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  1. Need to seed some dry rock. For 40g so doesn't have to be large.
  2. Flipper (up to 1/2" glass) - $10 23lbs base rock - $10 Pickup in Georgetown (Ronald Reagan/29)
  3. This is an old thread from 2017. Just a heads up...
  4. You ever head north? I'm up in Georgetown but am interested in a few.
  5. Reefpuck

    WTB 200g +

    Thanks Christy for hooking things up!
  6. Might want to check out FarmerTy's build thread on reef2reef or here...I'm sure he has details on how he does it.
  7. LFS. I've worked with both Aquatek and River City in the past. They should be able to send you a price sheet or quote depending on exactly what you're looking for. Planet aquarium tanks seem to be popular out here.
  8. I used to run 1g daily awc on my 90g using a DOS...and only complaint was it was really loud. Really want to setup my new build with awc but feel like I'd have to find a different pump to use.
  9. Ok that's what I was thinking too. I emailed tideline about the maggie and they said they weren't designed for a full siphon...but guess it doesn't matter when they're fully submerged. Good point on the snails getting in too. Thanks for the info!
  10. Hey how exactly did you setup your overflow with the herbie? Curious because I have 2 of the maggie mufflers. Thinking about doing a full siphon and using one of the maggies to use for the extra flow.
  11. I just purchased one of their tanks with the same overflow...and had the same problem. They have a new fitting now that fits better...called the Magpie Mini or something. I'm guessing you're good to go now though.
  12. Just sucks that I paid extra money for something that doesn't work...hoping Jake talks some sense into them.
  13. Gotcha. Are you referring to it not holding up long term?
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