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  1. I’ll take the bubbletip and the lonestar. Message sent. John
  2. I need some dried out live rock. Ocean based real rock (Fiji, Tonga, Java, pukani, etc), NOT artificial. Ping me here and I'll send you my cell. thanks, John
  3. Sold Ecotech MP10 only used for the past 2 weeks. Brand new in the box, box included. Selling the tank, works great, including a $20 Anemone Guard for free as well. $300 new, selling for $200.
  4. NOTE: I'm putting these on EBAY this weekend, if you want them respond ASAP. They will be gone quick on EBAY. Price reduced - Over $900 invested, $500 for all 3. (1 new in the box and 2 that are 4 months used) Get them while they are available. They will be gone quick at this price. Hi All, I have the following for sale, 1 x Maxspect Gyre XF350 with controller 5280GPH - Brand New in Box 1 x Maxspect Gyre XF350 with controller 5280GPH - Used only 4 months, cleaned up, works great 1 x Maxspect Gyre XF350 (pump only, used as a swap unit when one needs
  5. Thanks Tim. I'll look through those artices, Im a fan of Dana. However, I'm also looking for the easy/lazy option of someone who has actual experience with specific SPS/Acros in low light. 😉 I have 2 purple colonies on top that are dark purple. thanks again bud, John
  6. I'll start off so that you see what I'm looking for: SPS/ACRO: PAR Requirement: Notes: Seriatopora/Birds Nest 80 to 150 Some Birdsnest acros might grow/color up faster in higher par, but it is not required for most of them
  7. I have some spots in my 135 SPS dominant cube where the PAR is lower, say 100 to 150 par. The tank has an 8 bulb T5 (ATI) fixture and 2 Kessil A360's so it is 300 to 400 at the top of the rocks where most of my frags live, and they are all producing nice color. But I have some lower spots that are running 100 to 150 par and I'd like to plug in some Acros there as well. Are there some specific Acros that do better at low to mid PAR levels? What do I consider low to mid PAR for Acros/SPS? 80 to 180/ 100 to 150. I'm looking for some names and possibly some recommended PAR levels if you
  8. I need a calcium reactor for my frag tank with: —for 70 to 100 gallon system —with built in recycling pump —and slot ph probe A CO2 tank is not required but I’ll take it if you have one John Scott (Harleyguy)
  9. Thanks Kim, I'll have them on here in another week or so.
  10. Thanks all. My intent is to sell the leather as is. This is a rare and beautiful bright yellow piece, so I doubt it will last long on here.
  11. Beautiful Bright Yellow centerpiece for any tank. Too big for my tank, so I need to sell. This is the rare Lone Star leather that everyone wants and is rarely available. I noticed that someone else has put up some Lone Star frags which would be more appropriate for smaller tanks. (looks like they are sold out) I didn't want to chance fragging mine and possibly loosing it and it is a gorgeous coral as is and not something that I would want to frag. As I said earlier it is a centerpiece. I bought it for $100 and it was about a 1/3 or less than it is now. It has grown into about two of my fists t
  12. Topic closed, I found to Halides setups that are currently on my 70gal frag tank. Thanks everyone!
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