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Found 13 results

  1. 20G Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion AIO (~$300) AI Prime HD Light (~$200) Sicce Syncra 1.5 Aquarium Pump, 357gph (~$70) Innovative Marine Spin Stream Universal Nozzle (~$50) 2-InTank Media Baskets (~$90) 100W Cobalt Aquatics Flat Neo-Therm Heater (~$80) ATO with Pump (~$100) Jebao Wavemaker Mesh Screen Pro Lid (~$30) Pre-Installed Rubber Leveling Mat ~14-16lb of Live Rock 20lb Live Sand Misc. Stuff (Testing Kit, baster, carbon, phosgaurd, Frozen Food, Extra Pump and buckets for water change) (~$200) Corals/Livestock: (~$200) Bright Red Fire Shrimp Pistol Shrimp Serpent Star Fish Vivid 1.5” Rock Flower Anemone Bubble Tip Anemone (Currently not happy) 10 heads of Candy Cane Coral Small Rock full of Green Star Polp 2 heads of Riccordia Mushroom Awesome World of War Coral Custom ADA style plywood stand (~$200) that fits the tank perfectly. I need this setup gone asap...We are moving and I do not want to try and make the trip with it...The pictures suck, and I'll try to take more as requested, but I just wanna give someone the opportunity to snatch this up and help me out! I think $699 is a very fair price, but I'm open to offers... I just want this Perfect Starter Reef setup to go to a good home.
  2. Hello, I am looking to buy a medium size Hammer coral. My preference is yellow some might say gold, but also open to other colors as well. I am not looking for any green or purple colors of hammer at this time. Please let me know what you have. Thanks
  3. Torch Frag Packs (3) $65 each Green with Green Tips Orange with White Tips Green with Pink Tips 3 packs available Frags are now much bigger than pictured! More frags coming soon, SPS!
  4. Hello, I am looking for pulsing Xenia frags please. I live in San Marcos but would be able to meet most days after 7 and during the weekend. Thanks
  5. Gary with the Austin Aquadome was kind enough to share this letter. Gary has offered to match $250 of club donations. Anyone donating $50 or more will receive 1 year of Premium Membership here at ARC (to receive you can donate through the ARC store or do so individually and copy me on the receipt). The donation professional levels are listed below and will be listed under “industry contributions” on the ADE website with a copy of your company logo. Of course, any contribution you can afford will be greatly appreciated. All contributions to the registered non-profit org (ADE) are tax deductible. Please join in the fight to save your Fiji supply. $500+ = Reef Guardian $1000+ = Coral Crusader $1250+ = Reef Researcher $5000+ = Farm Ambassador $10,000 or more = Chief Conservationist https://www.adeproject.org/
  6. Most of them have more than one frag. I also have more zoas I can frag bambam frag is 10 3-4 polyps 15 6-7 polyps punk rocker frag 20 3-4 polyps WWC Funny D 20 1- 2 polyps
  7. Hi friends, frags for sale. Located by barton spring and lamar. Will also hold with Paypal. Pm me for address. Price reduction. GREEN/PURPLE FROGSPAWN $5 a head (5 Heads) 3 -Three in stock - 1 out 3 sold (4 Heads) 1 in stock (2 heads large) 2 in stock - 1out 2 sold (2 Heads small) 3 in stock 1 (One)Green Purple Frogspawn (1 head large) $10 - Sold 1 (One) Green Purple frogspawn (1 head small) $5 - Sold KRYPTONITE CORAL 1 Kryptonite Coral 10 Heads - $30 Sold 1 Kryptonite Coral 7 Heads - $20 - Sold PURPLE/Blue MUSHROOMS 1 Large Mushroom with small rock $20 - Sold 1 rock with 2 small mushrooms $20 total - Sold 1 small mushroom on rock $15 1 large floating mushroom $10 1 med mushroom on frag $ 10 - Sold 2(Two)- 1 small mushroom on snail shell $5 each LongTip Anemone 1. LongTip Anemone $20 - SOLD Will hold with Paypal or PM me for my address -
  8. Those of you who have looked at my DIY thread are familiar with this setup. Since it also gets 1-2 hours of sunlight in the mornings I thought I'd post this in the general Reef section. The biggest concern I've run into is light intensity and spectrum. The PAR under sunlight is ~450 PAR and the LED are putting ~500 PAR at the surface. With both PAR is over 900!!!! No coral I know of locally grown can tolerate that! The spectrum has been a challenge also as sunlight is heavy on the red spectrum, for those who remember Dana Riddle's presentation a couple years ago at C4 too much red light is not good for corals. First thing was to make sure the timers are set never to come on for at least an hour after the sun moves away from the tank. One of the "interesting" challenges I've run into was even at lower light levels some corals still do not like sunlight so there's a lot of experimentation finding the right corals and location. (Because of internal reflection most locations get some degree of sunlight even though it is at lower PAR.) Frogspawn, for instance, won't tolerate hardly any sunlight whereas a Torch coral frag, even though it deosn't expand much, seems to be happy getting 300+ PAR sunlight. One of the pleasant surprises is purple Stylophora (thank you DaM!!) looks good under either sunlight or LED albeit colors are brighter under LED. It's not surprising so far that red corals generally do better with sunlight.
  9. The frag rack is full and it's time to thin the herd! Sorry for the terrible photo quality, iPhone is easy to snap pictures with, but the color balance is horrendous. Feel free to come over and look in person if you want a better idea of coloration! All frags are roughly 1". There are some corals on the frag rack not listed here, which you're more than welcome to inquire about. Indigo tip stag similar to Northern lights - $25 $20 Azure acro (purple tips, green body) - $25 SOLD Will frag on request (Parent colony shown here) Blue tenuis - $25 $20 (Parent colony shown here) GE's PCP - $25 (Parent colony shown here. Various size frags available) Sunset Mille - $50 $45 (Parent colony shown here) Red planet - $50 $45 (Mother colony) GE's key like breeze - $20 (Parent colony shown here) Sunset monti - $20 Frag rack shot
  10. Green Torch Frags $20 (3 available)
  11. All I have left 4. Miami Hurricane Chalice was 30 now 20 5. LA Lakers Turbinara was 20 now 15 8. Miami Hurricane Chalice was 30 now 20 PENDING 9. Miami Hurricane Chalice was 30 now 20 10.Miami Hurricane Chalice was 30 now 20 11. Fire & Ice War Coral was 30 now 25 PENDING 12. Can't remember the name chalice I think it's Area 51 was 15 now 12 15. WWC Bullion favites 25 17. WWC Pavonam 25 19. Golden Eye Chalice was 20 now 15 3 large green mushroom 15 ( middle left) SOLD green mushroom on frag 10 (middle right) lantana montipora frag 10 2 orange mushroom 15 SOLD Purple and green monti cap 15 red people eater zoa frag 3-5 polyps 12 each frag My number is (512) 999-8129 Thanks
  12. Rconde

    Plate corals

    Hello all, I've had these plates for awhile now. They're green with an orange mouth. Asking 15 each. Sorry for the bad picture
  13. From the album: Current 15g Display

    I just really love this view. I tried to position my corals so that the composition from very angle emphasized the star of my aquarium, this unknown Montipora sp., but the other montis grow faster.

    © Peter "Dash" Gott

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