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  1. Hope all the vendors are ready at open bc I only have an hour lol! Looking fwd to it. Can't believe ive never been.
  2. Good Greef

    Rimless 180g "2nd child"

    Thanks for your thoughts. I do have the newer Apex which has monitored those crucial parameters continuously since day one. But yes, I have zero intention of buying any products from Triton or anywhere else. I can only imagine how much money they make on that. If they had an accurate hobby grade test kit for tin I would buy that, but doesnt seem like there is. My geo 618 reactor and AP carbon doser keep the alk/cal in shape. I test po4 daily with HannaULR, which is getting expensive too. I feel like a car mechanic that has tried everything to fix that squeaking and am running out of things to check.
  3. Good Greef

    Rimless 180g "2nd child"

    Thanks Victoly. I appreciate the angle you approach this. I guess, in a way, I am excited to have a tangible thing to focus on and target. And seeing a rusty magnetic hook above my sump added fuel to my fire to fix this. Because when Alk/temp/salinity have been rock stable for 4-5 months, my po4 and no3 are present sufficiently (.03-.08 and 16ppm-32ppm), have corraline sprouting everywhere, i am acclimating slowly to my LEDs even if the frags came from tanks with LEDs. And I have other LPS and a digitata and setosa alive, I don't know what else to do... But perhaps I will look to submit my 2nd test to multiple parties perhaps. Battlecorals coincidently, posted on R2R this week, that he also had high tin levels He experimented and sent the water to multiple test companies and the disparities were huge. Are these just scams haha?
  4. Good Greef

    Rimless 180g "2nd child"

    So to attempt to reduce the tin problem, I have done the following : 1. Removed a rusty magnetic hook that was 18 inches above my sump. 2. Refreshed 1/2 cup of GAC 3. Placed 300ml of Cuprisorb inside my filter sock drains for max absorption 4. ~20% water change 5. Will place plolyfilter tonight Does anyone have experience with removing Tin from their tanks? Or how efficient cuprisorb is at removing metals? Also wondering if its bad to tumble it too much and if others permanently run it or polyfilters in their DT? I hope this was tied to that rusty hook, or because my tank and PVC are fairly new, which others anecdotally believe causes high tin levels for new tanks.
  5. Good Greef

    Fiji Follows Hawaii

    Anyone heard of any updates on this? My googling didn't find much recent news on the interwebs
  6. Good Greef

    Rimless 180g "2nd child"

    It's been awhile since I made any updates. For my records, I figured its good to document the good and bad at month 16. My tank's fish stock sits at 24 total. Been feeding them frozen mysis/fish roe 2x/day, and my autofeeder drops pellets 2x/day. Don't plan on adding much more, if any. They don't fight Been unable to keep my acros as healthy as I want. The level of analysis Ive gone through is too long to post about. But I am working on 3 major things before concluding my tank is too young at 16 months old. 1. ICP Test: attached are my results. Will post on natl forums for thoughts, but open to any thoughts here as well. I expected aluminum to be elevated because I run 2 marinepure blocks in my sump, but Tin levels are my only main concern now. Though when Randy Homes Fairley states it is impossible to discern the severity of tin levels, or what is toxic for corals, I'm limited to what I can do except large water changes. 2. Par Meter: acclimation to my light/spectrum had been my biggest theory. So ill prob rent one to check my 2xap700, but reading BRS and Riddle's par chart at 100%, I doubt it is the cause of struggles bc I max at 40%. I've tried mounting new frags up high immediately, then tried on a frag rack at bottom of my tank. 3. Adding more live, diverse organisms and bacteria to my tank. Since I started this tank off with 0% live rock for fear of pests, I think that's a big factor. So thanks Ty for letting me swap out a new rock for one of yours. Not all corals are struggling. Mainly acros get sunburnt/ peeling after 2-4 wks. Alk is literally between 7.25-7.40 every day. Biggest swing has been would be 0.35 daily, if any.
  7. Good Greef

    Purple Tang and Monti colonies - Sold

  8. Good Greef

    Some Frags Available - UPDATED

    Will the frags be as chunky? Lol
  9. Good Greef

    Some Frags Available - UPDATED

    First im pissed i missed this thread. Then realized i need my icp tests back before i waste anymore money. Will PM you hopefully soon
  10. Good Greef

    Hot Pink Stylo

    Thx. I did see LA had these and may buy a frag
  11. Good Greef

    Hot Pink Stylo

    They wouldn't
  12. Good Greef

    Hot Pink Stylo

    Looking for easier SPS to keep. Saw a bright pink stylo in Aquateks display tank that looks vibrant as hell. Researching shows it was a Stylophora Pistillata, supposedly very common but dont see many ppl selling. Anyone have some?
  13. Good Greef

    Leftover, unused Pukani rock

    Dogfish, any pukani left in good shape and isolated from pests?
  14. Good Greef


    Any swap-date?
  15. Good Greef


    Agree. I feel if you clean only the bearings, you will restore 80% of the slowdown.