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  1. Here's my followup email from Eli: I'm writing to follow up personally on this automated email, and share my perspective on your reports. I'm sorry the delay getting these to you, and hope you had a good Thanksgiving in the meantime! Lets start with Diversity. The community in your tank was more diverse than the majority of tanks I've sampled, at the 85th percentile. You're probably familiar with the debates about the value of microbial diversity in the hobby. I consider high diversity a positive feature because as you are probably aware, diversity is associated with prod
  2. I know a few of us have sent off for microbiome testing by Eli Meyer at aquabiomics. I thought it might be cool to share them all in one place and discuss results. Aquabiomics 20201019.pdf
  3. That's pretty atypical behavior for any genicanthus. That being said, fish can have individual tendencies and behaviours. Is it only one of the pair or both? Is it possible those corals had some algae on their skeletons that they were picking at and the coral just got in the way? They're not typically grazers, but then again they're also not typically coral eaters....
  4. Just out Put in to test. So yes.
  5. right on. updated sold items and prices
  6. Tapatalk on iOS is still whack too.
  7. Ecotech radion G3 XR15 1 $180.00 175 Ecotech radion RMS tank mount system for XR15 1 $75.00 70 Ecotech radion RMS slides gen 3/4 style 5 $20.00 15 Aquatic life 48" MH/T5 with ballast 1 $50.00 MH ballast 2 $10.00 ATI actinic 24" T5 lamps 6 $10.00 UV Lighting 454 24" T5 lamps - similar to blue plus 6 $10.00 Glass in and out tube set for freshwater
  8. Tank. overflow, building an obsession sump, stand, polycarbonate net top, sicce 1.5 return pump and 300w finnex heater. $500
  9. i can add two more of the exact same ballasts to the mix if you're interested
  10. https://marsh-reef.org/index.php?threads/lumen-max-elite-fixtures.62695/ Here are some in houston.
  11. This is just anecdotal for me, but as far as dinos go, they seem to correlate with non-detectable phosphates. When i get the phosphates a bit higher, they seem to go away. But its a fine line between keeping the dino at bay and making the GHA take off.
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