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  1. It looks like due to Covid-19 this tank is currently on hold indefinitely.
  2. It finally happened. It took us some time because we ended up jacking and cribbing each side then sliding furniture dollys underneath. It has now been moved into my extra room. Redoing the flooring and painting so maybe before the end of year I'll have it in.
  3. Here's a master list of all vendors. Jolt Fishworks Tylers Tanks (Tyler) iJam (James) Uchin Jon Hanna Deluxe Corals (Philip) Stoneroller (Kevin) Unlimited Color Corals (Christopher) North American Coral Labls (Justin) Obsessive Coral Desires Gigem of NDstructible
  4. Top is stained and epoxy. I need to fix a little blemish on the front lip and epoxy the bottom. At leat my build isnt a taco bell/pizza hut.
  5. Sanding has been completed for at least one side. Still need to stain and epoxy. Going with a walnut stain and I'm thinking just 1 coat shound do it. I'm also going to just lightly sand the other side and just throw 1 coat of epoxy and probably paint the underside inside portion white to help with sump reflectivity and ease of cleaning.
  6. I thought back on page 8 of v2 somewhere it use to be mad scientist Ty. Get those nems fused together.
  7. 3/8" plywood with 2x4s cut down to 1/4" slats on a table saw. It was cheaper to do it this way but maybe not the easiest. I do like how it looks and I'm hoping its a piece of art in itself.
  8. Operation try not to burn the house down was a success. I decided to go with the Shou Sugi Ban look. Next is the wire wheel sanding phase.
  9. So v3 of my stand counter top is progressing nicely. Let's not talk about v1 or v2 but that's where the majority of my time has been. Waiting on the rain to stop this week to work on the next steps but maybe by the end of the month I'll have it completed and in the house. I also have a set of leds to install on both side doors and attach hardware but i think its all coming together nicely.
  10. What? You guys want another frag swap? All you needed to do was say something and we'll get it done.
  11. So its not ok that i only change out bulbs when they burn out?
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