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  1. Thanks Kim, I'll have them on here in another week or so.
  2. Thanks all. My intent is to sell the leather as is. This is a rare and beautiful bright yellow piece, so I doubt it will last long on here.
  3. Beautiful Bright Yellow centerpiece for any tank. Too big for my tank, so I need to sell. This is the rare Lone Star leather that everyone wants and is rarely available. I noticed that someone else has put up some Lone Star frags which would be more appropriate for smaller tanks. (looks like they are sold out) I didn't want to chance fragging mine and possibly loosing it and it is a gorgeous coral as is and not something that I would want to frag. As I said earlier it is a centerpiece. I bought it for $100 and it was about a 1/3 or less than it is now. It has grown into about two of my fists t
  4. Topic closed, I found to Halides setups that are currently on my 70gal frag tank. Thanks everyone!
  5. Thanks bud, but I ended up purchasing 2 x Lumen Max Elite Fixtures (slightly used), with a brand new Galaxy Dual 250w Electronic ballast and 4 new 250w Radium bulbs.
  6. Thanks bud, it looks like I'm buying a couple from that source including new ballasts and bulbs.
  7. I’m looking for 2 used but fully functional metal halide fixtures, 175w or 250w. Reflectors and Ballasts, bulbs are optional. I’ll pay cash or possibly trade hardware, fish, coral. thanks, John
  8. 135 Build/Setup Issues: This is a list of issues encountered during this build and how I responded: Plumbing: I re-plumbed a few questionable items before adding water to hopefully ensure no leaks. Unfortunately I ran into one leak with the manifold the was visible after adding water and only showed up with the pump at full speed. Having all the unions and valves helped in stopping water flow to enable the fix of this issue. You cant have enough unions! 🙂 Return Pump: Since I've invested so much in Neptune, I decided to go with their COR-15 pump for my return. I've since had some iss
  9. Hi All, I wanted to add a few more things about the cabinetry. Note, this is not reef specific, but more fit and finish of the overall build. Side Skins: The hardwood side skins each have neodymium magnets that make removal for maintenance very easy (pic below). I also added adjustable feet to the skins to add in adjustability of how they line up with the top, sides, floor, and to keep them off of the floor incase of a water spill. (pic below) Apex Stand Alone Electrical Cabinet: The hardwood exterior to the APEX cabinet is a 1 piece skin that is open on the right hand wall side (y
  10. Is the Chiller still available? John
  11. How about $20 for the ARM media? Also, how much for one of the Chillers? John
  12. I'll take these if you still have them - 5, 6, 31, 35
  13. Thanks guys! This was a TON of work and time. I still need to do some wiring cleanup and finalization and move the CO2 tank and Trident waste container. I'll take some close up pics of the coral frags and fish as well and add them. The tank is stable but still young, so I don't have the color on the SPS yet that Id like. I've also had a few HW issues that I needed to fix that I will discuss later in this thread. Im going to want some more SPS frags as well :-). I need to make a trip over to Ty's house. :-)
  14. Well its been a while since I posted anything here, but the tank is almost done and looking very good. I installed the skins on the stand and they are replicas of my cherry kitchen cabinets. I also added the granite for the 4" ledge. The homemade light fixture is also stained to match the kitchen cabinets, and I had a cover built for the electronics/controllers cabinet that is also stained to match the kitchen cabinets. All in all, it looks like a nice piece of furniture in my dining room. :-) I also added Neptune lunar lighting in the reef light and the red LED's electronics/controllers cabi
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