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Here is our 30G Oceanic cube. It houses our beloved seahorses. This is the "big tank" in the house. It has been up for almost six months now. For lighting we are using a TEK Nova 24 watt X 2 T5 retrofit kit. I can say we are very happy and impressed by the T5 technology.

First set-up while cycling


Here are some other shots with live stock





New shots coming soon!

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Here are some pictures of our 12 gallon Aqaupod. i have done extensive modifications to it. I have added extra 50/50 lights and 1 watt moonlight. I built a custom overflow box for it and attached a 10 gallon refugium. the fuge us run on an opposite photo period from the tank. this is all controlled with an AMX control system and 10" touch screen. I programmed the control system and used a Xantech 690-10 power controller to turn things off. I think the touch screen is super neat.

Fish in the tank: randall's goby, Gudgian goby, Yellow watchman goby, Tallasumpthin' goby, Candy stripe goby(really small), scooter blenny

Inverts; 2 sexy shrimp, peppermint shrimp, emerald crab, really mean blue leg hermits, bunch of snails

Full tank


Touch Screen


Full tank


Some zoos and the clam


ricordia: this started out as a single ricordia and has been splitting like crazy




The obligatory stony coral aka bird's nest


...and Rosie aka the world's littlest pitbull (Please don't touch the tank or she will have something to say.


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We purchased two new seahorses from Draco Marine. They are hippocampus erectus. I have to say that they are the coolest seahorses we have ever had. I have absolutely nothing but good things to say about Draco marine. They were super friendly and professional. They even shipped the horses in water that matched the salinity of OUR tank. IMPRESSIVE!

Well, we have one new boy and one new girl. There names are Porter and Dolly. For the record Dolly does have big ones...cirri(appendages) that is. Here are some pictures.






Classic seahorse in macro algae shot. The fuzziness is our artistic impression of the seahorse.


Porter eating out of our new feeding station. At our house SPS are good for two things feeding dishes and hitching posts.



A painting Jennifer did of a seahorse in her dream. You will have to ask her the story.


Full Tank shot. Frag Swap acquisitions: Orange Monti cap(middle) and finger leather(bottom left)


...and King Taki Taki Wa Wa


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Well we have finally decided to start a big tank. It is going to be a Fish only with live rock(FOWLR). The dimensions are 72"X18"x20". So there will be plenty of good swimming room. The 75 gallon sump is going in the garage. We have a Euroreef CS6-3 skimmer . For light we have custom ceiling hung PC pedants. Translation: We hung some IKEA fixtures from the ceiling and will be purchasing some screw in PC bulbs from Home Depot.

The two nanos will be combined into one 20 gallon with a 10 gallon refugium. I just gathered the stuff to drill the tank and make the overflow. Hopefully this week I can do that because they have to be combined to make room for the big one. For lighting on the twenty I have a 54 watt 50/50, a 28 watt TRU actinic(I love this bulb I don't care what "they" say.), 28 watt 10K, and possibly two coralife screw in 50/50 all PC. I am up in the air about using the screw in bulbs, but all ready have them. I will have to see how they fit under the hood I need to build. Boy the list of stuff to do gets longer and longer.

Enough rambling here are the pics

Future spot for the 110


Sump in place with skimmer and return pump


Twenty gallon (Remember, you have to see the potential.)


Don't mind us, just growing a little phytoplankton/green water

You are looking at 6 liters of DTs. Imagine the clam tank we could have!


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Today I did something I thought I would never do...drill glass! Surprisingly it was easy and did not take a long time. We will never deal with another HOB overflow. I put two 3/4" bulkheads in a 20 gallon. Know I need to paint the back of the tank and build an overflow box. By the way, if any one has a 12"X12" piece of blue acrylic I will buy it.

On a non-nano front I cut the baffles for the 75 gallon sump. Hopefully, I will get the bubble traps done by the end of the week.

Here are some pictures of the process.

