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  1. Some pic updates Recently acquired 3 bleached magnifica anemones with plenty of potential
  2. Yeah a little bit from time to time, but nothing insane the visually hurts the corals. I think finding one that eats prepares foods is the hard part. I don’t even try pellets, I just stick to mysis and fish eggs.
  3. Nice! I haven’t tried keeping zoas in years, they would always shrink away in my old tanks. Maybe I need to give zoas another try [emoji848]
  4. New addition to Nem Island Mille that has been asleep for years, finally waking up
  5. Good! It’s still a little skinny looking, but eats like a hog
  6. 1. I don’t know, some wild spathulata I believe 2. UC night walker 3. Pink Floyd 4. Haven’t named it yet
  7. Haven’t posted in a while, some update photos of the tank. Everything is going smoothly so far.
  8. It went through a quarantine. Not a crazy 2-3 week quarantine, just a few days of treatment and observation. A fish of this value I didn't want to put too much stress on it in a small QT tank. It was eating fine, no signs of disease other than a scratch on its side, and it made it through a prophylactic treatment.
  9. I hope everyone is staying sane out there during the virus lockdown! The best silver lining to the situation is having more time in the house to maintain the tank and stare at it. I was lucky enough to find the one large angel I wanted to add to my tank, a gold flake. I’ve named her Corona FTS too to document the growth of the acros
  10. A few Acros for sale: Tyree Blue Matrix - $60 DaM Mille - $30 Vivids Borealis - $35 Version 1 SC OP (not the one we all know of, but was sold to as the first version of SC OP and verified by the owner. Not the same, but still a nice tenuis) - $60 Azure stag - $20 (X Lg frags) Reefwise Blue Iris -$20 Blue matrix frags circled in blue Blue matrix Mother colony: V.1 SC OP mother colony Vivids Borealis mother colony: Frag: Reefwise Blue Iris frags Azure stag frags
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