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  1. Good Greef


    Any swap-date?
  2. Good Greef


    Agree. I feel if you clean only the bearings, you will restore 80% of the slowdown.
  3. Good Greef

    Rimless 180g "2nd child"

    Craziest thing happened tonight while I was feeding my tank. My 3 yr old Midas Blenny inadvertently got pricked by my Mag Foxface, and went into involuntary spasms. Within 4-5 minutes it had stopped breathing and laid dead. I even have video footage of the spasms, since I was in the middle of taking pics of my kiddo near the tank. I knew their spines were venomous. But assumed most fish would be able to avoid contact. My wife also witnessed the whole thing. Incredible bummer. Especially when its one if my older fish from my previous 75g. It was always laying eggs everywhere too.. My 3 yr old kept asking what happened and I just kept a pokerface. Has anyone experienced something similar? Midasdeath.mp4
  4. Good Greef

    Six weeks of one thing after another has left me in a daze.

    Hang in there man. It definitely can get discouraging when you spend so much $$ and energy, doing what it takes to keep your tank and parameters at "optimal level." I am just about to hit my 1 yr mark and ive already lost as many or more corals than that. Some were my fault 100%, some it was probably 0% my fault. Alk spike is the most common issue I heard too. Then lack of nutrients. Then too aggressively using GAC and GFO. After eliminating those on my last additions, some still suffer. So LED burn is the only thing beside some metal/element contamination that I guess can be causing your situation. I cant figure out my own either, so don't trust me lol!!!!
  5. Good Greef

    equipment sale

    Im looking for LDK sensors only. PMing
  6. Good Greef

    Rimless 180g "2nd child"

    I am due for a big update, as I have finalized my fish stocking and started adding Acros the past month or two. First though, do y'all know if all Par Meters are created equal? Want to measure my PAR for my 2 Kessil Ap700s and was unsure if some meters measure LED better than others? Saw RCA had a Sunsystems one which I know nothing about (or any Par Meters for that matter) But I'm also willing on renting from other members if they have other recommendations?
  7. Good Greef

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    Would that offspring cost $730?
  8. Good Greef

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    Got it. My only reason I am even thinking about getting one so soon is because I'm going out of town for 1 month in December. And the fact that I would be able to monitor my alk without asking someone to come over and test is nice. I could then tweak my co2 PH on FUSION as needed. But if my trip was only a 7-10 days, I probably could delay getting one for another year till my corals actually start growing ha.... but if I'm gonna get one in a year anyway, shouldn't I just get one now? Look at me trying to convince myself smh.
  9. Good Greef

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    So does it need a spot on the eb832 for you to monitor alk via fusion? And sorry for a dumb question, how do you plan on it controlling your alk more? Will you program your carx ph range to adjust based on results? Is that possible?
  10. Good Greef

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    Ty, How's the alkatronic doing? I was holding out for the Trident, but may not anymore. Any frustrations you didnt expect?
  11. Similar issue with mine. Too nutrient lean was my issue
  12. Well my No3 could arguably be 2ppm since its a blend. Acros are just paler than when I got them. Ive pulled GFO and just pulled GAC, since something is too sterile here. Good luck.
  13. Sierra, So are you still dosing Sodium Nitrate? I just started, so I can get my nitrate above 4ppm. I dump all this frozen food, pellets AND oysterfeast in my tank, but after a day No3 reverts to 4ppm and Po4 to .02ppm. If you are still dosing, are you just doing it manually by hand each day?
  14. Good Greef

    Kessil Party - A350, A360W, A360W E-series SOLD

    Dang. I woulda taken a 360w. Slow again to the sale threads 🤮
  15. Good Greef

    Anyone been in touch with Antonio from EMF?

    Hmmm.. someone needs to visit his house/facility in person to confirm this isnt a Madoff with yo fish.