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Where to begin. Where to begin...

Well, I bought this tank on a whim back in January of 06. I've gone through many tanks since then, but I've always had my 12 gallon cube.

Wow I can't believe I found these pics.

My first tank picture ever!


It wasn't long before I had her filled up. (amazing because I was living on ramen at the time)


and even fuller


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Well we've caught up to present day (creation day of the blog) I've skipped a few memorable phases, but only because I couldn't find the pics.

Here is a current FTS. Not may favorite because the anemone is deflated. :)


New scarlet on new calm


My favorite fish.


trimma goby


skim mate from sapphire skimmer


Well thats all for now. I'll keep this going as my tank seems to be constantly changing and camera skill slowly improving. Thanks for viewing.

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When you have a small tank thats full, getting a new coral is a big deal. Since I got rid of two rbta I now had the perfect spot for this pink birds nest. I took this shot shortly after I put it in. I'll post another after the polyps come out.


I didn't get this at the swap, it's just a good shot I got of a blasto frag with the yasha in the background


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Hey everyone. Just posting a follow up on the PBN. Heres a good shot with the polyps out:


As I mentioned in the previous entry. I sold two rbtas and got the PBN. Well, looks like my remaining anemone missed his friends because it already split. I'm not sure this is a good thing considering my tank is way to small.


Heres a few other macros I got today:





acan with a full tummy


stupid shrooms


Not a macro but a good FTS.


Thanks for viewing. All comments welcome!

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Well I've done it. I've finally broken out of the nano world. I'm finally at a place in my life where I can have a large aquarium. I've been in this hobby awhile and have noticed a trend. UPGRADES. It seems that no matter what aquarium a hobbyist has, it's never good enough. There's always something new and better. With that in mind, I decided to purchase the best hardware I could possibly afford. I've convinced myself I will be happy and that it will be a very long time before any upgrades.

I got a used package deal from another aquarist who was getting out of the hobby. If you interested in seeing some of the hardware pics you can read this thread.

We moved the tank last Saturday (4-14-07) and it has been up and running for a week.

Here's a few good shots I got today of some of the SPS I've added.

Blue Tort


Pink Birds Nest I moved over from my nano


Blue Milli


Some kind of yello acro?


Good shot of the blue mille (bottom right) with the green acro with blue tips (upper left)


Pink Milli


Well that's all for now. I'll have some new post and I get new additions to the tank. Thanks for viewing.

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Here are some more coral shots. Sorry some are duplicates from before, but they are still good shots.


Confusa: (thanks GMfett)


Purple Digi: (thanks GKarshens)


Green acro with blue tips:


Green Slimer:


Blue Milli:


I forgot what this was. BMWarron what is this?


Yellow arco?


Good growth shot of the pink bird:


Green Maze Brain:


Rose bubble:


Thanks for viewing.

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I agree, that looks really awesome! What type of web came are you using? It is nice and small ... might have to look into adding one down the road :)

It's a Logitech Quickcam for Notebook Pro. I think it's 1.3-megapixel. Nothing great.

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I was playing around and got a video of my yasha with the shrimp out in the open. I've moved everything else into the 125. Now their in a species only tank and doing really well.

*EDIT -- I've edited this post to remove the auto-playing movie. You can still watch this video by visting this link:


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Well after much debate I finally added some crushed coral to fill in the bare spot in the middle of the tank, which was left by all my flow.

I must say that I absolutely hate the crushed coral, but it is much better than the bare spot. I ended up mixing all the substrate in the tank to give it a homogenous look.

First decent full tank shot:


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