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  1. New to the club

    Wow, nice tank! Welcome to the club, and thanks to Aquatek for spreading the word. We're trying to lock down details for the fall frag swap, so keep watching for news in the Meeting forum. In the meantime we'd love to see more of your tank! I love the stand, is it hiding a sump/refugium?
  2. Just got an email that TB Aquatics is going out of business. I'm sad to see them leaving the market. https://www.tbaquatics.com
  3. Are these diatoms?

    I'd leave the lights on a cycle as well, might as well let the diatoms bloom now versus later.
  4. Are these diatoms?

    Yes, looks like diatoms to me, but also very early. As Ty said I'd expect them to get worse before they get better.
  5. To top or not to top.

    On a tank as small as a nano it can certainly help with evap, which is important if you travel a lot. Otherwise your salinity will be constantly changing which has more impact when there's only a small volume of water. The main issue is that the cover will trap heat, but that usually isn't an issue on a nano since you'll run smaller lights. Small tanks are much easier to control quality with regular water changes. I wouldn't worry about pets, I had 2 dogs and 2 cats with my tanks and it was never a problem. I've run skimmers on small tanks and found that it's just not worth it, but I'm sure there are other opposite opinions regarding them.
  6. Greetings Texas from Florida

    Welcome Beaux! Multiple tanks are fun, but I've actually found that the larger the tank the easier it is to manage (other than water changes). The larger the tank, the more room for error you have if a parameter goes out of balance. You might consider running the 45 instead of the 20
  7. Proper lighting

    One would be more than sufficent for a 20g, and probably for the 45. Can you post a picture of your current light?
  8. Fall Frag Swap?

    Might be a tight fit, I'll see if I can swing by and check it out.
  9. Fall Frag Swap?

    They are definitely options, but there is a charge associated that can be significant. The last swap we had at an HOA center was $100 for the day, versus several hundred for a city venue. The lower the cost to the club, the lower the cost to sellers, which is why I was checking for volunteers.
  10. Back in the Game

    Welcome back Matt and Caleb! Let us know what part of town you're in, I'm sure we can load you up with some great starter corals.
  11. Elevated Remote Water Storage for ATO

    Make sure that your sump has excess space to hold the full volume of the RODI topoff container and you won't have to worry about overflowing. Then it just becomes a matter of dilution, so if you use a proportionately small topoff/main tank ratio you won't ever be able to dilute more than that %.
  12. Designing the Fish Room - HELP!

    Have you considered hiding the door with something like this? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BHON2XU/ref=nosim/?tag=web2list-20&linkCode=as1
  13. Fall Frag Swap?

    As mentioned in a few other threads, there seems to be interest in having a Fall Frag Swap. We had been talking to one venue, but don't think we're going to be able to coordinate it around their schedule. This is an open call out to members that have an HOA community center that could serve as our meeting place. Past swaps had 10 or so 8' tables, preferably with hard floors in case of water spills and easy entry/exit. We're looking for a Saturday, full day in November. Please PM me if you have access to such a meeting space, preferably more centrally located than far extremes.
  14. Designing the Fish Room - HELP!

    Move the fuge to the left, and have it and the frag tanks run along that wall. It keeps all your tanks on that side, which should allow you to put a door just to the right of the tank. If you go with the curb idea that Isaac mentioned, and have the door open out, then you would have a "flood lip" that would prevent water from coming out into the room. Having the door there would allow you to have partial access to the front as you say you want. Over the tank you can do cabinet doors that open up and give you access to the front top. You were already planning to do some kind of framing or surround, so that should mask more nicely. That would just leave the left side and bottom, both of which you should be able to get to from inside. +1 on having meetings there! I can see taking construction tours.
  15. Meeting

    We're currently trying to arrange a frag swap in November. As for regular meetings, we're open to ideas and suggestions. Competition with football and other events has always lead to poor attendance during the Fall. We would love to do more if members would like that.