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  1. they are. PM me and we can set something up.
  2. BRS Refrac - $10 Santa Monica 0.6 Algae Turf Scrubber- $50 Red Sea Nitrate Test Kit - $5 Nyos Magnesium Test Kit - 5$ Flipper Max - $35 Oak Hill
  3. are the goni and alveo specific color types?
  4. Yeah I mean the Neptune WAVs. If you have EB8s then you have to use the 1link module which is included in that starter kit. I have maxspect gyres, and have had zero issues. I can't speak to other brands.
  5. Gyres and WAVs IMO. you can power 3 WAVs per EB832. Neptune and ecotech have basically divorced now and any new tech from ecotech is through their proprietary control app mobius. Reliability on the WAVs is not quite as good as the ecotechs (i've had two fail in two years but they were bought used). However to me they have more juice and controllability in terms of directionality. zero serviceable parts, except for the impeller as the whole thing is encased in epoxy. Gyres provide the bulk of the tank flow for me and i just use the apex to turn their proprietary controller (ICV6) on and off. Looking back I probably didnt even need the ICV6, it just allows the initial setup to be a bit more simple through their SynaG app. I rarely tweak those settings. Cleaning the gyres isnt fun if you do a full breakdown, but I just generally soak them in citric acid now and call it a day. Since your tank has a wave to it I would expect it to have some real weird dead spots that the gyres wont get to and would expect to have some individual pumps to keep those areas live.
  6. One of these days I'll do a big update... for now i wanted to memorialize my stocking list (fish) Kole Tang Purple Tang Yellow Tail Damsel (mated pair) Springer Damsel (4) Purple Firefish Midas Blenny Copper Banded Butterfly Genicanthus Melanospilos (female) Tailspot Blenny Royal Gramma Foxface Mystery Wrasse Flame Hawkfish
  7. they have a support system online, but troubleshooting is generally done over the phone or by remotely accessing your pc
  8. victoly


    Pair of ricordea FS (mother colony also pictures. They have attached to rubble so they should be pretty easy to glue on. Oak hill, $40.
  9. How’s the tank looking these days ?
  10. My sump philosophy is to use like 60-70% of the stand area for sump with % for accessories. ATO reservoir, calcium reactor, in your case alkatronic, etc.
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