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  1. I saw a message earlier that there is a problem with the system. I don’t think pm or notifications are working for anyone right now
  2. I'd like to be second in line for all the rock. Let me know - I was unable to PM you
  3. Ooh that's nice Jimbo!
  4. jolt

    Labor Day Frags

    41 is ORA Purple Plasma and I could make one more frag for $20. 33 and 56 are available. Let me know if you want me to make the frag ...
  5. jolt

    Labor Day Frags

    Bump - I've updated what's sold. There are still a few nice pieces remaining ... PC Rainbow, RMF Flavor Parade, Oregon Tort, Red Planet, Bansai, Hawkins, Upscales Microclados, Monti Setosa, Holy Grail Micrommussa, Jason Fox Sour Twist, Jason Fox Snow Cap Monti, RR LemonLime Favia, Meteor Shower Cyphastra, and a few more ...
  6. jolt

    Labor Day Frags

  7. jolt

    Labor Day Frags

    If you are having trouble viewing on the phone try turning sideways - I noticed prices were cut off otherwise
  8. jolt

    Labor Day Frags

    I’m in far southwest Austin - willing to meet somewhere reasonable.
  9. jolt

    Labor Day Frags

    It's at the top, above the pictures ...
  10. I bought this for my frag tank, but then the new Radions came out so I'm going a different direction ... With new ATI bulbs. Only turned it on to try it out so its brand new ...
  11. jolt

    Labor Day Frags

    Once again the frag tank is too full! I can do curbside pickups, or I can meet somewhere south. We are not letting folks in the house at this time so please don't ask. PayPal will hold items: [email protected] See pics below, I will update the list as items are sold. Thanks for looking! Number Name Price 1,2,3 Atlanta Chameleon #1 sold, 2 sold, 3 sold 10 SOLD BC Aquaticman sold 60 6 Blue Tip Green Slimer SOLD 20
  12. @mFrame would know what the club has available
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