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  1. I was looking for 3 


  2. How did I not see this! Sorry man. I’d be happy to try it out. Can I pick it up this weekend?
  3. Have had my excess live rock in my sump for a year. Need to get rid of some. I have mostly large and medium pieces and a good amount of rubble. $4/lb
  4. That green color is amazing. Beautiful piece.
  5. Jnaylor

    Isaac's 180+

    How frequently are you cleaning off your algae scrubber? Looks like you pull off quite a bit! I should keep a bucket of that in my house. Just a quick sniff and I lose my appetite weight loss plan!
  6. Buyer for the small one never showed up. $30 for a small Sherman
  7. 1 left right now for $60. I’ll probably get a few more off the rocks in the next week or two. Need the current one left gone by Saturday afternoon!
  8. Picked up a Maxima and a birds nest today. Moved the maxima up on the rock but it closed up. I’ll get a nice photo tomorrow when he is opened up. Name of the Clam? Drum roll... James Clameron
  9. Did you end up selling he Hanna checker? Reactor? Where you headed?
  10. Was going to buy a new one but figured I would give this a try first, maybe somebody has one laying around
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