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I got flashed . . . :-0


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Thank ya'all!  :D

I've had specimens live close to 3 three years but these I've only had a couple months.  It's probably been 8 or 10 years since the last time I tried any though because of their generally poor survival rate.  (I'm inclined to think they should live more on the order of a decade.)   I thought I'd try them again since I've having very good success with turkey wing clams in another system and I've set this system up with an autofeeder and mixing tube on the return pump that spits food throughout the tank.  I'm using .5 and 1 mm pellets and two different powdered coral food.   The mixing tube has angled slots on one side that create a vortex that mixes the food with the water.  The intake to the return pump has a downward facing 90° elbow so the vortex doesn't let air get sucked into the pump.  This system also has breeding pairs of both skunk cleaners and coral banded shrimp so larva are being released almost weekly. 



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