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  1. Gorgeous! You've done a great job with this tank
  2. 7-2016 Update Tank looking decent these days. Gave the clam to Timfish as he was getting too large. Picked up another Ocellaris. Had a bad outbreak of both brittle and asterina stars (as in multiple hundreds) and bought a harlequin shrimp to help out. Ate all the asterinas in a week. Sheesh! I think he paired down the brittle stars a bit, but they're harder to get at inside the tukani rock. Ended up buying a choc chip starfish to feed the little guy while I look for another home. Took him all of 10 minutes to flip him over and begin. Saw him fighting off a larger bristle worm today! Funny, now I have 4 different shrimps in this little tank. The pistol (which rarely comes out), the cleaner shrimp, the peppermint shrimp (which hides in the dendro feeding tank upper right), and now the harlequin. They all seem to get along okay. The cleaner runs the peppermint around-- the harlequin 'owns' the cleaner and the pistol pretty much stays to himself. Timfish, a good friend, brought me an all but dead Japanese Dendro, and I setup a feeding tank for it and another I had, and they seem to be doing really well. He also brought me some really nice Duncans. Here are the images: FTS The Peppermint Shrimp and Dendros The Harlequin shrimp and bristle worm standoff
  3. Big thanks to Timfish for all the help. He's been generous giving me advice and a frag or two or few million One more thing. I used to have (see above) a crushed coral bed. It kept away any cyano but sure looked crappy. So, I switched to a medium grained white sand substrate, and sure enough, just as with my other two tanks, the cyano appeared after a few months. I tried some of the antibiotic additive, and it worked the first time, but not the second. FYI, the phosphates were low so I'm not sure where it came from. I talked with Shane over at Fishy Business and he swears by this stuff he sells there called "Start Smart", a bottle of aquarium starter and maintenance bacteria in solution. I had used it before and didn't think much one way or another about it. He said to use twice the normal dose regularly until it went away, then a maintenance dose once a week after. Dang if it didn't work great! That was a number of months ago and things are still crystal clear as far as my cyano goes. Now to try and get rid of the small sprigs of hair algae....
  4. Thanks! It's "Love Theme," part of the Blade Runner soundtrack from Vangelis. My once a year update :-) New Vid: https://youtu.be/9A3_-DLw34Y Trying to figure out how to 'embed' a YouTube video. Nothing I try seems to work... Any ideas?
  5. My once a year update :-) New Vid: New pics:
  6. Tim was over today and told me the good news. Congratulations! All three are so cute :-)
  7. Do you remember how much you paid for it new? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Kim, sorry to hear about the over feeding incident. Hope things turn out. I too just lost some 2+ year old acans which fell (or should I say we're *pushed* by Mr. Tuxedo) from their post into one of Pat's recovering frogspawn. The euphyllia won the ensuing battle. Great to see how well you've done with this new setup. It looks great!, Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Another update. Inspired by Timfish and KimP, I've decided to do some new aquascaping. Plus, I've got a new iPhone 6+ and I wanted to check out the video camera stabilization feature. Here are 2 videos. In the first one, the fish were on strike and decided not to show. After lengthy negotiations with their agent, Mr. Cleaner Shrimp, (and involving some frozen mysis shrimp), they showed up and played to perfection their award-winning 'swimming fish' roles for which they were hired.
  10. I always liked that solution. I've sadly lost at least 3 fish to jumping and recently purchased the same kit. Nice to see it works for you!
  11. A year after I started this. Been through some ups and downs, but I told Timfish I'd post changes. Lot changed. Switched out the crushed coral for Tropic Eden Reeflakes Aragonite. Had a crash and lost the hammer and zoas. Added in a Samosa months ago and it's doing fine. Had a bit of a flatwork outbreak and bought a 6-line and it seemed to take care of it. Just upgraded to the new single Radion and I think it makes a difference as it is brighter and has UV. Here's what it looked like a few weeks ago. You can see 1) the UV BMLED fixture (orange) I 3D-printed and the old Radion: Here it is today: Added a chalk bass which really gets along well with the 6-line... who would've thought? And these ACANs have been with me now for years. They've survived total destructive tank crashes. They are amazing and I really enjoy feeding them. Hopefully, I'll update again sooner!
  12. Bummer. Have to be at a meeting at work so I'm gonna miss this. :-( Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. I'm shooting to be there. Look forward to it! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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