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  1. jolt

    Labor Day Frags

    Once again the frag tank is too full! I can do curbside pickups, or I can meet somewhere south. We are not letting folks in the house at this time so please don't ask. PayPal will hold items: [email protected] See pics below, I will update the list as items are sold. Thanks for looking! Number Name Price 1,2,3 Atlanta Chameleon #1 sold, 2 sold, 3 sold 10 SOLD BC Aquaticman sold 60 6 Blue Tip Green Slimer SOLD 20
  2. Hi friends, clearing frag racks. Chips Acropora Frags $25 (2 available) 1 available Cali Tort Frags $25 (2 available) 1 available Blue Tip Stag Frags $25 (2 available) 1 available Paletta Blue Acro Frags $25 (2 available) 1 available Watermelon Stylo Frags $25 (2 available SOLD Rainbow Stylo Frags $25 (2 available) 2 fresh cut available Pink Stylo Frags $25 (2 available) 1 available Green Stylo Frag $10 (1 available SOLD Option: Choose 5 for $80 Mini Colonies Chips Acropora $60 (1 available) Great color and fuzzy polyps
  3. While cleaning up the tank over break, I have broken off some small pieces of corals that I need to rehome. Four Two pieces of red monti that originally came from Gig'Em's tank. I was trimming the GSP when the foxface flashed at me and scared me. Oops. $5 each One piece of red monti that also has several yellow polyp corals on it. I would seperate the monti and poyps because the polyps have encroached onto the monti and killed the part that attached to the rock. $5 One piece of green paly that has two polyps. Free to the first person that buys one of the montis and asks for
  4. Anyone selling frags, I’m looking to grow in my new tanks
  5. Hi friends, frags for sale. Located by barton spring and lamar. Will also hold with Paypal. Pm me for address. Price reduction. GREEN/PURPLE FROGSPAWN $5 a head (5 Heads) 3 -Three in stock - 1 out 3 sold (4 Heads) 1 in stock (2 heads large) 2 in stock - 1out 2 sold (2 Heads small) 3 in stock 1 (One)Green Purple Frogspawn (1 head large) $10 - Sold 1 (One) Green Purple frogspawn (1 head small) $5 - Sold KRYPTONITE CORAL 1 Kryptonite Coral 10 Heads - $30 Sold 1 Kryptonite Coral 7 Heads - $20 - Sold PURPLE/Blue MUSHRO
  6. The frag rack is full and it's time to thin the herd! Sorry for the terrible photo quality, iPhone is easy to snap pictures with, but the color balance is horrendous. Feel free to come over and look in person if you want a better idea of coloration! All frags are roughly 1". There are some corals on the frag rack not listed here, which you're more than welcome to inquire about. Indigo tip stag similar to Northern lights - $25 $20 Azure acro (purple tips, green body) - $25 SOLD Will frag on request (Parent colony shown here) Blue te
  7. Hello, have some colorful SPS fags for sale. Red Dragon $25 - 2 available Sold Large Red Dragon $30 - 1 available Sold Cali Tort $25 - 1 available ORA Borealis $25 - 1 available Sold Rainbow Stylo $20 - 2 available 1 Sold, 1 pending pickup Paletta Blue Stag $10 - 2 available Green Body Blue Tip Stag $10 - 2 available Green Tip Torch $20 - 3 available Red Dragon- awesome deep red color Cali Tort- deep blue with hints of green ORA Borealis- green with radiant lig
  8. Hey friends, have a few frags to clear off the rack. Red Dragon $20 (2) Rainbow Stylo $20 (2) Paletta Lovelli Blue Stag $15 (1) Green/Pink Pocillopora Mini colony $25 (1) Green with Green tips Torch frag $25 (1) Available evenings and weekend. NW Austin Thanks! Roland
  9. Hi there, I'm just getting into the reefing hobby and I'm interested in purchasing zoa and paly frags. I currently have Orange Bam Bams. I'm particularly interested in purchasing blue or green color morphs, but I'm open to other morphs as well. $5, $10 or $15 frags are the price points I'm looking at mostly. I'm located in North Austin but am willing to drive around town. Thanks, Io
