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  1. Reefpuck

    Texas Coral Fest - Dallas

    Not a bad idea. Except if I'm going that means the family is going... and that includes 3 little girls under 5 years old. That's gonna be fun... 😐
  2. Reefpuck

    Texas Coral Fest - Dallas

    Ever been?
  3. Who wants to pick it up for me and drive it to austin?
  4. Reefpuck


    Tank looks great! And is it just me or is that fox face massive?
  5. Reefpuck

    ARC...looking forward to learning from y'all!

    Welcome! You'll get lots of great advice here. Just don't listen to me.
  6. Ty kinda runs the show here...
  7. Very nice. Wasn't there a competition recently on growing that out?
  8. Reefpuck


    Went to river city and aquatek today... they had quite a few varieties. Go check em out.
  9. Awesome to see how well they've grown!
  10. Reefpuck

    New to ARC

  11. Reefpuck

    RCA First Friday After Hours Sale Sept 7th!

    Any flasher wrasses?
  12. Reefpuck

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    Did I hear you might need help clearing out some frags?
  13. Reefpuck

    Labor Day Frag Tank Blowout!

    I can't believe I missed this! That's what i get for taking a day off arc. 😕
  14. Reefpuck

    Few SPS Frags.

    Tank is looking great! Thx again for the nice frag.