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  1. Your link does not work for me to read the theory, but fourdrachma is dead-on in his summation that the specific bacteria a sulfur denitrator uses requires the exhaustion of oxygen for the bacteria to switch to nitrates in order to continue to oxidize sulfur. The flow through rate is only 1-3 drops per second, and generally takes months to get your nitrates down. If your drip rate is too high, not enough nitrates will be processed. Too slow, and they consume too much sulfur. I'm not sure that a passive bag of sulfur will create the same effect. Nice thing is once you get everything balanced it takes care of itself and is almost maintenance free. For what it's worth, I've been running one for 9 months or so and could not be happier with the results.
  2. It's a sad day in the Austin reef community. "So long - been nice 'growing' you."
  3. Been having a hard time controlling my alk, nitrates, and phosphates last month or two. This has lead to browning out, burnt tips on a few of the deepwater acros, and overall dull color. Even though I should be trying to get things back to normal first, I could not pass up a great deal on a monster of a calcium reactor. Hooked it up last night and this morning. SRO CR5000D calc reactor, CarbonDoser regulator, and a ReefFanatic controller. The reactor is rated for 1000 gallons - it will probably be two years before I have to add media. I had to place it in an adjoining room and run the lines through the wall.
  4. Stop. Taking. Vacations. A couple of kids should fix that right up for you. Live a boring existence tied to your home and tank like the rest of us.
  5. Conditions looked perfect; photography is incredible. You are living a good life, sir. Congrats.
  6. Made my own screen tops since my plumbing prevents me from using manufactured and custom tops are ridiculously priced. I made them a little different than what we typically see with the available kits. I thought they came out pretty well.
  7. Here's a pic of it colored up from the person who gave it to me:
  8. Best of luck with your move to CA.
  9. Couple more pics from this morning. Man these things grow so much faster than sticks. 🙂
  10. I've got Chips also and it is different. I'll try to get a colony shot from the original owner.
  11. With all the crap you come home to after your trips, you should market your corals as "Travel Tested®" 😋
  12. If anything it reminds me a bit of ORA Chips, but that has a different growth structure and polyp color.
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