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  1. Some Pics of Current Livestock

    Sorry ShawnM. We decided to ditch the store front at the Pflugerville location. We are going to let the Holidays pass, and are coming up with a gameplan. Have a few options we are mulling over. Will update on our FB when we figure it all out.
  2. WTB complete saltwater setup 75-120 gallon

    Know someone selling 2 tanks that fit your needs. Text me at 512-569-4564
  3. Ocean Motion

    Looking for one ocean motion.
  4. Some Pics of Current Livestock

  5. 25% off sale today

    What a beautiful day. Can't get any better @ Niko's Reef either. 25% off all livestock. New shipments for Saltwater and Freshwater arrived late yesterday. Will try to post before we open. New livestock looks amazing.
  6. Huge Fish

    Need to rehome some beautiful huge fish. Pics have been posted on Niko's Reef on FB. Powder Blue $125 Hippo Tang $165 Saddleback Butterfly $95 Naso Tang $125 Pearlscale Butterfly $50 Auriga Butterfly $70 Emperor Angel $200
  7. 25% off all livestock

    In honor of the man "Christopher Colombus", Niko's Reef will be having a 25% off sale this Mon.
  8. Coral Room. Still up and coming

    Sounds good James. Know you do freshwater as well. We are a little bit behind at the moment in that area. We started from the back and are working our way up. That area will be getting whipped into shape pretty fast now that saltwater is coming along.
  9. Coral Room. Still up and coming

  10. Coral Room. Still up and coming

  11. New Arrivals

    This weeks new arrivals for salt. Flame Angel Coral Beauty Flame Hawk Sixline Wrasse Lawnmower Blenny Scooter Blenny Copperband Butterfly Banggai Cardinals Black Ice Ocellaris Domino Ocellaris Maroon Clownfish Pink Skunk Clowns Wyoming White Clown Tomato Clown Domino Damsels Green Chromis Neon Velvet Damsel Springer's Damsel Yellowtail Blue Damsel Redtail Filefish Aptasia Eating Filefish Firefish Purple Firefish Dragon Goby Yellow Watchman Goby Twinspot Goby Hippo Tangs Clown Tang Convict Tang Naso Tang Sailfin Tang Orange Shoulder Tang Powder Brown Tang Christmas Wrasse Melanarus Wrasse Emerald Crabs Peppermint Shrimps Pistol Shrimp Astrea Snails White Sand Starfish Rics Ultra Zoas Torches RBTA's Elegance Coral Mushrooms Ultra Acans Lobos
  12. 25% off Sale Today

    Tons of ultra corals and a nice selection of saltwater/freshwater fish on this weeks shipment. Come check these new arrivals out. Don't forget about our remodel sale that is going on today. Sat 25% off Sun closed Mon-Fri 10% off Sunday's are closed due to the remodeling, but we will be reopening on Sunday's once projects are completed. Stop by and check us out.
  13. Remodeling Schedule

    Remodeling Schedule. Wanted to give all of our loyal customers that we haven't reached out to a heads up for our temporary change in hours/days to complete our remodeling process. Starting this Sunday August 15th we will be closed for remodeling. We will only be closed on Sundays for about 4-6 weeks. To make up for this inconvenience, we will be having sales every day until the remodeling is done. Here is the sales schedule starting today until completion. M-F all livestock is 10% off. Saturday all livestock is 25% off. Sundays are closed. No supplies, product, liverock are included in sales. Thanks For Your Support, Niko's Reef
  14. Memorial Day Sale

  15. Memorial Day Sale

    In observance of Memorial Day, we will be running specials today. Come check us out. Still plenty of goodies left.