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  1. I've got one, pm me.
  2. I'll take it.
  3. rather than tupperware, perhaps a colander. You've hit on the key, which is to keep them where they can see each other but separated until they learn to accept each other.
  4. Assuming it works I'll take it.
  5. Most rodactis I have want the opposite of light. I would move the affected ones to the shadows and see how they respond.
  6. Welcome back! How's the tank looking now?
  7. Hmm, apparently we lost our glossary resource in the transition to the new software. I'll double check on that. As for the other, welcome to the site, and thanks to Christy for all her assistance getting you here. Hopefully some members can get there to help you this weekend. Write down their names, for the first five that show up I'll reward them with some gift certificates to our sponsors.
  8. Sorry for your loss Tim. Wow, she was huge! 20 yrs for a captive fish is an incredible success.
  9. You can absolutely have too much of the same coral. I had original Devils Hand that I got from you that I've given to over 100 members, then finally had to purge it from my tank because I just had too much of it. That's the great thing about the club, spread around the ones you're successful with and gets some new ones from other members to try.
  10. I have several that have the same types of deformities, it does't seem to affect them at all.
  11. Maybe a pit bull? Though I wouldn't be on the pit bull winning.
  12. Awesome catch! I have tons of bta's but have never witnessed that in my tank, though my urchins do it all the time. I've never had water quality issues and assume all the filter feeders enjoy the extra meal.
  13. It's encouraged to send personal contact information by Private Message (PM).
  14. Yep, that's what they do and why I ultimately got rid of mine. You can't have any corals on the sandbed with these guys, they'll constantly cover them.
  15. As many of you know, there is a continuing fight in Hawaii regarding fish collection, even if it is done responsibly and sustainably. Hawaii SB1240 has passed the Hawaiian House and Senate and is awaiting Governor Ige’s signature. If enacted the bill will cripple one of the best-managed fisheries in the world. Please take a moment to educate yourself about the issue, and if you're inclined, to comment via the PIJAC submission form here: https://cqrcengage.com/pijac/app/write-a-letter?0&engagementId=359193