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  1. Found some, Thanks Guys.
  2. Thank you, I sent a reply. If anyone has any I am still looking.
  3. I am looking for some clean Chaeto, can not find any online. Please PM me if you have some extra. Also have a almost new bottle of Reef Chili coral food and cash to trade, or just cash.
  4. Just saw, thank you for your reply. I have pick up a frogspawn of that color already.
  5. Still looking, never heard back from other member. I am also looking for Duncan's. Happy Holidays
  6. I am looking for frogspawn, hammers, and octospawn types, Can be any color, branching or wall, but do prefer branching. Size small to medium. Please let me know what you have.
  7. Hello, I am looking to buy a medium size Hammer coral. My preference is yellow some might say gold, but also open to other colors as well. I am not looking for any green or purple colors of hammer at this time. Please let me know what you have. Thanks
  8. AquaNate

    Live Rock

    I am looking for some live rock with coralline growth on it. Will be going into my refugium, around 11" x 11" footprint.
  9. I would am interested in some of your Zoas. What is still available?
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