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  1. Apex is up and connected
  2. Customer service here I come. Thanks Mike. Oh, did you call them directly.
  3. It doesn’t find any networks wired or not.
  4. I’m having a real hard time setting up my Apex to my network! I have search the internet until my eyes started bleeding. I have tried everything imaginable. Any help wold be appreciated, DAP
  5. I''l give it a try, thanks.
  6. Ok, now I know I don't understand electricity or how a multimeter works. I test the fixtures like you suggested. I didn't get any kind of reading I understood. I clean all the contacts with distilled water before checking the leads and LED's. We did find a couple of loose ground wires. I also have several of these which are rusted badly. See images. I would really appreciate it you could come to the house and take a look, of course when it convenient for you. Thanks .
  7. I have a multimeter don't know how to use it. . .
  8. So how can I test the connections?
  9. Me & electricity. . .🤣
  10. I have a whole row of white leds not working (the 75 watt strip). Noticed the connector on the strip appeared to be stepped. Robin noticed some rust on some of the solder joints. Have about 4 other leds not working on the left side of the strip above it.
  11. Yes and yes. Still using the lights you built.
  12. Tank is cycling. LEDS need a little work and your loaner tank is clean and ready. Taking it real slow. this time around.
  13. Has it been 8 years since we've left the hobby, to spend time with our family.
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