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Hammer, Neon Candy Cane and Zoas


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I need to prune the tank to clear it out a bit and want to make some decent looking coral available to the ARC.

This is probably 30 heads of a super neon green/yellow candy cane. $50


A smaller version with 3 medium heads and several small. $15


30+ heads of branching hammer. Pink tips, green stalk. This is a large colony and I like it a lot. $50


I have lots of Zoas.

Blow Pops 30+ polyps $30 (multiple colonies)


Eagle/Dragon Eyes 20+30 polyps $30


Green skirts with cream center and blue ring 30+ $30


Multizoa rocks as well. Come and get them!

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I can't see the pix--checking this at work and that site is blocked, but am definitely interested in some Zoas.

If I was to buy more than one, say two of the $30 offerings would you give me a "bulk" discount...say $50, that would be great as I'm just getting my 90G tank going and some additional color would be nice.

Michael McDermott

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All PM's should be replied to. I live in Oak Hill and will be around tonight and later in the week (just not tomorrow). When I say 30+ polyps on the zoas in some cases there are too many to bother counting. These are very hardy as I take less than perfect care of my tank and they have done nothing but thrive.

Take care


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Got my order last night, very nice pieces.

If you havent sold the candy cane and hammer, I would like to buy from you?

I am off tomorrow and can pick up tomorrow. I will also be in the oak hill area,

my parents live there.

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Here is what I have left:

Eagle/Dragon Eye Zoas - 1 large colony $45

Blow Pops: 1 large $45, 3 medium $30

Green: 2 medium $30

Blue-ish with green skirts: 1 medium $30

Large burnt orange: $30

Mutli colonies:

2 medium Blow Pops with Blue-ish centers w/ green skirts $30

1 medium Blow Pops with Green $30

1 Dragon/Eagle Eyes with Blow Pops $30

1 Dragon/Eagle Eyes with Blow Pops and a Green Ric Yuma $45

1 Green w/ Burnt Orange $30

1 Blow Pops with Blue/Green (huge) $45

All these frags have 30+ polyps.

The hammer and Candy Cane are sold but I am going to see if I can get another large candy cane frag off the mother colony for another buyer which may create one or two more smaller frags.

Please PM me again so that I don't forget anyone. I can meet maybe this afternoon, evening, Saturday around 2-3 and Sunday afternoon. I would also consider trading a colony of zoas for a like-sized colony of Fire and Ice or some other pretty zoanthid.



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