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  1. The club has a 12g QT tank it loans out to Premium Members, but it would be a bit of a drive for you.
  2. Autofeeder and large RO with float valve topoff. For anything longer than 3 days I have someone come check on things in person.
  3. http://www.austinreefclub.com/forum/278-ndstructible-welding/
  4. Reminder to leave the title on sales threads, just add the word "- SOLD". Thanks!
  5. Thanks Wryknow. Just a reminder, please do not remove Titles or original post content when items are sold, just add the "-SOLD" tag onto the title. Thanks!
  6. I've got the same kind of sponge but mine is orange, it's actually a godsend. It's perfect for eliminating pest palys and zoas. Sponge is pretty easy to kill. Exposure to air, but the best way is physical removal via scrubbing with a toothbrush or suction. There are people who will buy it to help eradicate palys, zoas, and xenia.
  7. GLWS. I believe the cowry is called a "deer cowrie"
  8. mFrame


    What part of town are you in?
  9. Wow, blast from the past. Hey Mark! If someone builds it are you going to dedicate an episode to its history?
  10. Yep, otherwise look online at flexpvc.com, but you won't get it today.
  11. Just a few other comments, I agree with all of the above. Some of the fish/creatures you're picking can be difficult to keep regardless of the tank age. Tangs, especially, have a hard time traveling. Powder Blues and Browns have always been ich magnets for me. Inverts like shrimp can have a very hard time if your water quality is off. Hermits and snails are almost always short-lived, so you don't know if it's their lifespan, a predator, or water conditions. Many will disagree, but for your first fish I would start with someone less expensive and hardier. Damsels are notoriously tough, but hard to catch later if you don't want them. I've always had good luck with dwarf angels to begin. Hawkfish have also done well for me. I would avoid exotic shrimp, starfish, and expensive fish until you start to see some success.
  12. If there are enough of us down south it might be worth doing a meetup?
  13. I'd be interested in something like this as well. I'm sure that if people were growing each and had extra that the local stores would be happy to handle the extra.
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