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Found 18 results

  1. Clearing out some room. Located in Killeen, but willing to meet halfway. I do travel to Austin almost every 2/3 weeks, can meet then if needed. More to come. 504-715-0030 Vu OG Mummy Eye Chalice (Around 10-12 mouths) - $130 Avatar Chalice (8-10 mouths & healing) - Sold Bleeding Apple Scolymia (4.5") - Sold Warpaint Scoly (3") - $100 Australian Hammer (2.5") - Sold Green Core Torch (2-3 heads) - Sold BC Teen Wolf Acro - $70 WWC Grafted Monti Cap (3" doesn't have graft) - Sold WWC Yellow Tip - $40 Green Slimer (4-5")- $15
  2. jolt

    Labor Day Frags

    Once again the frag tank is too full! I can do curbside pickups, or I can meet somewhere south. We are not letting folks in the house at this time so please don't ask. PayPal will hold items: [email protected] See pics below, I will update the list as items are sold. Thanks for looking! Number Name Price 1,2,3 Atlanta Chameleon #1 sold, 2 sold, 3 sold 10 SOLD BC Aquaticman sold 60 6 Blue Tip Green Slimer SOLD 20 SOLD CC Poison Ivy (large) 60 8,9 Emerald Mummy Eye Chalice 8 sold, 9 sold 20 10,11 FHC Fireberry 10 sold, #11 sold 10 17 F2M Holy Grail Micromussa 250 18 F2M Holy Grail Micromussa (large) 350 SOLD Jason Fox Brain Freeze Monti 30 21,22,23,24 Jason Fox Snow Cap Monti 20 25 Jason Fox Snow Cap Monti (large) 40 Sold Jason Fox Sour Twist (small) 20 20 JG Yellow 20 sold Meteor Shower Cyphastrea 29 sold, 30 sold 20 31,32 Montipora Setosa 31 sold, 32 sold 20 27,33 Nicks Purple Passion 27 sold, 33 pending 40 Sold ORA Hawkins 20 SOLD ORA Purple Plasma sold 20 12,13 ORA Red Planet 12 SOLD, 13 sold 40 42 ORA Tricolor Valida (large) sold 30 5 Oregon Tort sold 40 43,44 PC Rainbow (large) #43 sold, 44 sold 40 14 Pink Mille (large) PENDING 40 35,36 Purple Bansai 35 sold 20 45,46 Rainbow Monti 20 47 Red Robin (large) sold 30 36a,37,38 RMF Flavor Parade 36a sold, 37 sold, 38 sold 50 48,49,50 Rommel's Watermelon 48 sold, 49 sold, 50 sold 40 43 RR Lemon Lime Favia (large) 30 SOLD Sunset Mille sold 20 53,54 Tyree Pinkie the Bear 53 sold 54 sold 40 51,52 Tyree Sand Dollar Monti 52 sold 20 SOLD Tyree Ultimate Stag 30 55,56 Upscales Microclados 55 sold, 56 pending 30 SOLD WWC After Party tiny sold 30 16 WWC WTF tiny PENDING 30 57 Nick's Purple Passion (colony) SOLD 100 58 TGC Northern Crush (colony) 250 Sold PC Rainbow Colony colony xxxxl 450 60 Pinkie the bear colony xxxl 450 SOLD BC Soda Popinski (colony) 50 62 Valida (colony) SOLD 50
  3. Hi friends, clearing frag racks. Chips Acropora Frags $25 (2 available) 1 available Cali Tort Frags $25 (2 available) 1 available Blue Tip Stag Frags $25 (2 available) 1 available Paletta Blue Acro Frags $25 (2 available) 1 available Watermelon Stylo Frags $25 (2 available SOLD Rainbow Stylo Frags $25 (2 available) 2 fresh cut available Pink Stylo Frags $25 (2 available) 1 available Green Stylo Frag $10 (1 available SOLD Option: Choose 5 for $80 Mini Colonies Chips Acropora $60 (1 available) Great color and fuzzy polyps! Purple Stylo $25 (1 available) Great color and fuzzy polyps! Green/Pink Pocillipora $20 (1 available) Great color and fast grower! Torch Frags Orange Torch $25 (1 available) SOLD Green Torch $25 (1 available) Super colorful and wavy polyps! All are very healthy and very colorful! Located in North West Austin. Thanks! Roland
  4. 20 gallon Innovative Marine Kessil a160 no skimmer single Tunze 008 return pump dosing with Triton four part dose with Acro Power every other day target feed with Reef Roids about twice a week. I haven't had a coral tank in a few years so this is my system for getting my sea legs back. I started it back in February and I will make some posts catching the thread up to where the system is now. The tank is corals only. I am growing them out to donate or sell and keep a few as pets for a project later. I got my first ARC corals at the frag sale back in March. I've been picking up a few from the $5 tank at Aqua Dome and the occasional frag from Aquatek and Austin Aqua Farms. Right now my bird of paradise Seriatopora and my Acan are my coral babies. The tank has no skimmer. There is a filter floss, carbon or poly filter occastionally. Otherwise filtration is down through small weekly water changes and by the ball of Chaetomorpha in the corner. More soon, very glad to be back on ARC! The frag sale in March was excellent, so glad to see the local hobby doing well. IMG_6256.MOV
  5. My frag tank is BURSTING again, so I'm putting these up for sale. Prices listed below pix. PAYPAL to hold, first come first serve! 