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Found 10 results

  1. The frag rack is full and it's time to thin the herd! Sorry for the terrible photo quality, iPhone is easy to snap pictures with, but the color balance is horrendous. Feel free to come over and look in person if you want a better idea of coloration! All frags are roughly 1". There are some corals on the frag rack not listed here, which you're more than welcome to inquire about. Indigo tip stag similar to Northern lights - $25 $20 Azure acro (purple tips, green body) - $25 SOLD Will frag on request (Parent colony shown here) Blue te
  2. All I have left 4. Miami Hurricane Chalice was 30 now 20 5. LA Lakers Turbinara was 20 now 15 8. Miami Hurricane Chalice was 30 now 20 PENDING 9. Miami Hurricane Chalice was 30 now 20 10.Miami Hurricane Chalice was 30 now 20 11. Fire & Ice War Coral was 30 now 25 PENDING 12. Can't remember the name chalice I think it's Area 51 was 15 now 12 15. WWC Bullion favites 25 17. WWC Pavonam 25 19. Golden Eye Chalice was 20 now 15 3 large green mushroom 15 ( middle left) SOLD green mushroom on frag 10 (middle right) lantana montipora frag 10 2 ora
  3. ~ FREE SHIPPING ON ALL RODI & RO UNITS! ~ (enter code: “FREESHIP” in your cart) Don’t forget to credit Austin Reef Club by using your club’s unique 10% off code: ( enter code: “70799” in your cart ). The 10% off club code will be applied to your order and your club gets more freebies! We build, test & ship your unit the same day we get your order ~ PLUS all of our units come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, a 30 day money back guarantee, and over 30 years of expert advice. Enter your discount code(s) in the discount codes section of your shopping cart at www.theH2Oguru.com, then click the o
  4. FREE TDS Meters AND Free Shipping! DEAL IS ON!!! You guys asked for it! Here it is…maybe the best Air Water & Ice special in our 32 years in business – for a limited time only! Please enter coupon codes in the “discount codes” section of the shopping cart on our website www.theh2oguru.com, then click the orange “apply coupon” button. ~For free TDS meter you must ADD a Senno Handheld TDS meter to your cart BEFORE entering your coupon code~ FREE TDS METER...Enter code "AWI99919" in cart...$40 min. order FREE SHIPPING...Enter code "AWI99920" in cart...$150 min. order 10% OFF...Enter our re
  5. Niko's Reef wishes all a Happy Easter.... In observance of this holiday, we've decided to throw a sale. Fully stocked. Come check us out. All fish/liverock 20% off. All corals buy 3 get one free. Limestone 50% off.
  6. ReefCurrents.org is updated for 2015, and Early-Bird sales have begun. Click the link & purchase now, because this sale is only for the next 7 days. Full Pass tickets are now $25 and include 10 FREE raffle tickets! The Full Pass grants you access to the speaker hall, vendor hall, and raffle. This special price is only good for the next week. Last day to buy at this price is January 4th. Afterwards price bumps up to $35 for the Full Pass and NO free tickets. On midnight February 23rd online sales end, and Full Pass tickets are $45 available at the door. Vendor hall will still be $15. The
  7. The home-grown Clarkii clowns are finally big enough for a new home. Asking $20.00 per fish. Will hear reasonable offers or trades (no corals though). I raised these fish from larvae when they hatched in March 2012. They are hosting the Condylactis, Sebae and green-bubble tip anemones. Selling individuals, pairs and pair with hosting anemone. I am located in Central Austin. Pm any questions. Thanks.
  8. I have decided to get out of the hobby for a while so I can take care of a few things. here is the list. I am located in corpus christi and can be reached by text or call 361-673-4724 Josh. parting out. Corals and live rock first. then the fish and equipment. PM please, I will make the notes and once everything is spoken for we can all set up a meeting place and time. or however you all want. Photos will be posted tomorrow evening and I can tell you all this, my stuff is good looking and everything is good size. CORALS ORA Red Planet....................................70 German Blue Digi.
  9. i am ready to get rid of my salt water tank, im done with the hobby. Here is a list of things i can think of : 2- korlia 1-hang on the back sump system/ 20 gal sump 1-stage5 return pump 250 14k light hood, atenics, all been running for 2 years make me and offer of make me a trade, doesent have to be fish stuff
  10. i have this tank i have had for a couple years, never had any problems just dont have time for it anymore, need to sell. email or text me 512-739-9442
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