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  1. Would I be able to get 6,7, and 10? That is if I can convince Ty to help with shipping them to me... I will also pay for the shipping.
  2. I see 3 frags I want.... Think we could work something out with @FarmerTy to get the frags to me?
  3. how much for the Salinity probe and module to run it only?
  4. Hey everyone, Looking to see if anyone has frags and is willing to ship to me in Orlando. Looking to start getting frags into QT so that they can get ready to get into the tank once it is done it is done with its cycle (im doing a 3 month cycle just cause). @FarmerTy Per your instructions I have gotten some local frags and they have been in my QT for a month and still alive.
  5. I got 2 icecap 3k gyre pumps and placed them on opposite sides of the tank and got them working to create random chaotic flow. I will say I am very please with the lack of noise and the amount of water they are pushing around. Also pleased to report that my QT tank has kept a small birds nest colony and this gorgeous frag alive. The second pic is of the birds nest while I was playing with the polyplabs coral view lens for smartphones.
  6. Ok, let me know how it goes cause I would be interested in the probe pm2 module to run it. I'm also definitely thinking about the dosing pump. Trying to figure out if I'm going to do CaRx or 3/4 part.
  7. would you be willing to part out the Salinity probe and PM2 module for it for me? Would also like pics of the dosing pumps
  8. Been a while since I got an update in the tank so here it is. I got the tank plumbed and started the cycle. I am using a RS-300 sump and a 20G long for a refugium. 20181029_210928.mp4
  9. Cyano can be brown as well as red and orange... not 100% sure if this is cyano based on the substrate picture... but the glass and rock make me think cyano.
  10. Ok so update on the build so far and QT. Both the frag and the fish are still alive and doing great. I got sand (carabsea special grade) and the most salt (Redsea blue bucket) I have ever purchased at one time.
  11. Got a tester frag in my QT tank along with a yellow tail chromis who didn't want his picture taken
  12. Put a tester acro frag in there. If it does fine, we can chat about getting an order ready for you bud. Cool
  13. Hey Vernon! Of course! Is your tank stable from the move already? I got a quarantine tank set up... DT is still in the process of being put together
  14. If you will let me, I would be interested in some frags from you Ty.
  15. Was our thoughts on it too... I will add that a 180gallon tank with about 40-45 gallons of water in it is heavy cause (though some trial and error) a couple of times had to lift the whole system to pull the shims out and start over. Even with the weight the carpet and foam was causing some issues and had to stack some shims to level the tank.... two guesses who was the one picking up the heavy beast and who pulled the shims out.
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