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  1. Thanks guys really appreciate all your help and input will update this post in a month to two , to show progress thanks again
  2. Thanks , will try your suggestions much appreciated
  3. My tank is over taken by green alge this is a pic with daylight lighting only what do you think guys ?
  4. No, nothing new for over 5 month
  5. Thank you so much for helping out I used redsea nopox 3ml daily and that might have been the reason for fish dying I have an corals and they are all doing well , no issues there will continue trying to remove manually and increase frequency of water changes if you have any other advice kindly share , I am willing to try anything to get this issue resolved with the least casualty thanks again , much appreciated
  6. My tank has been up and running for almost two years. I am still new and learning a couple of month ago I started having this wired looking alge that is both green/orange brown in color I started using nopox , I have a Red Sea 260 and I was dosing nopox 3 ml daily today I found almost all my fish dead with the expectation of two clowns and cleaner shrimp and a tang my water parameters are dkh 9’.5 ph 8.2 nitrate 50 ( I know it’s high so I am cutting on food today) and reducing quantities phosphate 0.1 Ammonia 0 nitrite 0.1 i also tried chemiclean with no effect whatsoever your help is much appreciated
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