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Richard's Frag Tank

Richard L

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Things have been going really well with my 225 g display tank. Nutrients are stabilizing at near 0 levels and the corals are happy really growing well. You can see it here: http://www.austinreefclub.com/topic/19879-richards-225-g-build/?hl=richard%26%2339%3Bs

Time to focus on my next project - a serious frag tank. Something in the neighborhood of 225 gallons (I guess 225 is my magic number) I've always wanted one since I got into this hobby. I enjoy the husbandry aspect of growing corals and sharing them with fellow enthusiast so a frag tank is a logical next step for me.

After a lot of thought, I've decided that the frag tank will be plumbed into my display tank system. This has several benefits:

1. I only have to test and dose one system.

2. No need to buy and maintain a separate skimmer, dosing pumps, reactors, auto top-off and controller. All of these are oversized and capable of handling the extra load.

3. One water change takes care of both tanks.

4. I can swap corals from each tank without acclimating them since they share the same water.

5. This will effectively double the water volume of my system and since the frag tank will have very little bioload, it should help to further stablize nutrient levels.

6. In an emergency I can easily isolate the two tanks.

Right now I'm researching the lighting options (definately be LED) and pricing the tank and stand. I already have an attractive bid from Mark Callahan to have DAS build it. They built my display tank and I've been extremely pleased with the construction and performance.


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No fair! I don't even have one 225 gallon tank and now you're gonna have two?

No problem, let's double the order and split the shipping!

Uhhh... why don't you inquire about a buy 2 get 1 free offer with DAS and I will call dibs on the free one. I will split the shipping of course because I am a gentlemen. :-)

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I mocked up a portion of the frag tank in my room using cardboard boxes and quickly realized that I couldn't reach a good chunk of the tank. I therefore reduced the width to 6 feet so that I can access the tank from 3 sides. Should be able to reach down into any part of the tank now. That'll make the tank volume a comfy150 gallons. Mark requoted the tank and I authorized him to order it. Should be here in 3 weeks! Next I'm working on a frag rack design. I'm thinking CNC'd black acrylic tiers would be sexy.


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