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Secret Reefer


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So i woke up at midnight and saw this but I thought I was dreaming. Now that I'm awake I can see that it is in fact real! I can't thank you and my secret reefer enough!

Due to my severe social anxiety I don't get out and get to see you guys in person much, so I try to make up for it by hanging around here a lot. I never ever would have thought I was important in any way to the club or its members. I always saw myself as just another person trying to throw together a reef tank [emoji14]

I've learned SO SO much from you guys. Looking back at my original posts anyone could see that I had darn near set myself up for failure in the beginning but with the help of you guys I have a semi-thriving reef :3

Again, I thank everyone in the club. Just for being here. If it weren't for this club I wouldn't have a reef tank.

I think this is the infectious enthusiasm the Secret Reefer was talking about. The positive vibes are just oozing off your post! Congrats!

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I always saw myself as just another person trying to throw together a reef tank [emoji14]

I think that describes all of us. smile.png

FREE RBTAs for everyone!!! punk.gif
I can say if mine does end up splitting I'm planning on paying it forward:3
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Ahhhhh yay! Yup I'm still doing a bit of battling with my tank -.-' hopefully.. Hoppppefuuuulllyyy itll be all ok within the next couple of days

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No rush. Let's make sure your tank is good and happy so this guy can survive for many more generations of clones! [emoji4]
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