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  1. Reefpuck

    Jacob's Red Sea Reefer 350 Build

    Looks good...like the 2 island setup.
  2. Got any other pictures? Hard to see the colors.
  3. Guessing venmo might work too...since there are no charges on either end. I'll bring cash to limit myself...then use venmo when I run out of cash.
  4. Reefpuck

    The new tank is up!

    Talk about a tight fit!
  5. Reefpuck

    diesel3443's 80g SPS Reboot

    Lol like what you did with the skull. I need to get one. Seen some creative hair styles for them!
  6. Reefpuck

    Enzo1028’s IM Nuvo Fusion 30L Build

    What kind of SPS did you get?...for us those of us who are stick freaks.
  7. Reefpuck

    Redsea Reefer 450 Build / Upgrade

    Looking forward to seeing it coming together!
  8. Reefpuck


    Looks good! Hopefully his walk didn't beat up any corals.
  9. Reefpuck

    Hope you guys dont mind me joining

    Welcome! More fish geeks is always a good thing here.
  10. Reefpuck


    I could give you a bag of it...although I'm probably too far of a drive for you. If you're up in the area...just let me know.
  11. Reefpuck

    The new tank is up!

    Sweet looking setup!
  12. Reefpuck

    Sup ARC

  13. Reefpuck

    Enzo1028’s IM Nuvo Fusion 30L Build

    Cool looking tank...and welcome!
  14. Reefpuck

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    Hey whats the bottom left one...the yellow one. Pikachu?