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  1. So, he's aggressive to your clowns... How big is your tank? I may be interested but I am afraid he may be aggressive with my little clowns. I think I'll pass..
  2. Blake I'll take the rock. If you still have it
  3. I was looking at my little tank and realized that this Rhodactis mushroom is just too big for it. It is covering a couple of my fruitloops. It is loose $15 to anyone who wants it.
  4. julespinkyd


    2 frags of utter chaos zoas 6 polyps $25ea ** (both sold)** 2 frags of utter chaos zoas 3 polyps $15ea 2 frags of eagle eye zoas $15 ea 1 frag of fruitloop zoas 2 small heads $20 ** (sold)** 1 small rock of zoas 20+ polyps (Sold) 1 snail shell with about 10 polyps (Sold)
  5. So I finally put some fish in my 10G after two months setup. Thanks to Blake Goodin for my clowns 🙂. I am really enjoying all my color. Now I gotta get rid of many of the frags on my sandbed. I'd like to see some sand instead of plugseverywhere. IMG_3367.MOV
  6. I am looking for a PSK-2500 pump for my bubble magus skimmer. I just got home with a lot of live sand and a fish when I noticed my skimmer was not skimming. after further inspection and disassembly I realized my pump stopped working. Does anyone have one of these pumps for sale. I believe it was discontinued. I am about to start calling all the LFS stores around here. I was hoping to find a direct replacement. By the way my skimmer is a bubble magus bm-200p
  7. Alright Mr. Timfish 🙂 Thanks for the detailed post.
  8. I'll take the sherman, clowns, green and yellow zoas, and the green star pollips
  9. Hello All, I recently purchased a few corals online and am pretty pleased. However I have noticed that a couple of the zoa frags that I purchased have begun to shrink. I took my water to get tested up to Aquatek and all levels are good. Could it be my lighting? I have a 10G pico with a Kessil A360W?
  10. Anyone selling a single head torch. I only have a 10G pico so I really am not looking for anything bigger than one or two head max.
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