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  1. they have a support system online, but troubleshooting is generally done over the phone or by remotely accessing your pc
  2. victoly


    Pair of ricordea FS (mother colony also pictures. They have attached to rubble so they should be pretty easy to glue on. Oak hill, $40.
  3. How’s the tank looking these days ?
  4. My sump philosophy is to use like 60-70% of the stand area for sump with % for accessories. ATO reservoir, calcium reactor, in your case alkatronic, etc.
  5. the sinularia i got from you is beautiful and has grown steadily!
  6. these hammers are beautiful. love mine. thanks preston!
  7. yeah i would love to have some straight up 0-10v inputs on the apex instead of just switch inputs. it would open up a world of possibilities since its such a common signal scheme.
  8. Is there anything in particular you like about hydros as compared to the digital aquatics or neptune ecosystems?
  9. There's also an event at RCA on 3/20. https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=2939800843011559&set=a.2177713055887012 "Austin event is March 20th, it will be held at River City Aquatics in Austin TX. 12108 Roxie DrAustin, TX 78729Sorry it took a while to get dates figured out we were faced with a lot of covid restrictions here in Austin! We will be making a schedule for the day because we can only have so many per a hr in anyone location at a time!Everyone will need to social distance, and bring masks. if don’t have a Mask we will have a limited supply to hand out but are limited on what PPE we have. The event is 100% free if you want to come and receive a care package of corals and stuff you must PM Tyson Rich AKA Rich Reefer, Chris Noah , Justin Spaugh if you haven’t already!We are Making pre packed boxes to cut down on back and forth transactions. We will have a lot of nice stuff to do a giveaway, again it’s a (free giveaway) i will enter those who have contacted me needing some of the things like lights and a tank and do a live drawing of names. We are doing a name drawing on those items because of the limited amount we have available and the response we got for the items threw out the state. We have clown fish coming but We are working on getting other fish for the Austin event, waiting to hear back from some wholesalers.we will have tons of coral and equipment to give away free for those who PM use and were affected by the snowpocalypse! Again please PM one of us if you haven’t already. I will be messaging everyone with a schedule of times this one will be a all day event from open to close because of how many people we have and how many we can have show up every hour. It was real nice of Jake to donate his shop and his employees to to help us, we figured it would be the perfect place to hold it because it is right off the free way and we can use the tanks in back to house fish/corals and just incase we need anything it’s a full LFS. Also if there’s anything you need that day that we don’t have they will be happy to help you with that! We will be set up in front of the big fish only tank to the right when you walk in. Look forward to seeing everyone there! HAPPY REEFING!! "
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