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Announcing the MARCH Meeting

Photodude (jakedoza)

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Jake Mendoza, aka Jakedoza (Photodude), has volunteered to host the March Meeting, at his home in Leander.

The details:

Saturday, March 16th, Time 12pm (noon)

This will be a special meeting, as it will be the day before St Patty's Day. I will be making my famous homebrew to share and celebrate as I did last year. If you were there, you will remember how awesome it was. To help recoup the costs of the beverage, there will be a donation jar at the meeting. Donations will also be accepted early, as this will help determine the food situation. If you would like to donate early, please contact me (Jakedoza/photodude). This meeting will be held earlier in the day than the usual 3 pm meetings to give time to "recover". We ask that everyone be prepared and responsible. The subject of the meeting is DIY. Capt.Obvious will be speaking a little about his Arduino aquarium controller project that he is working on.

Donations Can be made here

If you would like to see the homebrew process Jake did a write up from last year. I'm sure he will probably do one for this year as well. You can find the write up here.

All are welcomed, bring the family, we have a big back yard with a slide for the kids. There will be some door prizes as well.

Premium Membership cards will be available too. Please see Robin Pettit for your card.

If you would like to bring food or drinks please send me dapettit a PM.

Please reply to this thread if you are planning to attend.

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