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Corals! Corals! Corals!

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The frag rack is full and it's time to thin the herd! Sorry for the terrible photo quality, iPhone is easy to snap pictures with, but the color balance is horrendous. Feel free to come over and look in person if you want a better idea of coloration!


All frags are roughly 1". There are some corals on the frag rack not listed here, which you're more than welcome to inquire about.


Indigo tip stag similar to Northern lights - $25 $20



Azure acro (purple tips, green body) - $25 SOLD Will frag on request

(Parent colony shown here)



Blue tenuis - $25 $20

(Parent colony shown here)



GE's PCP - $25

(Parent colony shown here. Various size frags available)



Sunset Mille - $50 $45

(Parent colony shown here)



Red planet - $50 $45


(Mother colony)



GE's key like breeze - $20

(Parent colony shown here)



Sunset monti - $20



Frag rack shot





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Oh the buy one get one free sale? That's when the price per frag doubles [emoji23]

Now you're thinking big company commerce there! July 4th sale... We jacked all prices up 30% a month ago to give you 20% off... Yay!
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Ughhh, you're killin' me, Smalls!  Hold that bonsai for me, I'm sure I'll pick up a few more while I'm there, lol... Will be next week, I'm heading to Galveston this weekend.




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