1. Red Monti Digi $20 SOLD Scenario 2. Green Goblin XL $30 SOLD Good Greef 3. Green Goblin XL $30 SOLD 4. ATL Chameleon XL $30 SOLD Scenario 5. ATL Chameleon XL $30 SOLD Good Greef 6. ORA Hawkins Echinata $20 SOLD 7. ORA Hawkins Echinata $20 SOLD bbmarlin 8. GB Tropic Sunset Milli $20 SOLD ChrisN 9. Paletta Blue Loveli $20 SOLD Good Greef 10. Peng’s Green Day $20 SOLD BMJ 11. Gonzo’s Purple Passion $20 SOLD Dominican 12. Gonzo’s Purple Passion $20 SOLD Beltran 13. JF Sour Twist $20 SOLD Colin 14. JF Sour Twist $20 15. JF Sour Twist $20 15. (Duplicate#) CC Poison Ivy $30 16. CC Poison Ivy $30 17. ORA Borealis $20 18. Tyree Bali Tricolor $30 SOLD Scenario 19. Tyree Bali Tricolor $30 20. WWC Terra Red $30 SOLD 21. Paletta Pink Tip $30 22. ORA Bellina $30 SOLD RoyV 23. Sexy Corals Orange Passion $40 SOLD sierra Bravo 24. JG Yellow $20 25. JG Yellow $20 26. JF Bug Out Stylo $30 SOLD BMJ 27. JF Solar Flare $60 SOLD rprew 28. RR The Vinh $30 SOLD rprew 29. RR The Vinh $30 SOLD eddius 30. RR The Vinh $30 SOLD Gig em 31. RR The Vinh $30 SOLD Scenaria 32. ASD Rainbow Milli $40 SOLD Good Greef 33. ASD Rainbow Milli $30 SOLD ChrisN 34. ASD Rainbow Milli $40 SOLD Scenario 35. ASD Rainbow Milli $20 SOLD Beltran 36. Rainbow Monti $20 SOLD Beltran 37. Rainbow Monti $20 SOLD Scenario 39. PC Rainbow $30 SOLD Beltran 40. PC Rainbow $30 SOLD bbmarlin 41. PC Rainbow $30 SOLD Good Greef 42. PC Rainbow $30 SOLD Harley Guy 43. WWC Night Rider $30 SOLD Beltran 44. WWC Night Rider $30 SOLD 45. Red Robin L $30 SOLD eddius 46. Red Robin $20 SOLD RoyV 47. Red Robin $20 SOLD Gig em 48. Red Robin $20 SOLD Scenario 49. Wolverine $30 SOLD Eddius 50. JF Coolers Champagne L $20 SOLD ChrisN 51 JF Coolers Champagne L $20 SOLD Scenario 52. Gonzo Lemon Lime Favia $30 SOLD Jessica 53. JF Snow Cap Monti $40 NFS - got stung by another coral 54. JF Snow Cap Monti $40 SOLD Harley Guy 55. Starburst Monti $20 SOLD Harley Guy 56. WWC Yellow Tips $20 SOLD Harley Guy 57. WWC Yellow Tips $30 SOLD Good Greef 58. WWC Yellow Tips $30 59. RMF Biohazard $20 SOLD 60. CRT Ultimate Miyagi Tort $30 SOLD eddius 61. CRT Ultimate Miyagi Tort $30 SOLD Scenario 62. CRT Ultimate Miyagi Tort $30 SOLD beltran 62. (duplicate#) JF Jack O’ Lantern Lepto $40 SOLD Ozarkawater 63. JF Jack O’ Lantern Lepto $30 SOLD rconde 64. JF Jack O’ Lantern Lepto $30 SOLD Jessica 65. Meteor Shower $20 SOLD rconde 66. JF Freak Hair Pavona $20 STUNG BY EMERALD MUMMY EYE 67. JF Freak Hair Pavona $20 SOLD - Harley Guy 68. JF Brain Freeze Monti $80 69. Emerald Mummy Eye $30 SOLD Ozarkawater 70. Emerald Mummy Eye $25 71. Emerald Mummy Eye $25 72. Emerald Mummy Eye $20 73. Tyree Sand Dollar Monti $20 SOLD Beltran 74. Mushroom $10
  6. Torch Frag Packs (3) $65 each Green with Green Tips Orange with White Tips Green with Pink Tips 3 packs available Frags are now much bigger than pictured! More frags coming soon, SPS!
  7. Hi all, I have made an Excel spreadsheet for me to use to help keep me on track and honest about my water testing. I have formatted it with average parameters for a mixed reef tank since that is the tank I am currently striving for. The parameters are completely customizable to what you want in your tank with about 15-20 minutes of work depending on your knowledge of Excel. With the formatting I currently have set up it will let you know when your parameters are inline with what you desire for your tank. I set in a dosing calculator for additives and medications (if you use them) to help you quickly figure out how many mL of the solutions you use and it is able to figure out a daily dosage based on the recommended dosing procedures on the bottle. I have included it on the post if anyone is interested in the file. If you have a hard time changing the parameters to the ones you desire let me know and I will gladly set them up for you. If any of you do end up using the file, I would love to hear any feedback about it on how it works for you/how to improve it for easier use. Tank Levels Shareable.xlsx
  8. Hello, have some colorful SPS fags for sale. Red Dragon $25 - 2 available Sold Large Red Dragon $30 - 1 available Sold Cali Tort $25 - 1 available ORA Borealis $25 - 1 available Sold Rainbow Stylo $20 - 2 available 1 Sold, 1 pending pickup Paletta Blue Stag $10 - 2 available Green Body Blue Tip Stag $10 - 2 available Green Tip Torch $20 - 3 available Red Dragon- awesome deep red color Cali Tort- deep blue with hints of green ORA Borealis- green with radiant light blue growth tips Rainbow Stylo- cool multi colored stylo Paletta Blue Stag- blue body with baby blue growth tips Paletta Colony (nfs) Green Body Blue Tip Stag Colony (nfs) *white tips are blue in person Green Tip Torch- large frags with awesome color! Come by and get some great looking corals. Other fresh cut frags available. Roland.
  9. Green Torch Frags $20 (3 available)
  10. Hey friends, have a few frags to clear off the rack. Red Dragon $20 (2) Rainbow Stylo $20 (2) Paletta Lovelli Blue Stag $15 (1) Green/Pink Pocillopora Mini colony $25 (1) Green with Green tips Torch frag $25 (1) Available evenings and weekend. NW Austin Thanks! Roland
  11. Hola Austin Reefers! I just heard from Holly at Cultivated Reef and she said with another group order we could get free shipping (as long as I can get multiple reefers to order). So would anyone be interested in going in on a group order? One great thing about Cultivated Reef is if you ask they will send you wysiwyg photos of the frags you're interested in to choose from. I want to get a feel from the group before completing the order, but I was thinking within 2-3 weeks. They have a really great selection and I did place an order with them from the previous group order(everything came in great shape), and I was thinking about getting some corals I haven't been able to find around town. http://cultivatedreef.com/ For making the payment what we did last time was order threw cultivated reef and for shipping select "Pick Up" and in notes type in "Group Order for ARC" It was pretty simple and they wrote my name on each bag to make picking up my corals a breeze.
  12. From the album: Current 15g Display

