies potentially as well. LMK if you have any. Thanks
  8. If something falls through with the red planet, lmk and I’ll take it. You can put me down for number 5 and 6.
  9. Daaaaymn that is one amazing coral, absolutely stunning!!
  10. Thanks for the info I'll keep that in mind, no unfortunately they just melted away over a few days and they all are gone. Not sure if the tank was just too new and not enough nutrients for them. My torch was ticked too and I lost a couple of heads fortunately it has recovered some and looks a little better now. The scoly never had any issues whatsoever.
  11. Well quick update, not too much going on in the tank right now. It is still going through the somewhat ugly phase as the diatoms have gone away but now Im dealing with a cyano outbreak. Did a big water change the other day and sucked out a lot of red slime, it seems to be on the decline. All of my acans melted away completely so i I;m down to my scoly, and torch which lost a few heads and my nem. Every thing seems to be settling in now and I had to add a small fan to the sump because my temps were reaching almost 84 degrees the fan is keeping it a much more reasonable 81 while the halides a
  12. Hi I have 2 of the brs 1.1 ml dosing pumps. I used these on my tank before the reboot and now that I’ve decided to run a carx I don’t need these any longer. Will include what I have left of some brs soda ask for alk. $50. Pm or text two54-2five8-seven17nine if interested. thanks
  13. Wow that is amazing, That bad boy is stunning, hope it stays that way for you long term as well. Have you had other splits do that in the past and then change or is this the first time that you’ve seen this?
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