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  1. nopox is carbon dosing. like vinegar or vodka. Likely over did it and depleted oxygen which caused fish to sufficate. You should look up carbon dosing on R2R or RC.
  2. They are mostly reef and coral safe however they are still angels.....Its still a risk keeping them with coral.....you just got unlucky.
  3. For sure not a seriatopora. 100% for sure a poci. Poci can go ejecto polyp and spread like wildfire. I wish I could get it out of my tank.
  4. Like Tim said I would pass. Scopas tangs can be known to be very agressive too. I would have passed too with your current load of 3 zebrasoma.
  5. Still here. @victoly yo why don't you bring me kh guardian juice. You can leave with corals. Was going to take a picture today but I got busy napping and snacking. All blues now so tank is way windexed out.
  6. yea i got you but you will need to come to pflugerville. wont be back until tuesday. anytime next week works hit me on pm.
  7. I'm running one of the first gen KH guardian. I dont use the alk dosing option as I have found it to be not too accurate. It is good for a general glace to see if there has been a change. The reagents have been super tricky to get with coral vue having them out of stock normally. Thanks for the link.
  8. I'M ages old on my research is the KH guardian one that you can do DIY reagent for? Got a link?
  9. Reburn

    equipment sale

    There are only 3 people left that remember that cluster.
  10. Lets not confuse growth tips/rings with the whole coral turning green Tim. You trying to draw a conclusion on growth rings. This is a know these years. A coral turning green is almost always related to stress if all other corals in the system are happy. My PC rainbow is always the canary in the coal mine. Red=all is well, not red=something is amiss. While high iron maybe a culprit if the coral stays green its not at all uncommon to get a newly aquired coral to turn green as a frag. FOR THE RECORD NOT ENOUGH LIGHT IS A STRESSOR TO SPS CORAL. Much more so then too much.
  11. and further, Many industy giants have know for decades that light and flow play a big factor on color and growth and polyp extension. Why else would so many vendors list those specific vital stats on there pages???????
  12. Finally someone said it. I, like Ty have spend the better part of 5 years growing corals and killing corals and a literal lifetime growing plants and crops and trees and roses and anything else i wanted to grow. Ty has been at corals longer. I have found little evidence to link most aquarium based academic papers to fact in the real world. There are simply too many variables in our aquariums to create any thing that could be slightly mistaken as scientific procedure. And yes I have read many of these papers and found 50% of the time the conclusion to be 100% opposite of what I have ex
  13. That's the best gif and my favorite childhood movie. +100 cool points for you sir!!!
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