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  1. I've got a pair that were bought in 2007 so 14+ now. I'd expect though 10 years is a more realistic age to expect them to live. Kinda like cats, rarely one lives past 3 decades but 18 - 20 years is a pretty old cat.
  2. Well, haven't seen this hawk in a few days now so guessing it's gone. 😪
  3. Any of the setups you described should work fine. Seems the deciding factor is what's going to be the easiest to plumb AND work on in the future. Here's another option for you though. I like redundancy and prefer to use multiple return pumps (as well as lower flow rates) and for the refugium I don't see the need for more than short sidewalls just tall enough to retain the sand, mud and rock (maybe 6' - 8" tall). Egg crate will work well for keeping any cheato in place if you feel you need it. So here's another option for you using two return pumps and keep in mind they don't both have to have the same flow rate, the one pulling water through the refugium can be slower if that's what you feel works better.:
  4. Well, looks like I'm going to loose this guy. 😢 This Flame Hawk was bought in summer of 2004 and has been a fixture sitting atop the rockwork watching people go by. It's still eating well but the last few weeks it's behavior has changed markedly and slightly more recent it's colors have started to fad. It's picked a quite corner under a rock where it watches everyone and is not nearly as active. Not the first time I've seen this process - an old fish slows down and starts looking kinda ratty like old cats or old dogs when their coats have faded. (Since people will ask the most recent additions to this system was a Yellow Watchman Goby in 2018, Yellow Tang was rehomed to this tank in 2013 [original purchased in 2000] and a pair of percula clowns added in 2010, damsels and Coral Beauty were added with the Hawk in 2004.) Here's a pic of the tank with the hawkfish siting in the mushroom polyps in the upper middle right.
  5. That's too bad, that's an attractive combination. Not too surprising though, most fish we get are juviniles and as they mature they can get more territorial.
  6. Test your ammonia, pH and alkalinity but with all the stuff from your existing tank there's a good chance you've skipped the initial cycle.
  7. My sincerest condolences! Don't forget us when you get back in town.
  8. It could be lighting, it could be some issue they had before you got them. If possible try to find out what conditionas they were grown under.
  9. A mangrove in sunlight, a short pictorial essay.
  10. Timfish

    Hello :)

    Good morning! Welcome to the club! Tell us about your system.
  11. With the overflow and rock tower in the center of the right bow you'll be able hide pumps/wavemakers behind it. Depending on how we do the aquascaping pumps/wavemakers can be hung on brackets so they can be easily removed. As far as dead spots, every tank I've moved has had dead spots where detritus has built up. The only way I've seen to minimize the build up is to use a powerhead to flush out the aquascaping and a diatom filter periodicly to flush out it out and remove it. But dead spots or low flow areas are probably important for some of the biochemistry in reef systems. One example off the top of my head is the carbonate crystals in fish poop won't dissolve at pH of the water column and a lower pH is needed.
  12. Not surprised you got different response the way everyone name stuff. 😕 your picture looks to blue fo rme to guess but you might try looking through these two databases https://reefs.com/coral/?_coral_types=zoanthid-palythoa http://www.zoabrary.com/
  13. These are instruction for a DIY cannon I designed and was able to have Dana Riddle evaluate for spectrum, wattage and PAR. The pdf instructions assume someone with basic "lob a blob" soldering skills and a basic understanding of electrical circuits. The xlsx document has spectral output, wattage and PAR map @ 9" using 16° lenses for the LED stars (other lenses are available). The basic 2 star & buckpuck circuit lets it be configured as needed. For example, the recessed fixtures in this video used 13 sets on a 4" x 12" heatsink to make ~250 watt fixtures. 3500 PAR LED Light.xlsx DIY 3500 PAR Cannon.pdf
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