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  1. Check the Austin Reefers FB group, there were a bunch of really nice ones posted today or yesterday.
  2. Just found this by accident, but Ryobi makes this 300W inverter for their 40V lawnmower batteries, which I have since I got a battery powered mower a while back. They also have a smaller 150W one for their smaller batteries. https://www.homedepot.com/p/RYOBI-300-Watt-Powered-Inverter-Generator-for-40-Volt-Battery-RYi300BG/308736685 The cool thing about this is you can run emergency tank equipment for a really long time since lithium batteries are so much better than the lead acid ones in normal UPS's at running low power drawing equipment. With minimal equipment you could be good for
  3. Didn't realize it was you who posted this on FB, but this is handedly the oldest one I've ever heard of in captivity, and fromias aren't far behind. I don't think most make it even a year.
  4. Due to a whole load of personal stuff, I don't get on the forum frequently. But, I wanted to suggest to the mods / admin, maybe combining the subtopics back into the main ones at this point. I know there was a bunch of splitting about 4 or 5 years ago because it got overly complicated to keep track of everything in one forum. Was just looking at the general lack of activity these days and it's depressing for sure. I know facebook has sucked up a lot of the daily what/how/where posts, which is really unfortunate because it's a god awful platform for something as complex as reef keeping, or
  5. jestep


    Looking for an Apex Energy Bar 8, preferably lightly used, if anyone has one they are wanting to sell. I have one freaking out on me.
  6. No inverts, literally, it will eat / destroy any other invert in the tank. I'd be leaning towards cheap, fast, open swimming fish. A few damsels would be my pick. As it grows, they may be fair game as well though. Peacocks get huge, the tank will be his eventually.
  7. Super deep red. I don't think I have any recent pictures, but I'll try to get one when I get a chance. One of the best colored BTA's I've seen.
  8. A bunch of stuff went down in November...
  9. Yeah, figuring that out is harder that you might think though. Since CO2 is a liquid and not a gas, the pressure gauges aren't reliable for telling how much CO2 remains in the tank. I would suggest a kitchen scale and know the weight of the tank empty. When you think you're down to about .5 - 1lb of CO2 remaining, that would be a good time to plan on changing it out.
  10. You basically have 3 options. The carbon doser is hands down the best and most accurate option, but it's probably unnecessary for a CaRX. Other 2 are single and dual stage regulators. Dual stage are significantly better and when you see suggestions on building your own, this is typically what people are suggesting building. I've done them a few times using retired O2 or CO2 medical regulators, and it then just involves changing out the input and outputs and adding a bubble counter to match the standards used with CO2 delivery. Good quality brass connectors are expensive though, so th
  11. Water changes... Biopellets and GFO work well. If you can fit one, the marinepure bricks will facilitate denitrification. There's nano's running full zeovit and other ULNS systems as well, definitely helps to have one with a sump. But really, water changes and selective stocking and feeding are the bulk of most nano and pico tank's nutrient control.
  12. Either too low of light, or excess NO3 or PO4.
  13. Speaking generally, nudi's very often match their source of food. Completely guessing, but maybe a xenia or soft tree coral predator. Also, definitely resembles a berghia, maybe a little blue'ish, but I've definitely seen them look this color.
  14. +1 clove oil. Cheap, works, can technically also be used as a reversible anesthetic if you have some innate need to anesthetize a fish...
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