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  1. It's good to see a really detailed thread on setting up a control system for managing a reef aquarium!
  2. Sorry to hear you're leaving the hobby! Don't stay away too long!
  3. That was close! My tanks dropped to 57 and I had huge losses. :(
  4. Great to see your system survived the freeze!
  5. Both River City, (512) 219-7200 and Aquadome, (512) 442-1400, should at least have some limestone. I use a lot of local holey rock in my tanks along with some quality maricultured live rock. I would encourage you to use at least some wild or maricultured live rock. Besides beneficial microbial stuff that can't be culture you also get cryptic sponges that remove both hydrophillic as well as hydrophobic stuff that promotes pathogenic shifts in the coral microbiome/holobiont. I would only get it airshipped to minimize dieoff and then quarintine it liek anything else you'd get for your reef s
  6. Those are disc or button thermostats. The tabs are very prone to rusting and I've stopped using them. If the light doesn't turn on when you apply 24 vdc you can check them by shorting the two tabs together with a paper clip or jumper. (It's low voltage so there's no risk of shock.) SOme silicone smeared on them will keep them from being an issue going forward.
  7. Looks like I'm committed now! This is going to be a fun system to build and setup.
  8. Hopefully someone here is happy to help. I would suggest to writing down a list for whoever you do get to help. List not only the things that need to be done and might need to be done but also things not to do.
  9. Only thoughts I have on two returns is if there is just one return pump and someone wants to match flow from both nozzles it's kinda hit and miss. I'm don't know how you are running the plumbing but I've seen one setup using a single return pump where the plumping for the returns was separated below the water line and a anti siphon hole was only placed on one nozzle so the other would continue to siphon. (Personally I would go with two small return pumps and 2 return lines for redundancy.) Put the returns as close to the overflow as you want. Look up KimP's setup, the two retur
  10. Cool, thank you for posting this info and your reasons and thought process for choosing a generator!
  11. What are your prices for the higher end stuff? Or are they also $20 ea.?
  12. You're welcome! SOunds like you came through the freeze ok. :) You might look close at the bases of your own acros. SOme may have some decent colors in lower light so you'll have an idea of how a frag will look in lower light.
  13. I'm interested! I lost several of mine that were up to 30" across.
  14. Purple stylo will grow in low light but you'll loose the purple coloration. You might try researcher by fluorescing protein. Some fluorescing proteins work at low PAR levels and shut off at higher PAR levels. You'll probably need to start by digging through Dana Riddle's articles. An easier method might be look at the bases of corals in other tanks that are getting low PAR levels. Some will undoubtedly have dieoff around the base from low light but some should still have some growth and coloration.
  15. Looks like a good start. I've always been able to skip the initial cycle using maricultured live rock, live sand and some rubble & water from an existing system so I'm not surprised you've skipped it. To help with the maturing process if you can get some rubble or rock that has some fo the cryptuic sponges found in reef systems that would help also. I would also be adding some hermits, definitely add some hardy fish and start adding easy and hardy corals (purple stylo, actinodiscus mushrooms and xenia are three I'd recommend). The carbon, nitrogen and phsohporus cycles are very comple
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