  10. ​Hey friends, Clearing the frag racks and have some super colorful SPS frag packs available for sale. Come and get some Thanksgiving frags! Here is a picture of one of the frag racks. SPS Frag Pack (5 colorful SPS frags, 3 packs available) $90 each! 1 Sold, 2 left! Hot Pink Stlyo (awesome pink color) Rainbow Stylo (very colorful and cool) Cali Tort (deep blue body with green polyps) Blue Green Staghorn- Blueberry Acro (awesome color and grows quickly!) Paletta Lovelli Acropora (blue with baby blue tips ) 1st pic L to R: Hot Pink Stylo, Rainbow Stylo and Cali Tort. 2nd pic L
  11. Hello friends, making room in the tank this weekend. Have lots of healthy and colorful corals for sale. Frags, frag packs and colonies. Take a look! Mike Paletta Blue Acro Frag Paletta Colony (not for sale) Amazing Baby Blue color and growth pattern! $40 Still Available! LPS Frag Pack! Sold Green with Purple Tips Frogspawn & Green with Green Tips Torch! $40 Purple Stylo Colony $50 Sold Very colorful! 6" x 5" Flower Pedal Capricornis $50 Sold Huge! Green with Blue polyps and Blue rim Large Electric Blu
  12. Hello, just making some room in my tank this weekend. I have two very nice Toadstool leathers. Very healthy, about 6" tall. $10 each or both for $15. 1 Available Short Vid Leather.MOV I also a brightly colored Blue Digita. Awesome color! Large frags for $10. Photos taken with iPhone Close-up I'm in North Austin Parmer/620 area I have more SPS as well. Thanks for looking!
  13. Hello, I'm trying to make some room in the tank for some new corals. I am selling some really nice sized and colorful colonies! Birds of Paradise 4"-5" Great color and polyp extension! $30 Sold Purple Stylo 4"-5" Great color and nice polyps $30 Sold Picture of both Video- Very happy, great color and polyp extension. trim.29794953-3B2C-444F-A707-DC7509D2BDE9.MOV Pink Birdsnest 4"-5" $20 Sold Original Colony (not for sale) Great color and fast growing Flower Pedal Monti Cap (Green with blue polyps and blue rim) 3"-4" $25 Green Stylo Frag (orange body with green polyps) $15 Sold I
  14. I will come to Austin this Sunday afternoon for a training there next week. I'll bring my frags with me if someone want them. Frag Pickup: at the Home2Suite hotel in Round Rock at 1000 West Louis Henna Blvd, 78681. I can also meet you along my drive from Houston to Austing/round rock. All frags need to be picked up by Sunday night. Payment: I’ll need paypal to bring the frags with me. Sale is first come first serve. PM me here with the frags you want (with the frag # and name). Please provide your mobile phone # in your PMs for quick responses and pickup arrangements. Unless speci
  15. I'm looking to add some more sps frags to my bio cube. Please let me know if anyone is looking to sell any? Looking for a piece of Red Planet for sure. I am in Austin every Friday. Thanks,
  16. Its that time of year again, I need to frag my Frogspawn and Green and Blue candy cane. I can frag any size you need. - Frogspawn: $15 per head - Candy: $5 per head I'm also looking for the following fresh water fish, I can trade/partial trade for any of them: - red severum - blood parrot - arowana - boesemani rainbow - discus PM or txt (5l2) 77I (two)346
  17. $5 (1) pink birdsnest 1.5" multiple branches (4) Montipora confusa around 1" - 2 sold - Furam, Something to reef on - 2 left but can make more (3) Bali green acro 1" - 2 sold - Something to reef on, Furam - 1 left (3) orange oxide zoas multiple heads (3-5 polyps each) - 3 sold - Josh, Furam, JCAB - I can cut more just ask (2) Fairy dust paly (5-10 polyps each) - 1 sold - Something to reef on - 1 left $10 (1) ORA red tip pocillipora (5) Green Birdsnest $5-15 - 1 sold - Something to reef on - at least 4 left (3) $10-$15-$20 Purple Valida - 1 sold Something to reef on - Can cut more any
