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  1. Beginner's 240 Gallon Reef Tank

    This is turning into an epic build. Going to have to remove the word "beginners" from the title, at least in regard to the build quality!
  2. About to get certified...

    I loved my training dives in Spring Lake as I'd always wanted to swim there. With its protected status this is one of the few ways to be able to do so. It's cold, but with your wet suit you'll adapt quickly, and the water clarity is the closest thing to good ocean conditions that you'll find in fresh water. I think Dan and my wife both felt that the challenge that Lake Travis' murky water provided was actually better for learning, but I was in a hurry to get certified before a Hawaii trip and it turned out great. Enjoy your dives, don't stress, and enjoy the beauty of the area!
  3. Bicolor angelfish $25

    Had a fish order come in today and they included a small bicolor angelfish that I hadn't ordered. It's still in bag, but wouldn't be compatible with my existing coral beauty and bellus so I'm looking to re-home it rather than acclimate it. $25
  4. Fox coral

    Having great success with my bubble coral now, I started looking at similar corals. Does anyone here have a Fox Coral? (also called Jasmine or Ridge coral), and if so, what colors?
  5. What's happening everyone?

    Robb! Robb? Uh, welcome to the site?
  6. There have been a few tweaks, I'll take some updated pics once I clean my glass. Actually, no, I haven't burned myself other than an odd time or two. There is about a 6" gap between lights, and I have them attached at one end so they swing away when I need to work in a larger area. I'll get a pic doing that as well.
  7. About to get certified...

    Hi Paula, congrats! My wife and I finally got certified two years ago. I actually did my cert dives in Spring Lake at San Marcos, Laura did hers at Lake Travis. We're both talking about doing the AquaCorps training in early 2018 so that we can help maintain the lake and have a local place to dive/keep our skills current. http://www.meadowscenter.txstate.edu/Service/Diving/AquaCorps It would be great to have a group of ARCers in the program. If there is interest in taking the training together I can talk to them about scheduling something for us.
  8. Goose neck Bracket

    Have a link to a picture of the bracket?
  9. Page 2 of my build thread: Power supplies are on this sheet with the black borders. It has two hangers at the top and hangs between the wall and the end of the tank. Top view: Alternate top view. The electrical conduit has been cut flush and painted black and the wiring doesn't stick up like that anymore. The aquarium top is basically just a wooden rectangle frame with notches cut for each fixture to rest on. It has an aluminum L bracket all the way around for strength and to support the lights. I then added trim around the edges and painted it black. There is no "top", it's completely open, which allows me to easily mount frags, feed, etc.
  10. Thanks! Excuse the dirty glass, just back from a trip but wanted to show the size of these things. The toadstools have never really shed if you mean like sliming. Occassionally they'll go dormant for a few days and pull all their polyps in but then they come back bigger. Here are pics from the other side, where the large one is against the glass. It's about 18" wide and 14" or so tall, but if the rock to each side of it weren't there it would open up to about 26"+. It started as a 2" frag from RichardL about 2 years ago and has gone nuts. The pink toadstool drops babies all the time. They really don't cause problems other than making everything crowded, except that the frags that the pink one drops have to be collected or they take root everywhere. The bubble coral was literally dead during my green hair algae battle. It is sitting on top of a Cerameco cave rock that was covered with GSP. The GSP had overgrown the entire bubble coral structure leaving a lone tiny bubble smaller than a bb. Tim cleaned the GSP off the bubble skeleton and down the Cerameco rock but I assumed it was dead. Now it is not only back with a vengeance, but has taking its revenge almost entirely eradicating the GSP. Now if I can only get it to attack Anthelia!
  11. Need Advice on Stand Structure

    Sounds like holes on each end for a cross current would be best. Place the holes above sump level for best flow. If you have a thermometer in the sump you can have your controller turn the fans on/off based on temperature, or you can just do it periodically throughout the day. The biggest issue you'll notice having the extra holes is that sump noise will now have a way to exit the stand. You'll hear your overflow, return pump, etc.
  12. Need Advice on Stand Structure

    Assuming your sump doesn't cover the entire floor and that the stand doesn't sit flat on the floor, you can also drill a hole to vent down. If not, keep in mind that the plywood sides may provide structural support from racking (twisting), but you can still drill fan holes in them without significantly affecting their strength. Just don't put the holes too close together or make them too large (3" holes about a foot apart should be fine). You can drill with everything in place if you go slowly and don't cause too much overall shaking. The 1x2s are holding the majority of the weight. With the one end already open, your best bet would be to cut a hole on the opposite end and have a fan blow through.
  13. Yeah, the green toadstool is actually due to be cut back, it has crowded out many neighbors. These pics show the small side.
  14. I like to stretch out my updates, apparently. Note to self, destroy Anthelia!
  15. Fish (all sold)

    I'm interested in the duncans and gold hammer.