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  1. New to Austin

    Welcome! Did you bring any cheese?
  2. WTB Rock, LED Light...Eventually livestock

    Between me and Robb in Austin, we've got tons of RBTA clones. Welcome!
  3. Dream Home?

    Did you notice the one blatant shot with the female supermodel, but lying in the back sunning himself is a pot-bellied old man?
  4. Site software upgraded

    LOL, glad it's finally working again, would have hated for Ty to spend time with his family. (They actually funded me to get it working again).
  5. Dream Home?

  6. Thingiverse Account

    I see the bridge. I see no way for the water to get from the front overflow chamber to the downpipes in back?
  7. Thingiverse Account

    I'd print it as two halves and then fuse it. How does the front chamber connect to the back? I don't see any connection between the two, and they seem to be the same height?
  8. Thingiverse Account

    You need to add pics of it in use. Nice job though!
  9. Site software upgraded

    *Sigh* still working on it...
  10. Site software upgraded

    Yep, they're still broken and taking a lot of flak for it. They've pushed out two incremental fixes but neither has restored functionality, and they won't respond to my (or most other forums' support tickets). Hopefully they're working on it, but for now it's out of my control. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/tapatalksupport/tapatalk-for-ipboard-plugin-release-announcement-a-t4031-s120.html *** Update Looks like they pushed an alternate solution to try to workaround a 4.2 issue. I have installed this workaround that uses the old plugin format. Please let me know if things are working for you now.
  11. Site software upgraded

    New plugin installed. Can any tapatalk users confirm whether this fixed their issues?
  12. Texas Coral Fest This Weekend

    Man, I'm in on that deal!
  13. Site software upgraded

    Sorry guys, out of my control. This is a known issue with Tapatalk and the site upgrade we did to 4.2. (https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/tapatalksupport/ipb-4-2-beta-doesn-t-work-with-tapatalk-t36235-s10.html) I'll try rolling back to the previous version to see if we can regain the functionality we had.
  14. The Return 20 gal Peninsula

    One feature in the new software that isn't intuitive. To edit the title just mouse-click and hold on it, it will change to edit mode.
  15. Site software upgraded

    Updating the tapatalk plugin now, I'll post when it is complete.