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Labor Day Frag Tank Blowout!


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My frag tank is BURSTING again, so I'm putting these up for sale.    Prices listed below pix.

PAYPAL to hold, first come first serve!













1. Red Monti Digi    $20   SOLD Scenario
2. Green Goblin XL  $30  SOLD Good Greef
3. Green Goblin XL  $30   SOLD
4. ATL Chameleon XL $30   SOLD Scenario
5. ATL Chameleon XL $30  SOLD Good Greef
6. ORA Hawkins Echinata   $20    SOLD
7. ORA Hawkins Echinata   $20   SOLD bbmarlin
8. GB Tropic Sunset Milli  $20   SOLD ChrisN
9. Paletta Blue Loveli   $20   SOLD Good Greef
10. Peng’s Green Day  $20    SOLD BMJ
11. Gonzo’s Purple Passion   $20  SOLD Dominican
12. Gonzo’s Purple Passion   $20  SOLD  Beltran
13. JF Sour Twist  $20  SOLD  Colin
14. JF Sour Twist  $20
15. JF Sour Twist  $20
15. (Duplicate#)  CC Poison Ivy  $30
16. CC Poison Ivy  $30
17. ORA Borealis  $20
18. Tyree Bali Tricolor   $30    SOLD Scenario
19. Tyree Bali Tricolor   $30
20. WWC Terra Red   $30   SOLD
21. Paletta Pink Tip  $30
22. ORA Bellina  $30   SOLD  RoyV
23. Sexy Corals Orange Passion  $40   SOLD sierra Bravo
24.  JG Yellow  $20
25.  JG Yellow $20
26.  JF Bug Out Stylo  $30   SOLD BMJ
27. JF Solar Flare $60    SOLD  rprew
28.  RR The Vinh  $30    SOLD  rprew
29.  RR The Vinh  $30  SOLD eddius
30.  RR The Vinh  $30  SOLD Gig em
31.  RR The Vinh  $30 SOLD Scenaria
32. ASD Rainbow Milli  $40  SOLD Good Greef
33. ASD Rainbow Milli  $30   SOLD  ChrisN
34. ASD Rainbow Milli  $40  SOLD Scenario
35. ASD Rainbow Milli  $20  SOLD Beltran
36.  Rainbow Monti $20  SOLD Beltran
37. Rainbow Monti $20   SOLD Scenario
39. PC Rainbow  $30   SOLD Beltran
40. PC Rainbow $30  SOLD bbmarlin
41. PC Rainbow $30  SOLD Good Greef
42. PC Rainbow $30  SOLD Harley Guy
43. WWC Night Rider $30  SOLD Beltran
44. WWC Night Rider $30   SOLD
45. Red Robin L  $30   SOLD eddius
46. Red Robin $20  SOLD RoyV
47. Red Robin $20  SOLD  Gig em
48. Red Robin $20  SOLD Scenario
49. Wolverine $30   SOLD Eddius 
50. JF Coolers Champagne L $20   SOLD ChrisN
51 JF Coolers Champagne L $20   SOLD Scenario
52. Gonzo Lemon Lime Favia $30   SOLD Jessica
53. JF Snow Cap Monti $40  NFS - got stung by another coral
54. JF Snow Cap Monti $40   SOLD Harley Guy
55. Starburst Monti $20   SOLD Harley Guy
56. WWC Yellow Tips $20  SOLD Harley Guy
57. WWC Yellow Tips $30  SOLD Good Greef
58. WWC Yellow Tips $30
59. RMF Biohazard $20    SOLD
60. CRT Ultimate Miyagi Tort  $30    SOLD eddius
61. CRT Ultimate Miyagi Tort  $30   SOLD Scenario
62. CRT Ultimate Miyagi Tort  $30   SOLD beltran
62. (duplicate#) JF Jack O’ Lantern Lepto $40   SOLD Ozarkawater
63. JF Jack O’ Lantern Lepto $30  SOLD rconde
64. JF Jack O’ Lantern Lepto $30   SOLD Jessica
65. Meteor Shower $20   SOLD rconde
66. JF Freak Hair Pavona $20  STUNG BY EMERALD MUMMY EYE :(
67. JF Freak Hair Pavona $20 SOLD - Harley Guy
68. JF Brain Freeze Monti  $80
69. Emerald Mummy Eye $30  SOLD  Ozarkawater
70. Emerald Mummy Eye $25
71. Emerald Mummy Eye $25
72. Emerald Mummy Eye $20
73. Tyree Sand Dollar Monti  $20   SOLD Beltran
74. Mushroom $10
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11 minutes ago, Sierra Bravo said:

WOW!  Jolt - that's an amazing amount of beautiful, large, and well-encrusted frags!

Thanks!  I was holding out for an ARC frag swap  but I just can't hold onto them any more :)

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11 minutes ago, Gig 'em @ NDstructible said:

$40 for a SC OP and $60 for a JF Solar Flare?! MY LORD man, what other gems are you willing to give away at a steal that you're hiding from us?

I got a few things laying around 😂


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14 minutes ago, Roy V said:

I’ll take #47 Bellina & #22 Red Robin. Send PayPal address please. Thx Jim.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Roy I think you  will really like the Bellina.  It's one of my personal favorites and super hard to find.

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2 minutes ago, Sierra Bravo said:

What's mind boggling is that these are just the frags he's getting rid of. . .he's got even more he's keeping!  😋

Yup.  I still have mammas of virtually all of these because, well who ever completely liquidates cool coral?   I am also pumped because I have lots of things cooking that I have yet to frag too ...

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13 minutes ago, Vernon Saunders said:

I would like #s 5, 17, 57 once my tank is set up and would help pay for shipping them to me.

Hey Vernon - I've never shipped before, and not sure I am ready to try that.  I know @FarmerTy ships so maybe you could start a conversation off line with him and I could piggy back on a future pack you might get from him?

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