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  1. Admin please move this to the general sale section.
  2. Guys i need to make room, i have a few corals and a nem i need to rehome due to room. looking to move them asap will be in Austin Sat unless you want to come get it in Schertz TX Sorry in advance fir the cell phone pics! Sanjey Milka Stylo BIG roughly 6.5inches across X 9 Inches tall $50.00 Reef raft spicy lemon favia BIG 8 inches by 4 inches tall $80.00 Rainbow Nem 6-7 inches when fully inflated $50.00
  3. Jolt has a good sale going on. might hit him up as well.
  4. Wow very nice stuff.
  5. Thanks Rob. Everything is perfect!
  6. Depending on how big you need i have a 20Gal Waterbox AIO tank with a extrusion stand i built for it. i could lone to premium members as well, when its lost its usefulness it can go back to the club as a loner as well if we need it. But Im in san antonio.
  7. My have a rodi hose i connect to my topoff for when i leave the house for any time longer than a week. it has 2 float valves and the line has a neptune solenoid valve that will shut the valve off if the salinity get to low or trips the high level sensor in the sump. i us the tunze ato that will shut off as well with its sensors if it runs to long.
  8. I use the apex, i love the trident and alkatronic. i set up the AFS to feed pellets, the DOS does 10% water changes on sundays and doses the 2 part. The Versa doses the KZ products i use with exception to the refrigerated products. but im working on a solution for that using a 4 can micro fridge.
  9. The Mag 7 is not newer, ive had that pump for hell 10 years, still works like a champ though. The externals are brand new and the Sicces are used, one for a redsea reefer 450 i got when i bought the setup, and one for water changes that was on my 40gal build several years ago. all still work perfectly though minus the rubber suction cup feet, these kind of disappear for some reason 🤷‍♂️
  10. I have a few pumps im not using, I have a a couple Sicces 4.0 and 5.0 a Mag 7, Iwalki 70RTL and a reeflo manta ray.
  11. My big tang would eat those little guys, he devoured a court jester goby in 2 secs when i added that little guy to the tank, went after an emerald crab when i dropped him in the tank too. he couldn't eat it though.
  12. Im really fond of the aquascaping, when it grows out its going to be even better.
  13. Just a quick update, had an issue with low po4 and no3 browned out most my sps, but things are recovering and doing well. posting some pics.
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