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  1. Bump....because there's still stuff for sale! I've been real lazy about posting it on facebook or craigslist, but it's not doing anyone any good just sitting here. Everything has been cleaned w/ citric acid and elbow grease - you aren't going to find better used hardware out there! Open to negotiating on pricing, so if there's something you want, DM me w/ an offer and let's make a deal!
  2. New adds (6/17/2020): $150 48" T5 Aquaticlife fixture w/ 4 new bulbs $150 BRS 4 Stage Value Plus 75GPD RODI $75 Bubble Magus Curve 5 Protein Skimmer ** SOLD ** $60 Sicce Syncra Silent 3.5 Pump (660 GPH) ** SOLD ** $50 300W JBJ Titanium Heater, w/ Controller and Thermometer ** SOLD **
  3. Display tank is shut down, cleaning everything now, will have it listed here in a day or so. Sneak peak: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. click for details and pictures: $120 Hydor Smart Wave System Miscellaneous (mostly $20 or less) $100 40lbs dry Pukani rock ** SOLD ** $40 BRS Doser 1.1ML/min ** SOLD ** $60 40gal tank; $20 20gal tank ** SOLD ** $60 Tank Transfer Method Full Set Up ** SOLD ** $40 Water Change Set Up ** SOLD ** $60 BRS Dual Reactor - GFO & Carbon ** SOLD ** $20 Jaebo PP4 w/ controller ** SOLD **
  5. Taking a break from the hobby for a bit and selling off all my gear. Most everything has been soaked in or run with citric acid, so it's as clean as possible. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Pickup in Westlake, near the marina. For reference: https://goo.gl/maps/ubn8A9UYmTUTPNkw5 PayPal to hold, otherwise first come, first served. DM me for payment details and directions. *** PayPal Friends & Family *** If you send it to me and the amount is short because of fees, I'm sending it back! *** Going to use Google sheets to keep everything organized. Still have a bunch more stuff coming as I break down the actual tank, and I'll update this thread as I add to it.
  6. Looking good John! So clean!
  7. *** STILL AVAILABLE!! PLEASE TAKE THESE!! *** Random zoa. I can't remember what this is, but it's supposed to be a nicer one. It didn't do well in transition, so I didn't want to sell it w/ the group above (it hadn't even opened at that point), but I didn't want to throw it away either. Looks pretty happy now, if very lonely.... Free w/ purchase of anything else! Candy Apple Palys - Free w/ purchase of anything else
  8. *** STILL AVAILABLE!! PLEASE BUY THESE!! *** $5 Cinnamon Palys Grandis - 3 heads $5 Metallic Green Mushroom - there are actually 3 shrooms on this, there is a smaller one on the backside, which is why the visible one is standing up like that.
  9. ** SOLD ** $20 Nuclear Green Paly 12-15 heads (1 piece, pics just of different angles)
  10. *** STILL AVAILABLE!! PLEASE BUY THESE!! *** Rainbow Ricordea - updated! $15 - still a single mouth $20 - biggest one, and in the process of splitting - should be 2 distinct mouths w/i the week $20 - has already split into 2 mouths $5 - baby, or free w/ $20 purchase
  11. *** STILL AVAILABLE!! PLEASE BUY THIS!! *** Deer Cowrie (thanks Mike!) - about the size of a large walnut. $10 *buy him and I'll throw in the 2" fighting conch I forgot to take pics of.... Recently found out he does like Zoas, but there's nothing else for him to eat right now w/ no fish and limited feeding, so that may not be an issue in an established tank. Beautiful shell, and when he's out searching for food, his "foot" comes out and covers his whole shell w/ little spikes up - you can see a bit in one pic. Mostly stays in the sand and comes out at night.
  12. moving to another thread: $100 40lbs Dry Pukani Rock
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