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  1. Captive-Bred Mandarin Dragonets

    Great color, cute! But yep, one of the tiniest I've seen!
  2. Boxfish needs a new home

    Looks like a cubicus
  3. Captive-Bred Mandarin Dragonets

    I've had my female mandarin going on about 3 years. She was wild caught but I was lucky enough to have her start eating mysis. She still is constantly on the hunt for pods, I never see her sit still. I'm running a well-established 230g, but between her and my leopard wrasse the pod population has been unable to sustain either of the two wild-caught males that I've tried to add in the past few years. Unless/until I can find a male that will eat non-live food, it isn't worth watching them starve.
  4. Captive-Bred Mandarin Dragonets

    Yeah, sorry, I wasn't clear. I heard that ORA basically stopped them because there was apparently no market, people keep buying the cheaper wild caught ones and taking their chances. Seems a shame. I'm glad that LiveAquaria is selling them.
  5. Captive-Bred Mandarin Dragonets

    I first saw ORA captive bred mandarins about 5 years ago, I think Aquadome carried them for a while. Industry-wide they struggled because buyers couldn't understand paying 3-4x the price of wild caught. Anyone who has attempted to train wild caught mandarins to not be picky eaters realizes that even at a 4x multiplier the captive bred fish are a steal. Thanks for sharing, this is great news! And if you're in the market for a mandarin then definitely go for the captive bred ones over the wild caught!
  6. One of our sponsors, Flexpvc.com, also carries just about anything you can think of.
  7. My New Favorite

    Nice! Blenny's are awesome. The eyebrows and beard make them all look like old men. Our lawnmower blenny is nicknamed Grandpa even though he's one of the youngest fish in the tank
  8. According to Walt Smith's FB page Waiting for clarification, but this seems to be great news! We'll be wrapping up the fundraiser and sending it to Walt and the ADE project.
  9. Don't forget you can link your ARC and FB profiles for all sorts of nice magicky things!
  10. Hello

    I know someone who can get you a line on blue cloves, xenia, some gsp, and some devils hand. Mwah-ha-ha!
  11. Definitely insured your project gets to continue...
  12. Fantastic build thread! I'm loving the re-purposing of the wet-bar. Several members have built tanks into new house designs but this is the first in a long time where someone modified an existing home but was lucky enough to have a water source and drain. Looking forward to following along! Oh, and props for making sure the wife got her bookshelf out of the whole process!
  13. We're sorry you missed it Vernon, but there'll be another one coming along soon. Regarding the not being a member, I assume you meant you hadn't heard about it. Our events are open to the public, no membership required. But with membership being free there's no reason not to join!
  14. Introduction and ARC "shopping trip"

    Wow, welcome Scott! Sounds like you did the grand tour and helped Ty in the process. You're setting the bar high for new members! Can't wait to see your build thread here.
  15. EB8 Failed, but ARC came through!

    The club also happens to have an extra eb-8 for emergencies. Glad Brian was able to help!