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  1. Feed a good mix of food and you should be fine. I like the cubes you find in the freezer in the fish section of the pet stores. I feed a mix of the mysis, bloodworms, and spirulina. I also have a suction cup clip and fold over nori sheets and clip in the tank. You shouldn't have a problem getting it to eat and it should be reef safe. The biggest issue with powder blues is that they are very susceptible to ick, and if they get it bad enough they can spread it through your whole tank.
  2. I've got plenty of RBTA clones. Are you looking for a Sherman specifically?
  3. There are a few ways we plan to deal with the recurve front. The overflow and returns are via 3" pipes near the center of each circle, with returns being smaller lines that come up through the 3" and distribute via directed loc-line near the water surface. This should let us direct specific currents to create eddies in the curves. Then I was thinking of adding a gyre for overall tank movement, augmented by a few powerheads. By WAVs you mean Neptune WAVs? Would I need just the pumps or something like the Neptune Systems WAV 2 Powerheads Starter Kit? I still have (2) EB8s on my system, no EB832s. Do I need one or can I run them from the EB8s? Which brand gyres do you recommend?
  4. Gyres, Vortech, man I don't know which way to look. The sides are 3/4" acrylic and the back is 1", I'm really thinking of going with gyres and strong magnets, but I'm looking for advice. I do have an Apex, if that figures into the equation.
  5. Pics or they don't exist.
  6. In preparation of our move and transfer to the new recurve tank we will be selling the 226 peninsula tank (build thread and extra pics here): I'll be transferring the majority of the livestock to our new tank between 8/15-8/25, so buyer will need to pick up from our house in south Austin no later than 8/30. Pickup could be sooner as soon as we have things transferred. Included are: tank - Deep Sea Aquatics, dimensions 84" x 24" x 27 1/2" tall. It has (2) 2" PVC cross braces, a PVC bottom, and the overflow is centered on the left side with (5) pre-drilled holes for drains/returns/electric. 226 gallons, 433 lbs empty. stand ( 7' x 2' x 36") - interior painted with white marine epoxy, cabinet has been painted black and has a black melamine layer on the back. The two left cabinets house the overflow/sump/ato reservoir. right 'dry' cabinet is used for storage and equipment. canopy - custom hand-made low profile includes the Tunze wavemaker build into the overflow, sump & return pump in stand, BML light fixtures in canopy, and custom auto-topoff reservoir in stand. No fish included, but happy to convey some of the rose anemones, leathers, and other corals (gold midas paly, rodactis, etc). Some of the live rock will be available as well since we aren't transferring everything. Because of the timing and trying to simplify this for the move, I'm asking much less than I think it's all worth. $850 $750
  7. Made decent progress on the outer stand skin yesterday. The bottom and top surfaces were painted with Rustoleum Appliance paint to protect against water. We then installed some plastic mesh to the bottom to provide a little standoff for any trapped water to evaporate, and ended with a sheet of rubber attached to the stand front and sides that will redirect any water back into the fish room and drain. We pre-drilled (2) 3" holes through the top of the stand. These will be used for the internal overflows and return lines, there won't be any external overflow on the system. After that we installed a trimmed down piece of 4' x 8' trim board as the skin's initial layer.
  8. Lots of progress specifically in terms of house construction, stand, and tank assembly. We're on target for moving in on 8/15, so we really want to have the stand and tank in place and ready to stage the rock and equipment for adding water by the start of August. The builder is being great about allowing us 'early' access to the house so that we're ready to go when we get the actual keys. The stand is roughed out and has been put in place in the house so that we can start working on shimming/leveling and doing some marine epoxy to seal it. Next we'll start planning the skin that faces the living room and begin looking at the canopy. Tim continues to make great progress on the tank itself and I'm incredibly happy with how it's going. The seams where the front connects to the sides will be masked on each side with the framework and trim.
  9. Yep, I submitted online and then they scheduled a remote session.
  10. I went through the same after an electrical storm a few months ago. I spent about a week messing with mine and couldn't get it working, I finally reached out to customer support and they scheduled a meeting via Teamviewer. Within 5 minutes they confirmed there was a problem and had me send the unit to them. It was an older model without wifi built-in, and I was ultimately told they couldn't repair or replace that model. They gave me $300 toward the purchase of a new one and I bit because I had all the other modules that were dependent on the main unit. I'd reach out to them and if they can't help I'd figure out how much you have invested in that ecosystem and look at some alternative controllers if your needs aren't that complex. Best of luck!
  11. Love the glitter bomb and the overall scape. This is looking fantastic!
  12. Cabinetry Build The stand is made from a series of 2x4s with plywood pieces cut to match the top and bottom contour of the tank front. The fishroom floor is approximately 2" lower than the living room floor so the stand has a dropdown `step` on the back portion to accommodate the floor transition. 2x4s are sturdy and cheap, and this design should allow for easy access from the back of the aquarium.
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