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  1. mFrame

    Micro brittle stars

    I've got tons of them. If you're down south anytime I'd be happy to hook you up.
  2. mFrame


    I'm south as well, around Manchaca
  3. mFrame


    I've got some bright green.
  4. mFrame


    Wishing you a quick recovery Beaux!
  5. She gets to watch our tank more than I do each day, and loves it.
  6. https://www.reef2rainforest.com/2018/05/04/breaking-news-indonesia-halts-coral-exports/
  7. mFrame

    Selling Fish... need new homes fast

    Sorry to hear about your quick move but it would be helpful if you put at least an asking price for the fish. You can always lower the price or list items as free.
  8. mFrame

    Can’t get on ARC with Tapatalk

    The plugin has been updated, please let me know if you can/can't login now via Tapatalk.
  9. mFrame

    Spring frag swap

    Lol, nice, but not necessary, we've got a great venue. Just have to work out a date amidst all the Spring and end of school year events going on.
  10. mFrame

    Spring frag swap

    We've been trying to figure out dates for some upcoming events, I hope to post more here shortly.
  11. mFrame

    Can’t get on ARC with Tapatalk

    So rather than just installing the security patch to IPBoard 4.2.x, our site software was pushed to IPBoard 4.3.0, a new major release. This broke Tapatalk integration. Tapatalk is working to rush out a new version to fix the issue but that can take up to a month. The existing Tapatalk plugin works to view content here, but will not allow new users to register via Tapatalk or for existing users to login. We'll get it updated as soon as the new version is out, but we appreciate your patience until then.
  12. mFrame

    Can’t get on ARC with Tapatalk

    Looks like the latest security update broke the plugin. Working on it
  13. mFrame

    3 D printer

    In short, yes, just about anything can be printed, especially if it is 8"x8" or less. If it is larger than that the design will need to be broken up into a few pieces and assembled. PM me, I have a printer. Cost for materials is probably negligible, less than $10. It's the time, designwork, and test prints that can cost you, but I enjoy tinkering.
  14. mFrame

    Accurate thermometer

    if you have a digital thermometer (like you use when you're sick), you can put it in a ziplock bag, squeeze out the air, seal it, then use it.
  15. mFrame

    Hey everyone[emoji1309]

    Welcome to the club, it's awesome to see what you're doing and your willingness to share information!