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  1. Where are you located? and what are you asking for it?
  2. I am setting up a 10 gallon pico. and have a couple of dead rock. Are you interested in selling a piece or two and the live sand?
  3. I am just getting back into the hobby. I used to have a 250 gallon a few years ago filled with corals and fish. I had to get rid of everything because I was relocating to West Texas. I just moved back and I want to start small. I still have my 250g but a 10gallon pico setup is what I want to start with . I had all the sand from the 250g but an oil tub from my mechanic work spilled into it and contaminated all my sand. I don't want to take a chance. I used to buy my stuff at Aquatek but its too far and my job does not give me time after hours to go. Let me know if you want to get rid of some an
  4. Here I have three small pieces of rock. I believe they are for freshwater. I don't want to throw them away. Free to anyone. I am in Round Rock off of Bowman and Sunrise Rd.
  5. Hello all and happy new year. I have been out of the hobby for about 4 years. I am currently looking to get back in and begin to start buying equipment. I was wondering if you all would be able to tell me or guide me as to some good or pretty fair LED setups for a 250 Gallon tank. Also the interested in some power heads. Any info would be great. I am in Round Rock.
  6. I am breaking down my tank since I am being relocated. All livestock must go. I have alot of corals, live rock, and a blue hippo tang $50, bicolor angel $20, flame hawk $30, bicolor blenny $20, large blue linkia star fish $20, Many zoas, large frogspawn colony $60, neon trumpet $60, mummy eye chalice large $125, duncans, many heads $60. Purple and green yuma $40, purple tip torch 2 head $40, orange Ricordia and many others... limust see. Come by or call, i need everything gone. We are moving. Not holding anything. Bring cash... address is: 2306 Spring Breeze Dr. Round Rock, TX
  7. Maybe about 20+ heads
  8. Anyone want some of this? $10 per head. It is getting too big and I want to trim it. I just don't want to have frags all over my tank...
  9. I just broke my hollywood stunner. Selling the piece that broke. This piece is a compilation of pieces that had broken and fallen into itself. There was a bit of sand accumulated there in the center. You can see that area... this is about 4 1/2 inches by 3 inches $15 small acan frag $10 green tubinara $10 dark green and red eye chalice $10 ***Take all for $35***
  10. I used to have it in a 90g with a bit of Rock. Now I have a 150g
  11. Thanks I will be checking them out
  12. A few years ago I had purchased a Blue Ribbon Eel here on the reef club. I had it for quite a while until it jumped out one day and my dog ate it. Does anyone know where I can get one here local?
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