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  1. Congrats man! My wife turns hers in by May 15 and defends on June 13, so if all goes well she'll be Dr. Frame by August. I know how hard it's been, so I'm sure you're looking forward to having hobbies again. Got a new job lined up that will use the degree? As for here: Software updates, some members joined, some left, and Isaac is now a mod.
  2. I live down this way as well, but will be traveling a lot over the next few weeks. What specifically are you want to set up? Have you planned out the tank and plumbing at all yet? If you post pictures of the tank I'm sure we can all help you with the design before you're ready to actually assemble everything. Having a plan helps immensely, and lets you know what parts to have on hand.
  3. Man, I had no clue you'd been going through all that. It sounds like a nightmare! That all said, the new tank is looking great, and I'm happy you were able to keep as much alive as you did. Also sounds like your girlfriend is a keeper. I don't know if my wife would have accepted our living room in such a state for 3 months!
  4. Yeah, I've been lectured by my wife when she goes to the freezer to get something for dinner and jokingly comes out saying, "tonight I think we're having fish".
  5. Nice! So the goal was to have a setup with no visible pumps or lights, just the tank and critters? And the solution was to ceiling-mount the lights a significant distance away? That's awesome! Looks like you had to engineer just the right angle to get the light in over the front glass of the tank. Is it warm when you walk through the light beams in front?
  6. The main reason to add outside air is to prevent the buildup of CO2, which can affect your PH.
  7. Lionfish are devastating as invasive species. I don't see using a gun as significantly different than a spear. I would speculate that this is actually more humane than trying to catch them with hooks or nets. The video and tone aren't really to my liking as I think the distract from the beneficial aspects of hunting these fish. There are many efforts aimed at controlling them, it's definitely an issue worth learning about. https://lionfish.co/lionfish-facts/ http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2011/03/pictures/110404-sharks-lionfish-alien-fish-invasive-species-science/
  8. In stock for that size you might try Fish Gallery on North Lamar. Otherwise I'd order from either RCA or the AquaDome.
  9. They can absolutely split, mine is constantly dropping clone babies. Usually mind happens where the polyps extend, it will start to pinch off a piece. The tissue becomes white all around it and it ultimately separates and falls to the sand. I haven't really seen this behavior in the "trunk", but it wouldn't surprise me at all.
  10. I've had similar pieces from frogspawn, torches, and hammers, but never seen one grow from just the flesh.
  11. Just a reminder that any drugs that require a prescription must be obtained with one.
  12. My leathers occasionally look like that before sloughing off the outer layer, but never as thick as what you have. I'd try to siphon or brush off the majority of it, using suction to remove it from the water column
  13. great way to get rid of hair algae...
  14. +1 to Sascha, some of my favorite palys. Slower growers but they open up huge.
  15. Looks like a mummy eye to me.