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  1. Love the glitter bomb and the overall scape. This is looking fantastic!
  2. It's been a crazy year and a half with Covid and all the other radical changes, so It's been a while since I've posted. The biggest change for us has been the determination to build a new house. In designing the floorplan and rooms my wife suggested I build a dedicated fish room and incorporate the tank in the wall. She didn't have to ask twice. In talking with Timfish I expressed that I wanted the tank to be more than just a "window" of fish, I wanted it to be more dynamic and engaging to people as they watched. He pointed me to Aqua Vim's piano aquarium. I really li
  3. My assumption so far is that what members have lost is livestock rather than equipment. I know that I have lots of extra equipment if members needed that. Additionally I have some frags and corals I could share out. Perhaps we should start a donation thread where we list what we have to offer to help bootstrap members who need it? We could piggyback on one of the LFS distribution efforts and give out LPS or SPS packs.
  4. I've sent an email to BRS, will post responses accordingly.
  5. As we come out the other side of the most recent power and water outages I know there will be a lot of members and stores hurting and recovering. Please don't hesitate to let us know how we can help or what we can do to assist.
  6. So sorry to hear what you went through Lewis, I know you weren't alone. We're also looking at getting a standby generator. I have friends who have solar and the powerwall but during this the panels weren't charging and a single powerwall battery pack isn't enough to run a furnace, frig, etc. It seems like generator is the way to go, at least for us.
  7. Hello, any know local reef store in austin or pflugerville location? ThAnk you! 

    1. Dogfish


      Austins Aquadome is a great store

  8. Welcome to the hobby! If you're still going to buy water I'd suggest investing in an RODI setup and making your own water. If you're running two tanks then you'll need it.
  9. I've never had an issue with inking, the main issue is removing them quickly if they die. As for macroalgae, they'll eat whatever is most convenient and tastes the best so you may need to protect them.
  10. Yep, I'll have to reinstall the upgraded plugin. Hope to get to it tonight.
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