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  1. Been over a year since I bumped this. So: BUMP
  2. Bump. Someone make me an offer. Some of the fish, shrimp, and an urchin died.
  3. How many nems you want? I got approximately 10xe10. See my for sale thread for pics.
  4. 215 Oceanic system. 75g sump, big ass skimmer, Eheim 1260 return pump, reef breeders photon led lights(old model, 1 which only the blues work), fancy aluminum light rack, Tunze ATO(not currently in use but setup). MP40 on one side, Tunze powerhead on other(relatively new, 1yr old ish), stand obviously. Every RBTA known to man. Paired Clarkii clowns that lay eggs regularly Naso Foxface Kole eye Sailfin white cheek tang (Not 100% on this but looks like it. Cant recall if its what I ordered and couldn't find the receipt to verify) some funky chromis thing filefish cleaner shrimp 2 urchins some rics and red shrooms ~200lbs of rock Buckets galore, some dry rock(prolly 20lbs), giant(100g I think) rubbermaid tub, BRS dual gfo/gac reactor with MJ1200 pump(hasnt been used in a while but still good), however much gfo/cac I still have, spare Eheim 1260. You gotta break it down and move it. I'm in Georgetown. Link to build thread. I can post a current pic later. http://www.austinreefclub.com/topic/31231-215-upgrade-build/ $1800 obo
  5. Got nems for days if your clowns want a home
  6. Sounds like a natural split and you just helped it along. Should be fine.
  7. I got nems for days. Will be in Austin Thurs afternoon, off Mopac/Steck.
  8. Got a small one bagged up and ready to go if anyone is interested. Probably 1.5" across but decent sized body so will probably be closer to 2.5" once settled.
  9. I think that would fall under T50.Z93 Poisoning by other vaccines and biological substances, assault or T50.903 Poisoning by unspecified drugs, medicaments and biological substances, assault
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