I made a water dam out of a beef jerky container and some duct tape


First hole done


Second hole done


My wet pants and shoes from all the water I used to cool the glass. I should have worn sandals and shorts. I was so excited, I didn't think about changing after work.


Hole on the left goes to the fuge. Hole on the right is the return split with locline.


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That new seahorse is very cool! Now you are making me want to have a seahorse tank (think I could convince my wife it would be "hers"? :D ).

BTW, that link should have a .org in it and not a .com ... Was a little confused when I first clicked on it how the Marines got you seahorses :)

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Thank you. I fixed the linked. I can safely say the seahorses are doing great! Maybe we should take some more pictures. The female has lightened in color and her cirri have gotten more pronounced. She has be gaining wait and eating frozen mysis like a champ. The male changes color quite often. He too is eating and doing well.

In our house, the seahorse tank is my fiancee's tank. She takes care of it and truly understands the seahorses. I think you and your wife could enjoy the seahorse tank together. Go for it!

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Here is a list of things I have learned over the past week. Unfortunately, I learned most of these things on one tank. I will be spending the majority of this weekend fixing the problems I have encountered. This list is in no particular order because I think every item holds almost equal value.

-I need a table saw, but don't have the room

-I need a shed

-Measure the tank BEFORE you order acrylic for the overflow

-Let silicone dry 36-48 hours

-GE 1 silicone will work instead of the stuff at the fish store

-A 1/2" durso will NOT handle 500gph

-When discussing bulkhead size the measurement is inside diameter not outside

-Cheap Ebay bulkheads you get free with loc-line are not the best

-The same bulkheads' size are marked as 3/4", but they are really 1/2"

-Apply more coats of spray paint to the back then you think you need.

-I am more likely to take pictures of my successes then failures

-Drilling glass isn't that hard

-SPS will grow under PC


-Put the overflow on the side of the tank you don't see from the kitchen

-We could use a phosbane reactor for the seahorses

-Practice on a 20 gallon BEFORE trying new things on the 110 gallon

-Making silicone look good can be tough

-An unattended garden will spray the garage with water

-I need to find someone to collaborate with and write the book

"Zen and the art of fish tank maintenance"

-The fact that I got up early on a Saturday to start making RO/DI water and write a blog entry so I can spend the day driving around town dropping off and picking up coral frags means I am addicted to this all encompassing hobby

I lied. The number one thing I have learned this week is

Doing it for yourself instead of buying it pre-made is more fun and makes the beer taste that much better!

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As you know I have been working on a 20 gallon high. It has been a learning experience, but the project is turning around. I put water in it and it works great. There is one last leak in the overflow, but that is easy to fix. Here is a picture of the tank with water.


Even better here is a video tour:


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Thanks to aeroaustin our new 110 gallon FOWLR is in the house. Tonight I will be installing the plumbing, figuring out the overflow box, and finishing the new 20 gallon. If I get REAL lucky I will move the aquapod inhabitants to the 20 gallon. Anyway here are some pictures.


You can see the new tank is a little bigger then our original NanoCube


Here is the first fish going into the new tank. As you can tell he is pretty excited.

We also discovered lion fish hard to photograph.


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Pics of the 110 half full. We will be fixing a small problem in the sump tomorrow and adding salt this weekend. Yee Haw!


Return plumbing finished have not done drain yet.


Bins of live rock. I guess you will have to trust me.



And Rosie BTW she wants a dog face puffer in the new tank. How are we going to tell that face no?


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We finally got the big tank up and running. Thanks to aeroaustin, reefman, and Carlosatrivercity. It is late and I am tired. We have been working on tanks all weekend! We got the 20 gallon going and it is doing well. The camera's battery died. That means no pictures. I guess you will have to trust me. We will add fish to the 110 after it cycles. The first two fish will be a dwarf lion and a pajama cardinal. Enough talk! Here are the long awaited pics.(both of them LOL)



It's all over, but the waiting!

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