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  1. victoly


    Pair of ricordea FS (mother colony also pictures. They have attached to rubble so they should be pretty easy to glue on. Oak hill, $40.
  2. How’s the tank looking these days ?
  3. My sump philosophy is to use like 60-70% of the stand area for sump with % for accessories. ATO reservoir, calcium reactor, in your case alkatronic, etc.
  4. the sinularia i got from you is beautiful and has grown steadily!
  5. these hammers are beautiful. love mine. thanks preston!
  6. yeah i would love to have some straight up 0-10v inputs on the apex instead of just switch inputs. it would open up a world of possibilities since its such a common signal scheme.
  7. Is there anything in particular you like about hydros as compared to the digital aquatics or neptune ecosystems?
  8. There's also an event at RCA on 3/20. https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=2939800843011559&set=a.2177713055887012 "Austin event is March 20th, it will be held at River City Aquatics in Austin TX. 12108 Roxie DrAustin, TX 78729Sorry it took a while to get dates figured out we were faced with a lot of covid restrictions here in Austin! We will be making a schedule for the day because we can only have so many per a hr in anyone location at a time!Everyone will need to social distance, and bring masks. if don’t have a Mask we will have a limited supply to hand out but are limited on what P
  9. Aquadome had a pretty rough go. They lost a substantial portion of their SW livestock and their SW displays were wiped out.
  10. cool PM me and we can set something up.
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