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  1. NVM. It only ran for nine days amidst a disaster. Whatever... "Hey Kevin,Thank you for reaching out to us. I'm sorry to hear that you were affected by the Texas winter storm. It's not easy to recover from a disaster like this. We did run a coupon for the month of Feb to help those affected, however the coupon did expire on Feb 28th. I'm not able to extend this discount, however we are having a sale starting tomorrow that'll help save a lot of money. Let me know if you have any other questions, and have a great day."
  2. what I did was just set the rock out in the hot sun, up high, they'll dry up and be easy to simply peel off safely I presume the bleach will break down toxins anyway but i wouldn't want to mess with bleach water from 100#s of paly covered rock... Regardless, goes without saying, do that bleaching outside!
  3. Thanks for the offer Jim, I'll reach out to you when I'm in Austin.
  4. My plan is to, first, make sure the reef tank environment (microbe biology, chemistry) is recovered and to continue testing. Supplies for that include bacteria blends, ICP tests, nopox, salt mix with probiotics. Other ideas? Second would be restocking fishes (lost all tangs, anthias, wrasses). Third, would be to address coral losses. I've had to pull large and small SPS colonies almost every day since the first long duration outage. I didn't lose any LPS or zoanthids, interesting enough.
  5. "We ask those who had their tanks affected by this storm to reach out to your local club leadership and ask them to contact BRS directly. Have them email: [email protected] so we can ensure these codes are properly distributed." @jolt, can you help out with this as moderator/ARC staff?
  6. Still looking for help to access BRS offer of assistance. I don't want to go on facebook to get help.
  7. Here's the email pasted below. Dear Valued BRS Customer, We at BRS can't believe what this storm has done to the state of Texas. Our hearts go out to all those who have been impacted. One of the reasons why we love the reef keeping community so much is that we are there for each other in times of need. BRS would like to help our fellow reefing community in Texas. If you (or someone you know) has experienced hardship due to the frigid temperatures in the Lone Star State, we would like to help if we can. We know family comes first. If you are in a position to get your aquarium back online, we are offering a special promotional code to those affected by this storm, to assist in your aquarium's recovery. We ask those who had their tanks affected by this storm to reach out to your local club leadership and ask them to contact BRS directly. Have them email: [email protected] so we can ensure these codes are properly distributed. You are also welcome to use the #AskBRStv Facebook Group as a communication tool to reach other reefers in your area. Stay strong, Texans! Our thoughts are with you. Your Friends at BRS
  8. BRS has offered via email to assist those in Texas with tank recovery. Very generous and smart of them. Anyway, they are requesting that we send information through our local reef clubs and BRS will respond with a code. It would be helpful if you set up a process for facilitating information between BRS and local reefers who wish to "rebuild". I can forward the BRS email if needed. For example, do we need to start a thread or send pics. Any help appreciated. Aside from two chromis I lost all fish and am pulling corals as they decline in health. Thanks.
  9. Are these brand new, never used?
  10. I've seen these "blueface" scopas (pretty cool fish) at the dome on occasion. Within the last six months...
  11. I have quite a bit. $10/head roughly.
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