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  1. Few things left. 100 gpd RO unit. Have some extra sediment filters as well. - $50 Tunze 1073.02 return pump - $40 BRS 1.1 dosing pumps. - SOLD Ranco dual temperature controller - $30 Few other random pumps I can just let go for free (gotta take them all) - GONE rainbow quiet one 3000 - missing a rubber foot Rio 1100 - just the pump, no rubber feet. Used for water changes Jebao WP-1500 - came with an old Solana years ago
  2. lewk

    Live rock and fish

    No, it’s just a blue and white strip for fish only. Will PM you.
  3. Posted in hardware as well, getting out of the hobby. about 20-30 pounds of live rock 2 ocellaris 1 fire fish asking $50 for the rock and $25 for all 3 fish. Take everything here for $50.
  4. Time to take a break. Breaking this down. Need to sell livestock first and can then focus on the hardware. Sorry if the formatting is off, I’m on my phone. Heres the list. 25-30 pounds of live rock - SOLD 2 ocellaris clowns and fire fish - SOLD IM Nuvo Fusion 30L Pro AIO with Black APS Stand. Being transparent (as the person I got this from wasn’t) there are some scratches on the glass. Not noticeable from a few feet away. I sit about 5’ from this in my office and can’t see them at all. - SOLD IM Spin Stream Wave making Flow Nozzle (x2) - included with
  5. lewk

    5 gallon jugs

    Downsized and realized I don’t need 8 jugs for a 30 gallon tank. Have 4 available. Take all 4 for $10 or $5 each. I’m in Leander.
  6. Comes with the lights and stand. Don’t have a pump but might be able to find a power head that works. Open to offers.
  7. I’ve had this fish for at least 6 years, but it’s time to re-home him. Downsized and he’s much too aggressive in this small tank. Wasn’t an issue in my 135. Would love for it to go into a larger tank. I’d guess maybe 3” nose to tail.
  8. lewk

    Breaking down 135

    Quick update - entire setup still available.
  9. lewk

    Breaking down 135

    Entire setup is pending.
  10. Was going to get out altogether, but came across a small tank so downsizing for now. Still willing to sell as a complete system if somebody wants it. Ideally, I’ll be moving what I’m keeping into the Nuvo this coming weekend. Will list livestock in that forum. Going to let this one sit for a few days just in case anyone wants the entire setup. Tank - 135 gallon Oceanic 72”Lx24”Hx18”D Stand - DSA. Great stand that opens on each end as well. Sump - 33 long built by Fishy Business. 2 inlets and fuge area. Canopy Tank, stand, canopy and sump - $400 Mag
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