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  1. Yep, otherwise look online at flexpvc.com, but you won't get it today.
  2. Just a few other comments, I agree with all of the above. Some of the fish/creatures you're picking can be difficult to keep regardless of the tank age. Tangs, especially, have a hard time traveling. Powder Blues and Browns have always been ich magnets for me. Inverts like shrimp can have a very hard time if your water quality is off. Hermits and snails are almost always short-lived, so you don't know if it's their lifespan, a predator, or water conditions. Many will disagree, but for your first fish I would start with someone less expensive and hardier. Damsels are notoriously tough, but hard to catch later if you don't want them. I've always had good luck with dwarf angels to begin. Hawkfish have also done well for me. I would avoid exotic shrimp, starfish, and expensive fish until you start to see some success.
  3. If there are enough of us down south it might be worth doing a meetup?
  4. I'd be interested in something like this as well. I'm sure that if people were growing each and had extra that the local stores would be happy to handle the extra.
  5. https://www.innovative-marine.com/product-page/nuvo-int-70-drop-off Preorder... available December FEATURES 70 Gallons DIMS: 23.6" x 35.4" x 55" Tank Package Weight: 113 lbs. Two-Tier Aquascaping Zones Trapezoid Infinity Overflow 3 - 1" Pre-drilled "BeanAnimal" Internal Overflow [Primary Drain, Emergency Drain and Secondary E-Drain] 1 – 3/4" Pre-drilled Return Hole Laser Cut Black Acrylic Weir w/ Slot Cut Rear Glass Panel Ultra-Thick 10mm High Clarity Low Iron Glass Diamond Edged Flat Polished Black Silicone Pro Series Screen Lid Rubber Leveling Mat Included Plumbing: 1- 3/4" LOC-LINE w/ Dual Flare Nozzles [Return] 1- Primary Drain Assembly [Overflow] 1 - E-Drain Assembly, 1 -Secondary E-Drain Assembly 1- Return Hose Assembly Recommended Return Pump Flow Rate: 700-1400 GPH APS Stand Stand DIMS: Length 23.62” Width: 35.4” Interior DIMS: Length 18” Width: 31” Stand Package Weight: 65 lbs. Anodized Aluminum Corrosion Resistant No Warping or Swelling Integrated Hardware Preassembled Light Weight Modular Includes pre-cut Closed Cell PVC Foam boards Spacious interior for sumps 100% recyclable aluminum Color: Matte Black
  6. As Thanksgiving 2019 quickly approaches, ARC has a lot to be thankful for. From our volunteer staff to our members, we couldn't ask for a better group of people. The only thing that we think could of that could make things better would be to increase the number of people we have here. To that end a few months ago I began talking to members and staff about how to help improve ARC. We received lots of feedback and ideas, but one of the major challenges seems to be how to attract members to a forum when most people interact more frequently with social media. There are several barriers to posting here, but the key ones we identified were convenience and cost. We're working to improve convenience. There are some technical challenges with our web host that have complicated Facebook and other social media integration. We're working to resolve those quickly. Tapatalk continues to be a challenge, especially with recent changes they've made to their terms of use and how they are addressing member's private information. I know a lot of our users rely on Tapatalk to stay in touch with the club, but I don't know how much longer we'll be able to continue to support their plugin. We'll have that discussion in a separate thread so that we can understand how important it really is to our users. The second barrier is the most obvious, cost. With the ability to post items for free on other platforms we have seen some traffic decreases here. We still believe that the sense of community and the ability to maintain history are key features that other services don't provide, but we have to address what it costs members to participate here. Because of the changes to the web host mentioned above we were able to cut the ongoing monthly server and storage costs. That will allow us to adjust down the cost of Premium Memberships going forward. To kick things off and show our thanks, however, we're offering a limited number of Thanksgiving 2019 Premium Memberships at $5. Share this with your friends, other clubs, online, wherever. The goal is to increase the size of our community here. We'll be addressing meetings and swaps shortly, we've heard you desire to have more. Several members have offered to help carry the load, being moderators or advocates in social media to help us attract attention. Several of them have been here all along and just continue to work quietly behind the scenes. Thanks to all those who have participated and offered to hep! So to the good stuff, here's a link to the discounted Thanksgiving Premium Memberships. Supply is limited so don't miss this chance! Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the Austin Reef Club!
  7. Those look great! Glad to see mine isn't the only one that grew that large. GLWS
  8. I've been pretty happy with my (9) BuildMyLed 2' fixtures on my existing build. That said, they're getting a bit old and BML isn't around any more. Not sure what I'm going to use yet, but it will definitely be LED. So (2) circuits? How many amps/etc? I thinking of having central a/c drop, and the room will have an external wall so I'm hoping to direct vent. I'd prefer not to have to have a separate a/c in there but I may be dreaming. We're also planning on installing solar at the house, so plan to have some free electric $$$ (right, free ) to power things during hot days.
  9. Looks like the wife and I are going to start construction of our dream home. I have approval to have a dedicated fish room making use of the under the stairs storage and wall. I'm going for an in-wall tank around 7', 230ish gallons. I know some basics, like having a sink drop (water supply and drain). The house will have water softener and RO unit in the garage where they're easier to access and maintain. We'll ultimately have solar and something like the Tesla powerwall, so power outages shouldn't be an issue. I'm wondering what other advice or tips any of you who have done this would recommend. Flooring - concrete floors are standard downstairs. Electrical needs? I'm planning to have my topoff and mixing containers situated about the tank and use gravity feed rather than pumps for supply. I'd like a quick water change system that dumps old water to the sink drain. I'm thinking of doing a 7' tank connect to a smaller specimen tank. They'll have a shared water supply but will prevent occupants from moving between. If you've got links or pics of ideas that you have, please feel free to share or link to your build thread. Trying to explain to a builder with text is so much harder than just showing him.
  10. Yep, one got through the spam filter.
  11. Hi Kenta, yes, you paid for the card with your membership and postage. Please PM me and confirm your mailing address and I'll take care of it. Thanks!
  12. We're sorry you missed it too. The next one isn't scheduled yet, we'll update this when it's on the calendar.
  13. Hi Venu, No, there are no differences between the Premium and regular member accounts. I show your account was locked due to too many unsuccessful login attempts. I don't show any support tickets created by you, please feel free to contact me directly here (mframe), or to email at [email protected] if that is easier. That said, I understand how frustrating login issues can be. This most likely issue is that your phone, table, or another device is attempting to maintain a connection to the site and ultimately causing the account to be locked. To address that, I need you to log out and remove any stored credentials on any devices and browsers that you use or have used to access ARC. Once you are logged out on everything (including the Tapatalk App if you use it), then you will reset your password. At that point login with one and only one device, preferably a computer. If the account remains working then we can slowly add back devices until we find the culprit. Mike
  14. Thanks to our killer ARC staff that made it all possible, specifically Brian, Isaak and Christy! And thanks to our vendors and many attendees, hope all of your tanks are more colorful this morning!
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