    This is the most beautiful B. merletti I have ever seen! Truly! It is red with a blue center! My iPhone really really didn't know how to handle the contrast between the shady spot it is in and the brightly lit rock right above it, though. You'll just have to see it in person. Fortunately at the rate it grows, I will be fragging it soon.

    © Peter "Dash" Gott

  13. Peter Gott


    From the album: Current 15g Display

    This Plesiastrea sp. is without a doubt the brightest green I have ever seen in a coral. Or anywhere, really. Unfortunately it grows more slowly than a glacier...

    © Peter "Dash" Gott

  14. From the album: Current 15g Display

    This beautiful Leptastrea is also from Cultivated Reefs. The iPhone, again, does not do it justice; the "orange" is more of a burnt yellow or golden flame colour, and the polyps coenosarc is actually green in established parts of the colony and white in the newer parts. Each tentacle is kind of a purplish-brown, and each one is tipped with purple. I never tire of watching it.

    © Peter "Dash" Gott

  15. From the album: Current 15g Display

    I just love the composition of my Leptastrea and this peach M. digitata together. You can also see my Pavona frondifera, Caulastrea curvata, a tuft of hair-algae-covered snail, and my rainbow Acanthastrea lordhowensis. That latter piece is also from Cultivated Reefs. It's typically beauty, but he is closed up here due to irritation from the snail.

    © Peter "Dash" Gott

  16. Peter Gott

    Christmas Favia

    From the album: Current 15g Display

    This beauty was given to me for free, appropriately enough as a Christmas Gift! He is also from Cultivated Reefs. He has grown a lot since I got him, and over in the shady part of my aquarium he even has some blue which just doesn't show up with my iPhone.

    © Peter "Dash" Gott

  17. From the album: Current 15g Display

    This is one of my two favourite corals in this tank. Leptastrea are hands-down my favourite corals in general, and I've never seen a more beautiful colour morph than this one. This coral comes from Greg at Cultivated Reefs.

    © Peter "Dash" Gott

  18. From the album: Current 15g Display

    I think that the red and yellow coral in the upper right-hand corner is a Goniopora sp. When I firt got it I thought it was a Leptastrea, for closed it looked like a closed up Leptastrea, red with yellow centers. But shortly after putting it on my sand bed to acclimate, to my surprise it opened to look like tiny red flowers on tiny red stalks with yellow centers! Fortunately it seems to be doing well in my setup. Unfortunately the amazing colours of my acans are one of the things the iPhone doesn't pick up very well. All of these came from Austin Aqua Farms.

    © Peter "Dash" Gott

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