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  1. I did a good bit of reading about fenbendazole treatments, and it seemed that in most cases shrimp lived, even smaller types, snails didn't, but that about serpent stars and even more of a concern tiger cucumbers. I've heard that cucumbers can crash a system if they die. I have GSP on my back wall, if it did die I wouldn't be too upset. What did you experience @Jimbo662 Trying to remove the tiger cucumbers would probably be equivalent to taking all my rock out. The ONE I added is at least 4 now.
  2. Understood on both accounts. I have decided to not purchase this fish. I have a okay sized frag area I could move a fish to if needed, but I have good fish harmony in the display now, so no need to upset that.
  3. I had one some time back that loved aphasia... not sure it eat any of the clove polyp, but maybe he was keeping it at bay, because at that point I did not have much at all...if any!? Maybe I need to get another one.
  4. Was afraid of that, but might be worth the effort of catching all I can and putting them in another system for a bit.
  5. Thank you! I will do some research on that. As a high level, do I need to be concerned about livestock with these chemical treatments?
  6. It's been so long since I've posted any updates. Over the last couple years, I've really had a hard time keeping my tank parameters in a good place (as in other things have been the priority) to really keep many coral. This I've had a large fish tank. That isn't a horrible thing as I still find the aquarium very relaxing and I have some great fish.... but still not what my intention was when starting this system up. So over the past several months I've been working to "automate" even more, to help keep everything in balance. I've been doing an automatic water change, 5 gal/day, for a while now, have been good about not over feeding, etc. and with the help of a trident have a very good understanding of my dkh & Ca from day to day. A few months ago I added a few "simpler" SPS, and they have been doing well. I have an issue with what I've just learned is "clove polyp", thank you @victoly, so now time to try and deal with that. I'll work on getting some pictures added in the near future.
  7. I need help and info on how to best deal with the below. It's now all over my aquarium. It's worse than GSP. Ideally there would be a natural ways to remove it, but I'm open to most anything now. What is this even called?
  8. Thanks Tim. I want this guy, but, worried about my current stock. I have a Gem Tang, Purple Tang, and Desjardini Sailfin tang, now. They all have been in the take for a while together with no real issue, adding a fourth Zebrasoma is pushing it, even in an 8 foot by 3 foot tank.
  9. These are awesome, I didn't know they existed! Does anyone know anything about them? Basic scopas tang care?
  10. If you are still looking message me. I have a OCTA SC255I that I am no longer using. It's rated for more that 200, but in reality a 200g is probably a good load for it.
  11. Minor change, expecting a pickup on Wednesday evening.
  12. I've been to Salty Fish 3 times, and two of the 3 they had a great selection of both fish and coral, the 3rd time it was okay but definitely worth going to if in the area.
  13. Asking $740. Open to reasonable offers. 2.5"-3" Will require PayPal payment, pickup Tuesday evening.
  14. I'm asking $95, but am open to reasonable offers. No shipping, known healthy, for this size fish, I feel that is an overly fair price. This is a very healthy fish, he eats very well, and had been a good tank citizen. I'm looking to sell him because I am getting a yellow belly regal tang, and I don't expect the two will play nicely together. The Naso is a good 12" long to try an provide some perspective. I do still need to capture him, and I will not do that until I have a buyer to minimize the stress on him. Once I have a buyer I'll set a trap and coordinate the pickup. Will hold with paypal only.
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