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  1. Yes sir, should be! And I commend your no hardware changes in a few months. 🤣😆🤣
  2. I remember this tank at its peak! It was truly impressive! Insane colors and crazy growth! The new start in your giant tank is probably just what the doctor ordered. Can’t wait to see the masterpiece you make out of that one bud. Cheers to new beginnings!
  3. Same... the wittiness is off the charts. He must not have gone to A&M.
  4. Kill the debate... 28” or go home. [emoji41]
  5. LEDs treated me well for a good number of years... using the cheap Ocean Revive LEDs no less. I ran them with T5s on the side as well. Currently running Radions with T5s on the two frag tanks and they look great as well. I just prefer T5 on my display... better coverage and I like how the SPS respond to the T5 lighting. Adding the SBREEF actinic bars have me the pop I love from LEDs as well.
  6. Yeah, they come on with two bulbs though... so kind of a 20k+ spectrum to view them for dawn/dusk.
  7. [emoji50][emoji50][emoji50] Hey, that’s me! [emoji847]. Thanks for the heads up! Yes sir. 8 bulb ATI fixture with two SBREEF actinic bars on either side of it.
  8. Awesome! My website should be going live in the next couple months. It'll make it easy for everyone to look at what I have brewing these days. Welcome back!
  9. BC Teen Wolf WG123 Blueberry Wine (in real life looks like a bright indigo blue but hard to capture on camera) Green slimer... Classic Oregon tort... Another classic AQUASD Rainbow Mille - still my favorite mille
  10. They need to hire me as their photographer. 😜
  11. FarmerTy unnamed BC Teen Wolf ORA Bellini Vivid Confetti under radions Av99 Rogue Envy
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