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  1. Just an FYI to all saltwater reefs enthusiast. Rock Flower Anemone do eat fish!!! This is my 3in Powder Blue Tang that I got a few months ago after upgrading. I had this anemone in my Pico Tank but then move it when I upgraded. This fish was awesome. It was healthy and eating very well. Today I even saw it before going out. My wife called saying "Your anemone is eating your tang!!!" I rush home and see this... The fish was beautiful and it appeared that the anemone drained all of its color and would almost completely swallow and then regurgitate. The craziest thing. My wife has about three hours of video clips. She couldn't take her eyes off it.
  2. If you part, I am interested in the hippo tang and the flamed fish. I am not sure what other fish you may have but I'd like to see what other livestock you have.
  3. Does anyone have any dry rock you may want it to part with? I am in Round Rock.
  4. Ok, I believe I may have made a mistake. I was up at RCA yesterday and saw the perfect sized powder blue tang for my aquarium. However, I did not ask a lot of questions like I normally do other than "is it reef safe?" I should have asked questions about diet since I would love to keep it long term. This morning after feeding my fish a mix of mysis and pellets, I observed it not eating but just picking at algae that is in the tank. After doing a little digging around on-line I realized that their diet consists of mainly of algae. So now I turn to you REEFERS that have had one of these long term since I don't really have too much algae in my tank or a refugium. I have never had a refugium therefore not even a clue on how to set one up. What do you guys recommend? Anyone's two cents would be greatly appreciated. Powder Blue Tang lives matter too. Please assist me in trying to keep this little guy alive.
  5. So, he's aggressive to your clowns... How big is your tank? I may be interested but I am afraid he may be aggressive with my little clowns. I think I'll pass..
  6. Blake I'll take the rock. If you still have it
  7. I was looking at my little tank and realized that this Rhodactis mushroom is just too big for it. It is covering a couple of my fruitloops. It is loose $15 to anyone who wants it.
  8. julespinkyd


    2 frags of utter chaos zoas 6 polyps $25ea ** (both sold)** 2 frags of utter chaos zoas 3 polyps $15ea 2 frags of eagle eye zoas $15 ea 1 frag of fruitloop zoas 2 small heads $20 ** (sold)** 1 small rock of zoas 20+ polyps (Sold) 1 snail shell with about 10 polyps (Sold)
  9. So I finally put some fish in my 10G after two months setup. Thanks to Blake Goodin for my clowns 🙂. I am really enjoying all my color. Now I gotta get rid of many of the frags on my sandbed. I'd like to see some sand instead of plugseverywhere. IMG_3367.MOV
  10. I am looking for a PSK-2500 pump for my bubble magus skimmer. I just got home with a lot of live sand and a fish when I noticed my skimmer was not skimming. after further inspection and disassembly I realized my pump stopped working. Does anyone have one of these pumps for sale. I believe it was discontinued. I am about to start calling all the LFS stores around here. I was hoping to find a direct replacement. By the way my skimmer is a bubble magus bm-200p
  11. Alright Mr. Timfish 🙂 Thanks for the detailed post.
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