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  1. ckyuv

    Green BTA

    these guys are all gone btw. Thanks again for coming by @Eel Keeper it was awesome meeting ya!
  2. ckyuv

    Green BTA

    Just shot ya a text @Eel Keeper . I think the lights may have been out this week while I was gone, maybe why they split and look brown. Either way they still are green under the light. @Reefpuck how about a really blue iPhone pic of the other 2 I couldn’t get out?
  3. ckyuv

    Green BTA

    Came back from vacation and have 3 more anemones than when I left. I have 3 small green BTA someone can have if they come get them today, otherwise they will go to the store. Pls know, I am out in Lago Vista so it’s a bit of a drive and you may want to google maps it
  4. That thing is sweet. Wish I could get my blasted clownfish to go in the nem lol
  5. Ewwww that’s some nasty lookin water
  6. I put a cheap plastic splitter on the water hookup behind the washer to T my ro/di to the faucet. The thing broke off one day while I was at work and led to a $19k remodel of the flooded downstairs
  7. So I have been looking to change up the time on my lights a little bit. Right now I have the coralife 8 outlet power strip where you can do do 2 outlets on / off. Does anyone know of any other good ones where you can program outlets individually? Not really looking to get an apex or controller if I don’t have to, it’s a little more wires than I need but I am looking to be able to control 3 outlets on separate times.
  8. Thanks man! Cool truck by the way
  9. For the pods and phyto, what did you use? When I first started the tank I just dumped a thing of tiger pods and a random tube of phyto in the tank. Not sure if either will sustain itself after one time. For the phosphorus / nitrate I have some aquavitro fuel I'll have to check that out to see if I can bring up the levels
  10. Not sure if any of this is related, but I started the tank with man made rock /dry sand and everything that has gone into the tank has been dipped in peroxide other than an anemone. I'm almost thinking my lack of biodiversity may be to blame. Also have a low bio load ( 2 snowflakes and a firefish ) and have been dosing aminos ( ME Polyp Extender ). The snotty stuff came before the aminos though so I don't think that has any impact.
  11. Anyone know what this stuff may be? Tank is still pretty new, so it may just be from cycling I just have never seen it before. Can't tell weather it's an algae or bacteria. It has no consistency and if you hit it with a powerhead or anything it just falls apart and gets picked up by the filter. It's only in areas of high light and takes about a week to slime up like this again if I blow it off the rock.
  12. In my experience nothing beats Bayer for softies and sps and peroxide for zoas. I got coral rx for an anemone when I added it to the tank and tried it on some zoas and it did nothing, still had to dip them in peroxide
  13. Oops posted here before I saw the other thread on this.
  14. Awesome size frags, got some zoas on this deal and I am very pleased. Thanks!
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