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  1. You guys have the Actinic, not the 50/50, correct?
  2. Anybody have a picture or video of what this light fixture looks like without any other lights on? YouTube wasn't helpful. Looking to add some 'pop' and pondering this fixture vs actinic T5s.
  3. Big shout-out to nori4dori for the awesome frag-pack! FYI, if you were considering buying his ASD Jawbreaker Monti frag and passed, you can start kicking yourself now. 😆
  4. pbnj

    Killer Pods?

    I posted this pic a couple of months ago, after the 1st incident.
  5. pbnj

    Killer Pods?

    I thought I'd share an interesting experience I've had with pods and newly-glued SPS frags. With the last couple of SPS frag packs I've purchased, I've had a lot of death within 24 hours. I chalked the 1st time it happened up to different tank parameters. With the 2nd pack, I lost 6 out of 10 overnight, with the remaining 4 on life support. Water testing showed no issues. Then, I remembered something I had observed previously. Whenever I glue new frags, the pods (big amphipods) are all over them after lights-out. Could they be attracted to the glue and, as a result, stressing the frags? I tested this theory last night, after I received another SPS pack. I put 8 newly-glued frags up high on a frag-rack instead of on the liverock. I also glued a couple of empty plugs to the rocks. Result? After light-out, the empty plugs were swarming with pods and the frags were clear. This morning, all frags are alive and looking great. Coincidence? Anecdotal evidence? Perhaps I'm wrong, but I don't think so.
  6. Rainbow Stylo is not doing badly either.
  7. My fastest-growing acro ever. Thanks, Ty!
  8. A small acro branch broke-off a frag I bought today while I was dipping, so I glued it on a new plug. Tonight, I was looking in the tank after lights-out and I saw that it was COVERED in pods. Even after the light hit them and most scattered, I still managed to take this pic with 3-4 still on the frag. Fascinating stuff we never see during the day.
  9. Thanks, again! Great-looking, generous-sized frags, everybody.
  10. Thanks so much, Ty. Everything was great (and fun). After a 6-yr hiatus, my tank is officially an SPS tank again! Pat
  11. Is your Inbox full? I tried to PM you for the address.
  12. Took a week, but look who found each other.
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