  18. we have a broad selection of various frags available and more coming in. I know for some the distance is what prevents you from giving us a visit. if you guys are in the market for specific fish or coral, or see something in our stock that you cant live without, just give us a call and we will do our best to help you add it to your personal reef. I live in south austin so we can work out a meeting place closer to you. call for more details. THANKS ARC. -CT video link
  19. Tim and I are thinking about making an order from CUNAReefer (James). He got quite a bit of collection on high end SPS frags. For group order, he will give us free shipping if its $225 and above, 24hr live guarantee, and of course extra nice cut frags. James told me that it will takes approximately 2weeks to heal. Below are some of his frags to choose from: Purple Austerra (Aussie Gold) $45 Wet Thumbs Rainbow Nasuta ($50, Mini Colony available for $225) Yellow “Tort” $40 ORA Purple Nana $30 Wet Thumbs Pink Panther $50 PC Blue Thunder $40
  20. JR Renteria


    Hello, I am a Newbie to ARC.... I have been out of aquatics for about 5 or 6 yrs.... Recently started me a 20G Long tank that my father-in-law gave me.... I have had it going for about a month... I've been hitting the LFS again, and started off with some frags.. List of things: 20 Gallon Long 2 * 65 watt PC's with 2 Led Lunar Lights Tetra Heater Marineland HOB Power Filter Hydor Nano 425 Wavemaker PowerSweep 160 Power Head @40 lbs LR @30 lbs crushed coral Livestock 1 Banghai Cardinal 1 Peppermint Shrimp 3 Red leg hermits 3 Blue leg hermits 3 Cerith Snails 3 Nassarus Snails 2
  21. I just started my first fish tank, a 16 gallon nuvo, and I am looking for as many cool frags as possible to scatter around my tank. Super new to this hobby so any knowledge or advice would be awesome. Thanks! Caleb
  22. The affiliated Houston reef club, MARSH is holding a special event Feb 22. The details will be posted in ARC's affiliated club's section: http://www.austinreefclub.com/topic/29122-reef-currents-houston-reef-show-w-speakers/#entry223884 Basically, it's a one-day mini MACNA or NextWave comparable event on Feb 22. We've got Steve Tyree's Coral Farmers' Market and some other vendors, but no speakers announced, yet. Check it out, and let us know who you would pay to hear speak. If you post on our site, it'll get a quicker response, but the above link to your own site's thread should work to
  23. Hey everyone, I have some very colorful corals up for sale. They are all very hardy and grow quickly. Mostly SPS, but something for everybody! NEW Pink Digi Frag 3"x2" (lots of branches & tips, very cool light pink color) $15 Large Bright Green Digi #1 $15 Large Bright Green Digi #2 $15 My Bright Green Digi Forest Large Electric Blue Digi $15 My Electric Blue Digi Forest Green & Blue Digi Frags $5 Cali Tort Frag (Blue body w/green polyps) $15 Purple Stylo Frag $15 (center) Montipora Spongodes Frag $10 (center) Pocillopora
  24. Breaking down the tank this weekend and as always lots of frags will be made in the process of moving the colonies. I'm trying to make room for new corals in my new tank. Please check out my previous frag sale thread for anything you might be looking for. Here it is http://www.austinreefclub.com/topic/27805-sps-corals-for-summer-2013/ All of the frags will be $5-$10 and like selling frag packs (4-6 different sps) for $20. Come by for some nicely colored SPS! Thanks, Roland Tank Progression for fun. She has been a great tank. New tank coming soon!
  25. I am trying to build my tank up. I would love some donated GSP. I am also looking for more frags and some montis. I was told asking for GSP would not be offensive as it grows like weeds. I don't have a lot of money, but I am doing my best to build my tank to be the at I have always wanted. You can message me on here or text or call my cell 512-656-6528 Rachel thank you
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