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  1. The first pictures under actinic lighting are from the source. I've had these for over a month in my tank and some of them have changed colors slightly, darkened or lightened. The rest are WYSIWYG. I live in Lakeway. 2x JKR Rainbow Skittles Favia; $15 each; [SOLD] Bam Bam Zoanthids; $10 [SOLD] Dayglow Favia; $10 Everlasting Gobstopper Paly; $15 [SOLD] Forest Fire Digi; $10 [SOLD] WYSIWYG Zoas; $20 WYSIWYG Zoas; $15 WYSIWYG Zoas; $10 WYSIWYG Pagoda w/ yellow/green polyps; $15 [SOLD]
  2. Ideally, a smaller adult or juvenile. I know these are hard to get, but if you know a source let me know.
  3. Medium to large pieces $2/lb OR all 65 lbs for $100
  4. BUMP I ended up keeping these for a while and moving to a new tank, but moving back to salt (I miss it). Looking to rehome these.
  5. Great for freshwater tank or reptile terrarium - $40
  6. Great for freshwater tank - $75 er tank
  7. Finnex VL-CRB30 Planted+ 24/7 CC Customizable Aquarium LED Fixture, Sleek Black, 30" $107 retail Finnex KL-C30A Planted+ 24/7 LED v2 Aquarium Light, 30" $95 retail Both come with power adapter, remote, mounting brackets and instructions
  8. 36w x 24d x 25h unique sized tank!Low-iron Starfire glass on front and sidesBuilt-in glass overflow covered with black acrylic (can be removed)1 1/2" and 2" drain holesPlumbing included for drains; includes a ball valve for the main drainHinged door on front and hood; slide in door on right sideEurobrace on top for extra support and securityExcellent for reef tank but last used as a Discus tank
  9. I still have five of these. Looking for $150 for the lot. 6-7" Apricot Rainbow Discus 4-5" Blue Cobalt Discus 5" Red Turquoise Discus 4-5" Red Checkerboard Discus 4-5" Red Marlboro Discus
  10. Send me a PM with an offer that you think is fair. There's two pretty chunky pieces (left and center) and then two smaller ones - one tall (back) and one shorter (right).
  11. Selling it all - 100g planted discus tank. Plants, fish, aquarium, stand, lights all need to go. Right now,I'm trying to sell the livestock. I have 1 ea., Apricot Rainbow (6-7"), Heckel (6-7"), Red Turquoise (4-5"), Blue Diamond High Fins (4-5"), Red Checkerboard (4-5") & Marlboro Red (4-5"). I'll take $50 for the smaller ones and $75 for the larger ones OR $300 for the lot. I live in Lakeway
  12. Some used and some new. Total is like 105 pieces.
  13. I used this as a staging tank for some coral for a few months and need to get it out of my house. Great tank, especially for free.
  14. Free - just need to come pick it up
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