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  1. Sorry ShawnM. We decided to ditch the store front at the Pflugerville location. We are going to let the Holidays pass, and are coming up with a gameplan. Have a few options we are mulling over. Will update on our FB when we figure it all out.
  2. Know someone selling 2 tanks that fit your needs. Text me at 512-569-4564
  3. Looking for one ocean motion.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/td.flint/posts/1830716587171765
  5. Wow. What a beauty. He pulled it off. Looking at it truly wouldn't be that hard to build. Lol, I say that, but Im not the tank builder at Nikos.
  6. Looking good bro. Let's see some pics of the skin and stand. Get it done?
  7. Spirit Fest 14. Here we come. Whoop

  8. Sucks. All the times I have gotten my phone wet, and I barely get it wet and it's done. Want to get a waterproof phone. Anyone got one? Otherwise, guess I'm getting the 6.

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    2. Niko's Reef

      Niko's Reef

      The lifeproof case for the Iphone 6 won't be available until Feb according to Verizon. Started leaning to the S5 when I was talking to them, but I think one of my awesome customers is going to let me borrow something so I don't have to rush into a decision. Verizon said they wouldn't jump in a pool like the commercial shows for the S5, but that it's pretty water resistant.

    3. Grog


      or maybe look at a less expensive phone. I'm happy my no contract unlocked iRulu Android phone for $130. Camera is great on it BTW. (I'm a habitual phone destroyer myself... LOL)

    4. Makena95GT


      I got a weird phone called the "Reef" from Virgin Mobile and its water proof/resistant for up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes. Cause, uhhh, all of my phone deaths are cause I get my phone wet lol but it's a little crap phone that doesnt do much and has a cruddy camera. But good for the time being.

  9. Looking back at my last status update from Aug. Wasn't expecting much from my Dallas Cowboys. Still a lot of football to be played, but I'm pretty happy with the season thus far. Exceeding my expectations by far.

    1. jolt


      Be wary. December is typically not a good month for the Cowboys. But I am always hopeful on 12/1

    2. mikemcd


      If Romo and Murray can continue to perform and stay healthy, they can go as far as the D holds up this year--and the D has been great when you consider where they have come from last year!

    3. Niko's Reef

      Niko's Reef

      More players coming back on D too. December is never nice to us indeed, but feels different to me for some reason.

  10. TV is so boring to me without sports I follow. Cant wait for football, although my Cowboys season will be over after about a month or so.

  11. Figured out what the prizes for drawing will be for today's meeting. 1st prize 25$ voucher for Nikos 2nd prize Bag of San Francisco Seaweed Seaweed Clip Kent's garlic 3rd prize 75 & 200 watt heater 4th prize Rods Coral Blend, Hikari Shrimp, Hikari Mysis Thanks again for allowing us to host this meeting.
  12. Thanks for allowing us to host this meeting. Sorry for the late chime in. Been a crazy week. Changing the outside and inside of the building. For the meeting, we will have amazing sales on already low prices and pizza. Haven't really decided what prizes we will have 4 drawings, but we'll come up with a few. So if you don't have plans this Sunday; please come join us and see the changes we have made, enjoy some pizza, and incredible deals.
  13. Thinking MIA tonight!!!!!!!!!! Who's with me????

  14. Lol. He actually does. My wife gives them names as well. His name is Rambo. Dude is tough like Rambo and his colors and patterns change up a lot. The tessellate took him down to his hole 1 time. I thought he was toast, but he swam out like it was nothing. I was pretty upset, but it ended up being pretty awesome. Rambo is a machine.... Wife thought he was the ugliest thing ever, but he grew on her as well. Ended up being one of our favorites. I remember the 1st time I ever saw one was when Rory was breaking down his smaller tank. I was like what the heck is that ugly thing over there. Rory told me that he grows on you, and he was right.
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