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  1. I lost a lot including fish and corals I've had since the mid 90s. Literally it will take me 25 years to get back to the point I was a few weeks ago. I've still got a couple more weeks of cleaning and restarting but need to post stuff in KimP's thread. Had stuff survive I didn't think would survive and unfortunately some stuff looked ok initially but started going down hill after 2 or 3 days. I'm kicking myself as I've been putting together stuff to run my systems off solar. I wouldn't have been able to keep the temps at 76 for 3 dyas with what I have now but I certainly could have kept
  2. For those not familiar with the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Panel or PIJAC you can read about them here. They are currently registering people for a virtual lobby day in support of the Preventing Future Pandemics Act. From thier email: As the legislative and regulatory voice of the responsible pet care community, we at PIJAC closely and continuously monitor and engage with governmental entities on issues that impact both animal and human health and well-being. One such issue is the threat to global public health posed by deadly diseases like COVID-19 that can emerge from live ani
  3. Hey, sorry to take so long to get back with you. A simple multimeter will work. With the power off you can use the diode setting to check each diode and the solder connections. With power on you can use the dc voltage setting to check the voltage drop across each diode. ANd you can check the voltage out of the buck puck drivers, it should be about 20 volts.
  4. It's just 12 volts, you won't feel it. 😁
  5. Sorry, no idea. They probably came in on some wild live rock and started to reproduce for Hydro. Now that wild live rock is next to impossible to get I suspect you'll have to do a lot of searching on the forums to find someone who has them. The limpets that come in on the Florida maricultured live rock has a couple species of limpets but they don't have mantle like the black ones Hydro had and are pretty cryptic looking. They are great algae eaters though.
  6. Most of the LEDs are in strings of 6 connected in series to one buckpuck so just a sinlge corroded connection can take out a string. Have you tried just rinsing it off with a spray bottle and distilled water? sometimes it just some salt build up causing a short. Using the continuity or dc voltage settings on a digital multimeter can identify the problems pretty quickly. Sometimes a single led will fail by shorting so the others on the string still light up. New LEDs will be brighter but I think I have some old ones laying around. so there's no spotlight effect. I'm busy the next couple
  7. Well, cool your still using the lights! But I want that tank about as much as I want a worn out pair of shoes. Do whatever you want with it. Sometime I'd like to see the how well the LEDs held up. I imagine some of the lenses don't stay in place. Are all the LED strings working?
  8. Loaner tank? That old scratched up one that sat empty for years before you borrowed it? And you're still using those light strips I built for you or did you get new ones?
  9. Who are you!? Welcome back! Have you kept your tank going? What are your plans?
  10. Welcome! Looks like a good location for your reef!
  11. I wouldn't use a canister filter to be honest. The problem I've had repeatedly with them is sooner or later the o-rings don't seat right and you get a drip. There is also the problem of lack of oxygen during a power failure killing off everything inside. I haven't actually known this to kill off tank inhabitants (although it is a risk) but cleaning out the filter after this happens is very unpleasant the hydrogen sulfide produced can stink up a room pretty bad for a while.
  12. Hand an eel in one of my systems. Fortunately it's a dwarf moray. https://youtu.be/PwUiVBU_a0I
  13. I know some of you have heard or read about cleaner wrasses passing the mirror test for cognition abd here's an interesting article discussing it. https://www.quantamagazine.org/a-self-aware-fish-raises-doubts-about-a-cognitive-test-20181212/
  14. I agree, that doesn't look bad at all. for the sand you can siphon off the top layer that has algae growing on if and soak in H2O2 for a day or so, rinse then return to the tank. More corals will compete with the algae for nutrients also. To get a better understanding of the role of Dissolved Organic Carbon, DOC (aka carbon dosing) in reef systems read Forest ROhwer's "COrals Reefs in the Microbial Seas" Kindle version is !$10, papaerback is ~$20. I see you have a pink short spine urchin. Being only a ~60-70 gallon system if you get more urchins look for small ones and be ready to rehome
  15. So sorry to hear your loss! :( It's hard to say what happened with the information you've provided but my guess is something dropped the oxygen levels short term. Do you have any corals or other invertabrates? If so how are they doing? Is it possible any type of cleaning solution got into your tank? As far as dealing with the various nuisance algae type/species I only use manual removal and have hardly any fish related deaths. It seems unlikely to me what you've done to deal with the algae has caused your fish dieoff. FWIW, chemiclean only works on cyanobacteria.
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