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  1. Is anyone selling clownfish for a good price?
  2. Can you take a picture of the leathers?
  3. I have a seahorse tank and am wondering if a sea hare is safe for the tank? I heard they release ink when stressed, how common is it? Is it deadly to fish and corals? I am also wondering if it will go straight to my macroalgae or if it will eat nuisance alage first?
  4. Price drop. Don't want to have to give him to a pet store. $10
  5. Tiger pistol shrimp: $10 Large pistol shrimp about 4 or 5 years old.
  6. 29 gallon tank : $15 Used as sump.
  7. SOLD NAC 3.5 protein skimmer bubble magus: $75
  8. Male bluestripe pipefish: Was 30. Now 10. We have a mated pair of bluestripe pipefish and can't keep a second male. He's separated in a breeding box in the main tank. He gets a nice ball of chaeto in with him so he has plenty of copepods to eat, but we need to clear out the breeding box for a male seahorse that's going to be having babies soon. When they're happy, they're beautiful. If you've seen one at a lfs, it probably wasn't happy. They're fine on copepods like a mandarin, but they will start to feed on frozen mysis. The pictures at the bottom are from the display tank. The m
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