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  1. Are the testing kits still available?
  2. Thank you! Excited to meet others in the hobby! I'll be posting a build log or whatever, I've never done one! I have an IM40 only us ing the built in sump. I have basics, like a filter sock, purigen, a media basket with filter floss, marine one pellets, and more of that Walmart polyester. I'm planning a refuge in one if the chambers, I even bought an intank fuge box for it! Now all I need is the chaeto and a light! My tank was Fowlr though recently got into coral! Nice to meet everyone!
  3. If anyone in this general area has any cheap frags for sale, I would love to buy some! I don't have much so I'm open to anything thank you!
  4. Thank you! I messaged them! I'm new, I wasn't aware there was a free area! I'm also willing to pay if this doesn't pan out. While I'm at it, If anyone has any cheap frags I can buy from the upper Killeen area, I would love to! I recently got started with coral so I dont have much, so im open to pretty much anything!
  5. Edgar Amador

    Hello :)

    New to the area and hobby! Thought I'd say hello. I'm from the Killeen/lampasas region nice to meet everyone !
  6. Looking to see if anyone is willing to sell me a small clump of chaeto to anyone who lives in the Killeen area? I can't really travel much so this and lampasas is all in pretty much bound to. Thank you!
  7. Would you ship? I live in the Killeen area . Thank you for your time :)
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