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  1. Nice start to the tank! I also love the pistol/goby pairings... I have a tiger and yellow watchman in my current tank. One word of advice, make sure your live rock is settled firmly on the bottom of the tank. The pistol is a very vigorous burrower and will most likely make multiple tunnels under the rock. So you don't want the rock shifting and killing the shrimp and fish. My pair has about 3 or 4 entrances, though they normally only use one at a time, but the shrimp is constantly digging and working on them. Good luck!
  2. Wo... that is fast! I know the feeling.. I tried to speed things up when I first re-set up a tank... with very mixed results. Looking forward to lots of success with yours!
  3. Yay! Back in business!
  4. He's back in the salty side! Yay!
  5. That is not bad for cloudy water. I didn't rinse my live sand on my current tank, and this is what it looked like for a few days. The blue/white filter floss helped to clean it up.
  6. JamesL

    SoCal 28g

    Snapped a picture of the Watchman and his buddy last night. Still the only fish in the tank.... maybe after Christmas I will try again.
  7. You can overcome this... my tank just went through most of the same (minus the nudibranchs). Sorry to hear about the fish loss. I love my pistol/fish pair, and lost my first paired up fish during the early months of the tank. Thankfully, the pistols are resilient, and pair up quickly with new fish. I don't have any experience with nudibranch pests, hopefully someone else can help. As for the flatworms, that I have very recent experience with. I did pretty much followed the approach you are proposing. I siphoned, dosed with flatworm exit, water changed, and repeated a month or so later. From what I have read, it is hard to overdose that stuff in the tank. I will say some of those little buggers seemed immune to the treatment. So I added a Six Line wrasse. He seemed to help the most. Best of luck!
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